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Chapter 631: Registration Day at Nebula Academy

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

When Feng Jiu heard his statement, she jokingly said, “Ten Proud Children of Heaven? They are all influential figures in this academy. If I can get into the Nebula Academy, I will truly ask Big Brother Xiao to cover me.”

“Hahaha, with pleasure, with pleasure! ” He patted Feng Jiu’s shoulder as if everything was already within his grasp.

After the two finished watching several fights, Xiao Yihan’s two bets resulted in one winning bet. Altogether, he won 500 gold coins. He left with Feng Jiu first and left for the inn.

In the next two days, besides cultivating in the inn, Feng Jiu occasionally came out to have dinner and chat with Xiao Yihan. She waited in the inn for two days and still did not see her brother coming. She couldn’t help getting worried.

On the morning of the third day, she came out early to ask the innkeeper, but there was still no news. It made her worried. What did he encounter when taking out a task with the mercenary group?

Xiao Yihan stepped out of the room and went down to the first floor of the inn. When he saw the figure in red sitting there eating, he was somewhat surprised. “So early? You didn’t get up before dawn, did you?”

Seeing that he was here, Feng Jiu invited him to sit down and told the waiter to bring his breakfast. Then she told him, “I just got up a while ago. I was thinking of going to the academy earlier to take a look. Besides, it will take an hour or two from here to get there. So, naturally, I got up early to make some preparations.”

Xiao Yihan sat down and smiled. “Don’t worry, I hired someone yesterday. Let’s wait for a beast carriage to pick us up, we can go to the academy in about an hour.”

As he ate the breakfast that the waiter brought in, he said, “I’m majoring in spirit energy, so I will report to the spirit department in the academy. Little Brother Feng, I see you have no spirit energy aura, while your mystical energy is only at the basic level of the Martial Master level. It’s difficult for such strength to enter the academy, so I don’t know how you intend to do it?”

Feng Jiu smiled. “I checked the asessments at Nebula Academy. For certain, I didn’t see the strength level requirement. Isn’t it alright as long as I pa.s.s the three a.s.sessments?”

“Hehe, pretty good. This a.s.sessment is different. For spirit energy cultivators, besides their innate talents, the academy also looks at their perseverance and their affinity with the 5 elements. As long as they meet the standard, they can generally enter Nebula Academy. As for the mystical energy a.s.sessment, I haven’t paid much attention to it. But reportedly, besides perseverance, it also depends on speed and martial arts skills.”

“Mm, that seems to be the case. However, I intend to apply for the alchemy division of the academy.” She smiled. After finished eating the porridge in the bowl, she put down her chopsticks.

He was amazed. “Oh? You want to be an alchemist? Although this is a neglected branch, it has an even higher level of difficulty. It is even stricter than the a.s.sessment for alchemist apprentice level.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve done my studies well. As long as I’m striving my best, it should be okay. If I don’t succeed, I’ll go home.” She spoke, as if not knowing the truth and falsehood.

“That’s right, just try your best.” He nodded and said nothing more. After finis.h.i.+ng his breakfast at a fast speed, the beast carriage he rented the previous day arrived at the door of the inn.

Feng Jiu took Old Bai with her but did not ride it. Instead, she fastened it on a leash behind the beast carriage. Feng Jiu and Xiao Yihan sat inside the carriage and went to the Nebula Academy together.

On the other side of the North District of the city, stood Guan Xilin. His rugged and solid body exuded the aura of iron and blood. While taking off his mercenary uniform, he took out a set of clothing from the bag of heaven and earth and put it on. He even had no time to find a place to take a bath. He simply washed his face with water and hurried to the Nebula Academy.


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