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Chapter 1053: Trapping Someone In A Death Pit

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“What did you say? You’re willing to lend me gold?” Upon hearing what Fearless said, Feng Yun Realm was momentarily stunned.

The desires of men were simply money, women and status.

Money, was something Feng Yun Realm simply didn’t lack. Given Feng Yun Realm’s wealth, he definitely had countless women in his grasp.

Now, the only thing that Feng Yun Realm lacked was status and authority.

As for the other benefits that came along with a City Lord t.i.tle, such as being able to collect taxes, Feng Yun Realm certainly did not care about them. However, being called the lord of a city was definitely something Feng Yun Realm had dreamt of.

But after being played for a fool by w.a.n.g Yu, Feng Yun Realm no longer had much gold left in his pockets. No one else here would be willing to lend him their gold as they were all competing with Feng Yun Realm for this City Lord Seal.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that Quan Zhen Sect would come over and offer their help on their own initiative.

“Lending sounds like a bad way to call it… We’re selling it to you! Since we don’t have to bid for this City Lord Seal and we have so much spare gold on our hands, we can “sell” it to you!” Fearless added.

Gold was considered a consumable item. Even though one could use real money to purchase them, this item was similar to equipment and was of limited quant.i.ty.

It was common knowledge that the rarer an item was, the more valuable it was.

In a game, the larger the amount of currency being circulated, the lower their value became. As the game carried on, the amount of gold being sold online would naturally increase over time, thus the value of gold in terms of real money would dwindle as well.

For the regular players, a decrease in the price of items was naturally a good thing. However, for players that had a large stash of gold on their hands, seeing the value of the gold depreciating day by day was a pain they could not bear.

It was especially true for the people from Quan Zhen Sect. After receiving the gold from selling off all of their cape fragments as well as successfully defending Twilight City, they had received a windfall. Nearly everyone of them had over a million gold stashed in their inventory…

If such a large amount of gold were to suddenly be circulated back into the economy, the value of gold would certainly drop in folds. Therefore, how to dispose of the excess gold in their hands was the greatest problem that Quan Zhen Sect currently faced.

Now that there was Feng Yun Realm, this fat sheep, here, it simply wasn’t Fearless’ style to not take advantage of it.

In the previous auctions, all of the items that the people from Quan Zhen Sect initially wanted were s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Feng Yun Realm. Thus, none of them had spent a single cent, and this was something Feng Yun Realm was certainly aware of.

Upon hearing Fearless’ words, Feng Yun Realm coldly snorted and said, “So you wanted to sell gold… Heng! If the price is right, then I will buy whatever amount of gold that you have!”

Feng Yun Realm was arrogant as usual.

However, the amount of gold that Quan Zhen Sect currently had were in the millions… This was the amount of wealth painstakingly saved up by countless of players. Even if it were to be sold at the market rate, even someone as wealthy as Feng Yun Realm would not be able to digest such an amount. Furthermore, with Fearless’ personality, he would surely take advantage of the situation to exploit Feng Yun Realm. He would surely increase the exchange rate.


With regards to Feng Yun Realm’s ravings, Fearless merely smiled and said, “1:70!”

“F*ck!!” Upon hearing what Fearless said, Feng Yun Realm jolted in shock, “That’s too ruthless. The online rate is only 1:50.”

Fearless cheekily laughed and said, “Brother, didn’t I say so earlier? Water given to you in the future wouldn’t be able to quench your current thirst. If you knew that I’m the only one that can help you now, would you still find this exchange rate too expensive?”

Fearless that brat, all along knew how to exploit others for his own benefits.

In comparison with the rate quoted in the merchant stores, 1:70 wasn’t too high a rate. However, compared to the market rate, it wasn’t considered low either.

Considering the fact that they were now in an auction, the rate quoted by Fearless was certainly one that Feng Yun Realm could afford… Any higher and Feng Yun Realm would have given up on it, whereas any lower would be considered a loss to Fearless.

