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Chapter 100: Familiar Faces

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

The members of the Quan Zhen Sect looked towards the direction of the voice, only to see a group of players walking towards.

“It’s Jade Cloud. Brother Fearless I think you guys should leave first, we’ll deal with these troublesome fellows. We won’t be able to answer to our boss if you guys get hurt in any way.” A dark expression could be seen on Little Stick’s face as he spoke these words.

Jade Cloud was an extremely well-known name in Jade Cloud city, someone a minor character like Little Stick could not afford to offend.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not like these buffoons could pose a threat to us.” Fearless laughed.

“Hey I’m talking to you guys, did you not see our guilds flag? Have you forgotten the pact? Why are you still walking forward?” Jade Cloud repeatedly questioned when he saw Little Stick and Stab Addict amongst the players walking towards him.

Jade Cloud’s troop consisted of eight players, each one fully decked out in Iron Tier equipment.

Behind them were eighteen other players, fully focused on fighting the Boss Nian. At this point in time, only the Quan Zhen Sect had discovered the secret to killing the Boss Nian: fire crackers. Otherwise fighting it was an extremely arduous and time-consuming task. This group of players were valiantly fighting the boss, expertly waving their blades and sabers as they slowly whittled it’s health down.

The Quan Zhen Sect was really taken aback by how patient and tenacious this guild was! Were they really so strong that even the Peerless Heaven guild did not want to deal with them?

Unknowingly, their eyes wandered to the emblem to the emblem on Jade Cloud’s chest.

“Ha ha, I was wondering why that spear dog disappeared from the 7th district’s leaderboards, so it turns out that he came to Sky Dragon City! Don’t tell me that he’s looking for a dragon egg as well?” Ming Du laughed.

“Haven’t you heard? Even idiots can have their own luck! Maybe that spear dog really lucked out!” Spring Halo guffawed.

“Who’s spear dog?” w.a.n.g Yu and Crotch Lord curiously asked.

“Nine Solitary Spears, he used to be one of the top ranked Knights in the 7th district.” Vainglory answered.

“You guys know him?”

“Yes, we know him so well it makes me sick.” Boson answered with a murderous glint in his eyes.

“Who would have thought that you would meet such a familiar face, why don’t we help him kill this boss!” Crotch Lord innocently suggested.

“No no, I think you’ve misunderstood. We have nothing but hatred and grudges for each other! Have you heard the name Silver Horse Spear before?” Frost Blade chuckled.

“Silver Horse Spear! You mean the leader of the Apocalypse guild!” Crotch Lord instantly recognised this name.

The Apocalypse guild was a large guild after all, but what they’re really famous for is their despicable behaviour, using their might to oppress other players. Crotch Lord had personally suffered at their hands during his time in the beginner village.

As a veteran player himself, Crotch Lord obviously knew about the deep-seated hatred between the Quan Zhen Sect and the Apocalypse guild.

Truth be told, half the reason the Quan Zhen Sect was so popular was because of the ongoing war they had with the Apocalypse guild.

These group of six players had always been hunted down and killed by the Apocalypse guild, yet they still dared to strut around the streets without a care in the world. This was something that other players truly admired about the Quan Zhen Sect.

“Apocalypse guild? Why do they sound so familiar…” w.a.n.g Yu scratched his head while mumbling.

“Of course you know them! Don’t you remember all the players you killed in the Secret Jungle? They’re all players from the Apocalypse guild!” Frost Blade laughed.

“Oh! Those guys!” w.a.n.g Yu suddenly remember Brother Light and his lackeys.

“This is great!” w.a.n.g Yu exclaimed.

“What’s so good about meeting Nine Solitary Spears?” Crotch Lord asked.

“I was a bit hesitant stealing this boss, but now I have no qualms about it!” w.a.n.g Yu laughed.


While the Quan Zhen Sect were still happily discussing their evil little scheme, the argument between Little Stick and Jade Cloud had reached a boiling point, both parties were really to draw their weapons and fight.

“This hunting ground belongs to your Apocalypse guild?” Fearless sarcastically asked Jade Cloud.

“That’s right! You have a problem with that?” Jade Cloud snarled.

“From this day forward, this place belongs to our Quan Zhen Sect! Do you have any problems with that?” Fearless arrogantly replied.

“Quan……Quan Zhen Sect?” Jade Cloud stammered, looking down at the emblem on Fearless’ chest, only to see the Yin Yang emblem.

“Boss! The Quan Zhen Sect is here!” Jade Cloud frantically sent a message over to Nine Solitary Spears, warning him of the impending danger coming their way.

Nine Solitary Spears, who was currently fighting the Boss Nian, was so shocked by the message he received that he was almost trampled to death by the boss Nian.

“Why did those shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds come to Sky Dragon City?” Nine Solitary Spears asked.

“I’m not sure, but they seem to be allied with the Peerless Heaven guild!”

“It can’t be, weren’t they just engaged in a battle to the death outside Twilight City?” Nine Solitary Spears dejectedly replied.

“But they are here right now! There’s no way that I wouldn’t recognise those wretches.” Jade Cloud replied.

Nine Solitary Spears turned his head around, only to see Fearless waving at him and shouting: “Hey there spear dog, haven’t seen you in a while!”

“F*ck! Those aa.s.sholes are here to steal the boss! Surround them! The rest of you stop fighting the boss!”

It was no surprise to the Apocalypse guild that the Quan Zhen Sect would try to steal their kill.

The members of the Apocalypse guild followed Nine Solitary Spears’ instructions without the slightest bit of hesitation.

As someone who wasn’t even part of the elite team in the Apocalypse guild, how long could Jade Cloud even last against the Quan Zhen Sect? They had been reduced to rays of white light in a matter of seconds, Nine Solitary Spears had not even managed to disengage the boss at this point in time.

“What are you still fighting for speary? Don’t you want to say hi to your friends?” Fearless smiled as saw the Apocalypse guild frantically trying to run away from the boss.

Spring Halo lightly smiled as he casted [Distortion], locking several Apocalypse guild members in place, causing them to be trampled to death by the boss.

“Fearless you scoundrel! F*ck you father!” Nine Solitary Spears angrily roared.

“Oh speary, that’s not very nice! We just wanted to say hi to you!” Fearless shamelessly replied.

Other than w.a.n.g Yu and Crotch Lord, everyone else had been in the Quan Zhen Sect for a long time. After having been in conflict with the Apocalypse guild for so long, they would naturally have their fair share of grievances to air.

The Quan Zhen Sect quickly moved out, surrounding the Apocalypse guild. With the aid of the boss, they were quickly able to kill another six players from the Apocalypse guild.

“Run the other way!” Nine Solitary Spears angrily shouted as he headed in another direction.

Little did they know, the boss had already antic.i.p.ated this, jumping into the air and landing amongst the crowd of Apocalypse guild players once again.

The Boss Nian angrily roared as it stomped around, killing the players from the Apocalypse guild. Before they knew it, every single one of the players from the Apocalypse guild had been sent back to the resp.a.w.n point.


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