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Chapter 2177: Instantaneous healing

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Prepare some water for me. Fan Lin stay behind and others leave first.” She ordered them while taking out the silver needles from her s.p.a.ce.

“Yes.” Everyone answered. Except for Fan Lin, everyone left. Leng Hua came in with some water.

Fan Lin, instructed by Feng Jiu, cut the fabric around the chest area with a pair of scissors. Seeing the chest wound that had turned black and was inflamed, he immediately looked at his Mistress.

Feng Jiu frowned at the wound and stretched out her hand to probe the acupoints around the wounds and told Gu Mo. “I’ll pull out the broken sword for you. Bear with it – it will hurt a lot.”

Gu Mo nodded slightly. His lips moved and a feeble voice answered, “Yes.”

Feng Jiu wrapped the broken sword in a piece of cloth and exerted her strength to pull the sword out. With a whiz, blood gurgled out and Feng Jiu’s hands were stained with blood. Without stopping, she quickly pierced several acupoints around the wound with silver needles to stop the bleeding.

Fan Lin was startled when he saw blood gus.h.i.+ng out of the wound. But, as the blood flow stopped under the treatment of the silver needles in his Mistress’ hand, he was secretly relieved.

“Cut a piece of ginseng and let him suck it inside his mouth. Then, clean the blood around the wound. I will remove the flesh around it.” Feng Jiu ordered while getting a knife ready.

Fan Lin did what she said, cleaned up and stepped aside.

After cleaning her hands, Feng Jiu sterilized the knife with fire. Then, she carefully removed the rotting flesh on the inflamed wound. After the broken sword was pulled out, Gu Mo, whose breath had been hanging by a thread earlier, suddenly groaned. If he didn’t have a piece of millennium ginseng in his mouth, he would have already fainted.

After cleaning the rotting flesh from the wound, she secretly transferred the breath of the blue lotus in her body. Light green rays fell slowly from the palm of her hand, repairing the wound in his heart little by little.

Fan Lin’s heart palpitated when he saw this scene. He saw the wound change visibly at an unfathomable speed. The previously deep and open wound was recovering little by little in front of him until the last wound healed, but there was no scar left.

With a wildly palpitating heart, he looked at his Mistress in shock. Such an ability was nature defying! This was something he simply never dared to think of. He couldn’t believe that something like this could happen. Instant healing? With this kind of ability, in most cases, you could bring people back to life!

His complexion turned solemn. Mistress showed such an ability in front of him because she absolutely believed in him. If Mistress’ ability was known to the outside world, it’s very likely that such ability that defied nature would invite disaster.

“I’ll suppress the poison in his body for the time being. I can’t remove the poison from his body until I refine the seventh-grade antidote pill.” Feng Jiu told Fan Lin. “He’ll be fine in the next few days, but you still have to take care that no accidents should happen.”

“Mistress, is the poison in Gu Mo’s body the same as that of the Black Market’s master?” He guessed that the situation of the two men seemed to be somewhat similar.

“Mm, they have the same poison.. Unless using the seventh-grade antidote pill, this poison can’t be solved.” She frowned, looked at him and asked, “What kind of person poisoned him?”


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