“This…” Feng Yun Realm hesitated for a moment before asking, “If I buy more, do I get any benefits?”

“Of course! If it exceeds two million gold, I’ll sell it to you at 1:60.” Fearless immediately replied without a trace of hesitation, not forgetting to add, “We will settle the transaction on the spot, no loans whatsoever.”

“Two million?” Feng Yun Realm bit his lips and said, “Fine! Give me the two million gold first and give me your bank account!”

“Haha! Young Master Feng’s means are truly extraordinary!” Fearless laughed as he sent over his bank account details.

Once he received the money into his bank account, Fearless instantly transferred the two million gold over to Feng Yun Realm.

After receiving the gold, Feng Yun Realm suddenly felt rejuvenated. He started joining in the bid along with everyone else.

“F*ck, Fearless, how much gold did you sell him?”

“Two million! At a rate of 1:60!” Fearless cheekily laughed as he raised the two fingers in his hand.

“D*mn! He bought so much gold?” When everyone heard the figure, they were all stunned.

Just yesterday, the gold market was flouris.h.i.+ng at its peak and yet the rate was only 1:50. However, with only a few words, Fearless had actually sold two million gold at a rate of 1:60!

Fearless coolly replied, “The gold market was sold dry yesterday. Even if he has money, he has no way of converting it into in-game currency.”

“F*ck, if we had known that gold would be a hot-seller beforehand, we should have sold all of the gold in our possession yesterday,” Ming Du pouted and said.

“Tras.h.!.+” Fearless said in disdain, “The reason why gold seemed like it was so high in demand was because there was a limited supply of it. If you guys were to sell all of your gold, would there still be a limited supply for it?”

What Fearless said was right. These fellows from Quan Zhen Sect had over a few million gold on them. If such a large sum of gold were to be circulated back into the economy, not only would the value of gold not rise, it would fall instead.

Selling the gold at a lower price, only for the gold to be earned back by w.a.n.g Yu… If Quan Zhen Sect were to have really done that, it would have been a complete waste of resources.

“Then… What should we do? We can’t possibly keep on holding to our gold and not do anything with it right?” Ming Du gloomily said.

Fearless coolly said, “What are you panicking for? There are no longer any merchants selling gold in the market anymore… That means that the price will be set by us.”

“Once the auction ends, who would bother buying gold?” everyone simultaneously reb.u.t.ted.

“Hehe!” Fearless sheepishly laughed and pointed to Feng Yun Realm, saying, “If we have no customer, we can always create a customer for ourselves…”


When everyone heard what Fearless said, they couldn’t help but pity the unlucky Feng Yun Realm.

With the addition of someone as filthy rich as Feng Yun Realm into the bidding, the auction soon became heated. As the price of the City Lord’s Seal kept on increasing, the number of players raising their boards to call out their bids naturally became fewer.

It couldn’t be helped, everyone’s capital came from the contributions of their fellow guild members. They simply could not contend with someone like Feng Yun Realm who was able to casually cash in large amounts of gold as if it were pocket change.

After a few rounds of bidding, the City Lord’s Seal was eventually sold off to Feng Yun Realm at an exorbitant price of one million gold.

Upon seeing the final price of the City Lord’s Seal, w.a.n.g Yu couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

“Old Bull, what’s wrong with you? The previous time when we received a sum of gold way more than this, your reaction wasn’t as big as this.” Seeing w.a.n.g Yu’s exaggerated reaction at the price, the rest asked, puzzled.

“Haha!” w.a.n.g Yu laughed and said, “The two million gold that Feng Yun Realm just bought from us will be finished soon.”


Everyone was momentarily stunned, saying, “That’s not possible, even after paying for the City Lord’s Seal… doesn’t he still have one million gold left? Unless you…”

Speaking up till this point, everyone couldn’t help but spare a pitiful glance at Feng Yun Realm.

“That’s right!” w.a.n.g Yu smiled and said, “I have withdrawn the 500,000 tax gold in Sky Dragon City’s warehouse.”



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