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“Watch the child. I’ll go out and have a look.” Feng Jiu said to Leng Shuang, and then went striding towards the outside.

Opening the door, the several ghost spirits were fallen upon the ground and howling pitifully. Up in midair, streaks of bright Qi rained down, las.h.i.+ng upon the ghost spirits with a series of loud vicious sounding swooshes.

Seeing the several ghostly figures on the ground had turned very faint like spirits that would scatter and disperse at any moment, Feng Jiu’s eyes glinted sharply as she raised them up to glance at the priest waving the whisk he was holding. With a flick of her hand, a silver needle wedged between two fingers shot out with a swish straight towards the man hovering in midair.


The silver needle was struck to the ground by the priest’s whisk, which also halted the las.h.i.+ng that was being inflicted upon the ghost spirits. Sharp piercing eyes then turned onto Feng Jiu and a deep holler then sounded: “Just a little kid. Who are you? The fact that you would actually a.s.sociate yourself with ghosts makes you deserving of death!”

As he spoke, the whisk waved and a stream of Qi streaked straight towards Feng Jiu.


With the malicious stream of Qi shooting straight at her, Feng Jiu dodged unhurriedly with a flash of her body. Sweeping her gaze over the priest, she said: “To think your esteemed self would deliver a killing strike in the first instance, could it be, that you see me as a wild and untamed ghost as well?”

“Hahahaha! Kid, you refuse to take the open path to Heaven but instead choose to crash into h.e.l.l without a door! So what if I kill you?” The priest guffawed loudly, his voice filled with arrogance and malice, not showing the slightest benevolence of people practicing the Dao.

“Young Master, leave quickly. This old Taoist Priest’s cultivation is at the peak of the Foundation level. Young Master must not clash with him head on. Quickly bring my son with you and run for your lives!” The ghostly man stood up shakily and shouted at Feng Jiu, thinking that they would hold back the priest here in exchange for his son and this youth to be able to escape from this place alive.

Feng Jiu threw a glance at them and did not heed the ghostly man’s words but to lift her eyes up to look at the priest. A faint smile curled up at the corners of her mouth and she said: “Throughout my journey, quite a number of people have sought to kill me. But in the end, they all died under my hands instead.”

Her voice was lazy and tinged with a bit of nonchalance. Just a peak Foundation cultivator really was beneath her notice.

“If you leave now, I can find it in myself to spare you your life.” She looked at the priest hovering in the air to say, her expression stern, seemingly not joking at all.

However, the people present did not take her words seriously. From what they could see, the kid was not even at the Foundation cultivation level, so how could he be able to take down the old priest?

That was exactly what the old priest was thinking and hence, upon hearing her words, he laughed scornfully and said: “You think you can take my life with your level of power? I fear you are still….”

He had not even finished his words when he saw the red clothed lad that had been on the ground suddenly elevate, and a long sword with a sinister glow appeared in his hand with a swoosh. Before his eyes, the figure of the red clothed youth flashed and he felt pain in his chest the next instant, his entire body stiffened, shock and incredulity on his face as he stared at the lad, and the sword he held in his hand.

“Blue….. Blue Edge Sword! You….. You…..”


Feng Jiu lashed out with a kick and pulled her sword out at the same time, to see the priest falling straight towards the ground as she snorted derisively: “I asked you to leave and you refuse. This, is the result.”

A sword thrust right through his heart, the priest could not even gasp a breath before he died. Till death, he had still not known who the red clothed youth was. Why was he holding the Blue Edge Sword? What baffled him further was that as a respectable Foundation cultivator at the peak, how did he come to be killed by a young lad that was not even at the Foundation level?

What he found even harder to accept was that the lad had struck without saying a word that made him die feeling so aggrieved…..

The several ghost spirits were stunned as they stared in shock at the scene before them, their eyes filled with disbelief. Never would they have thought that the tables would be turned in just a single instant…..


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