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Chapter 2294: Altering the formation array

Throughout the journey, however, anyone targeted by his Master wouldn’t be able to escape in the end. Whether it was prey or devilry cultivators or the magical artifacts in their hands, he would get whatever he wanted.

If one were to say that Master was targeting Black Mountain City, he believed that it would not be long before the city was in his Master’s pocket.

However, there were many cultivators in Black Mountain City. How would Master seize the city by himself? At this moment, he felt some expectation and some excitement in his heart, feeling that there were so many adventurous and exciting things around his Master.

Feng Jiu sat with her chin propped on her hand. An idea gradually formed in her mind. She took out some bottles and jars from the s.p.a.ce and sat there to prepare and adjust the medicine. Gu Xiang watched while at the same time paying attention to the movement around.

The two of them stayed here a whole day. When the sky gradually darkened, Feng Jiu still hadn’t stopped working.

Gu Xiang picked up some nearby branches and lit a small fire next to his Master. Looking at her, he couldn’t help but wonder that she looked like a physician but her combat strength was so frightening. It’s really baffling.

The night came quietly. Feng Jiu finally stopped after smelling the successful medicinal concoction and revealed a weird smile.

“Master, what will you do with this concoction?” Gu Xiang could not help asking, pointing to the medicine bottle in her hand.

“It’s good stuff.” With a mysterious smile, Feng Jiu stood up and said, “Let’s go. We’ll start working.”

Gu Xiang got up in a daze and followed her, wondering what they were about to do. It took them about two days to return to the Beast Forest…

Feng Jiu, dressed in azure, stood in front of the Beast Forest. This time, instead of going to the underground cave, she walked in front of the Beast Forest and researched all morning.

“Gu Xiang, I need your help.” She looked at Gu Xiang with her eyes flickered.

“Master, please speak.”

She looked at him and said determinedly. “I have a way to change the formation array laid in the Beast Forest. Even though I’m unable to break the boundary barrier, I can make an opening for an hour or so. This requires you to use your spirit energy to help me when I open the boundary.”

Gu Xiang was stunned. He answered solemnly, “Master, you are a mystical energy cultivator, while I am a spirit energy cultivator at the Immortal Sacred rank. You can’t bear my spirit energy. If I inject my spirit energy into your body, I’m afraid you will be in danger if you can’t hold the pressure.”

Feng Jiu smiled when she heard his reply. “No, I can control it. Just do what I say. I have my own way.”

Seeing his confident look, Gu Xiang said, “Alright, then! I will do what Master commands.”

“That’s fine, just wait a minute. I’ll change the formation array here first.” As she said, she turned and walked into the large formation that protected the whole Beast Forest.

Gu Xiang’s eyes flickered. Could Master also alter this such a large formation? Was there anything that Master could not do?

Feng Jiu found the eye of the formation array at the front, altered it and changed its position. The protective formation array covering the whole Beast Forest changed with it. No one noticed that there was an instant change in the formation array in the outer part of the Beast Forest…


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