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Chapter 1903: A dead end

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“I’m afraid we can’t get out. Those devilry cultivators are deliberately playing us. Even without them attacking us, it’s difficult for us to survive.”

A man in black said. Sitting up and looking at the endless desert in front of him, he sighed. “I didn’t expect this phantom array to be so powerful. It is the first time I have encountered such a phantom array. I am afraid that even if our Captain comes, he won’t be able to enter this place to save us.”

Hearing this, the First stood up and spoke in front of everyone. “We can’t just sit here and wait for death. We’ve had a rest, let’s all get up! We’ll surely find out where the door is.”

“But none of us is relatively proficient in arrays. Have you forgotten how many death traps we broke through by mistake before, resulting in injuries all over our bodies? We narrowly escaped death. What’s more, the direction is turning all the time, and we couldn’t find the starting point.”

“So what? It’s better than waiting to die here, isn’t it?”

After hearing his words, everyone turned silent for a moment and then stood up one by one. “Alright! Let’s find it! Even if you die in an attack, it’s better than waiting to die here.”

As a result, they were looking for the exit again. As they walked in this phantom array, groping about and taking every step with great care, the scenery in front of them would change along with the transformation of the phantom array. The sandstorm rose and the scorching sun shone above them, making it difficult for them to move.

“Do you see it? There’s a stone over there! ” A man in black said, pointing to a big stone not far away. In this phantom array, anything is very likely to be the key to breaking the phantom array.

“Let’s take a look!” As they spoke, they stepped forward quickly. When they arrived at the location, they looked around the stone and then discussed. “What about moving it away and have a look? If it’s not an exit, I am afraid there will be some danger.”

“Alright! Let’s move it!”

As they spoke, one of them stepped forward to remove the stone. Just as the stone was moving, a dark hole appeared at his feet, and all the people who were standing there fell through it without warning.

Seeing that there were sharp blades facing upward, the First was taken aback. He quickly took out a magical artefact and threw it down. Just as the magical artefact grew larger and spread beneath, the people on it also fell down one after another, all falling on the magical artefact.

After exclaiming, everyone recovered their spirits. A lingering fear emerged in their hearts. “We’ve truly walked through the gate of death. If it was not for the First’s magical artifact, I am afraid we all would turn into hedgehogs.”

Suddenly, at this moment, they heard a metallic thud. When they looked up, they saw that the top of the hole was covered by a black iron cover. At the same time, the sound of laughter came.

“Look, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds jumped into the hole one by one, didn’t I? We don’t have to deal with them directly. ”

“Hahaha, not bad. Since they fall into our hands, we have to play with them, too!”

“What kind of game do you have in mind?”

A dozen devilry cultivators stood in a circle, staring down at the cave. Their smiles were sinister and proud. “What about pouring some oil on them and burning them to death? Or, was it better to pour water down here and watch them drown?”

As soon as the First heard this, he looked around and asked, “I’m going up with the flying artefact. Can you try to peel off the black iron cover or push it open?”

“Yes!” Everyone answered. Even if they knew they were going to die here, they had no fear.


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