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“Old Patriarch.”

That was the voice of the steward. When he heard his voice, Old Man Feng’s mind stabilised as he took in a deep breath. He then walked outside with the a.s.sistance of Leng Hua.

After opening the door, he saw the steward waiting in the courtyard and asked, “What is it?”

“Old Patriarch, the black market’s manager has arrived and said that because he knew that something had happened to master, he has specially sent some medicine that could save lives.” Saying that Old Patriarch’s expression had difficulty hiding his worry, the steward let out a sigh inwardly, he wondered how was the Patriarch doing now?

Hearing the words, Old Man Feng paused briefly and asked: “Where is that person now?”

“Because Young Master Guan has ordered to close the doors to guests, this is why this old slave has not let him in. He still at the main gate waiting!”

Just when Old Man Feng was hesitating whether or not to accept the medicine, the voice of Guan Xi Lin was heard from inside the room: “Leng Hua, come in for a moment.”

Leng Hua responded curtly, only after ensuring that Old Man Feng had stood properly, he quickly entered the room. After a while, he came out again and whispered a few words in the ear of the old man.

“How about this, invite him into the hall and I will meet him personally.” Old Man Feng said as he instructed the steward to invite that person in.

However, the steward did not leave but hesitated before saying, “Old Patriarch, the Third Prince is also waiting outside. This… Do you also want to invite him in?”

“Let him go back first, say that our residence has no time to entertain people. We are not meeting anyone.” Old Man Feng waved his hands and said.

“Yes.” The steward replied and walked out.

“Why don’t you stay behind. See if there’s anything you can help with.” Old Man Feng said to Leng Hua and walked towards the hall before he stopped halfway. He turned to the guard and instructed: “Do not let the news that Young Miss is back to be leaked out.”

The guards were all stunned momentarily but they all still cried out in unison: “Yes!”

Because the courtyard was guided by them, no one else in the residence is allowed. Hence, the news of Young Miss being back was only known to them.

Outside the Feng Residence’s gate

Because of Feng Xiao’s accident, the news was like a bag of feathers that was scattered in the sky, flying everywhere. Almost all the forces and family clans were concerned about the safety of Feng Xiao.

After all, although the Feng residence has support, however there was only Feng Xiao that was solely supporting it. The Old Patriarch was already old and he has not made any break through over the years, remaining as a martial cultivator all this while. Feng Xiao only has one daughter, if he fell, Feng Residence will be in jeopardy.

Therefore, when everyone saw that the manager of the black market had came to Feng Residence, their hearts were filled with surprise.

Does this mean that Feng Xiao has a relations.h.i.+p with the people of the black market? The moment something had befallen him, the people from the black market had quickly rushed over to send him medicine? However, if it was the black market, he could possibly be saved. Even though the black market here in Cloudy Moon City was only a small branch, but no matter what, black market should still have many life saving treasures in its vault.

Just that… would they give such precious life saving treasures so easily?

The gate to the Feng Residence opened once again and the steward appeared and respectfully invited the manager of the black market to go in. After saying a few words to Murong Yi Xuan, the door slammed shut once again.

In the hall of the Feng Residence

“Old Patriarch Feng.”

“Manager Yan.” Old Man Feng exchanged greetings before he invited him to have a seat.

Manager Yan did not sit but said, “When the Ghost Doctor left, he had informed us to take care of the Feng Residence. Today, I heard that something has happened to General Feng and the situation is critical. I have two bottles of medicine here with me, I hope that they would be able to help General Feng tide over this crisis.”


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