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Chapter 1621: Sky-High Priced Jewellery

“Alright.” She was so fascinated by the young boy in front of her that she was unable to move her eyes away from him. She just kept looking at his mesmerising smile.

When the maid who was with the young girl heard this, her heart nearly burst out of her chest. She glanced at the young boy and gently tugged at her Young Miss’ sleeve.

They didn’t have enough money to buy all three sets of jewellery. They would be so embarra.s.sed when the time came for them to pay and they were unable to produce the money.

On the other side of the shop, after Feng Jiu had paid for the aqua blue set of jewellery, she gave it to her mother: “Mother, this set of jewellery is for you. Let’s go and look around elsewhere.” She didn’t even give the young girl another glance.

Shangguan Wanrong smiled helplessly: “Mother rarely wears jewellery.”

“Then just keep it. I’ve bought it for you, so even if you don’t wear it you can keep it!” Her eyes narrowed as she smiled and held her hand to leave the shop.

At this moment, when she saw the young girl in beautiful clothes who had come out of her daze and called out: “Young Master, you’re leaving just like that?” Wasn’t he going to buy the jewellery for her? How could he leave?

Feng Jiu looked back and smiled: “Young Miss, take your time to browse, we will be leaving first. We will meet again if we are fated, goodbye.” As soon as she had finished speaking, a smile bloomed on her lips. The young girl who had been so fascinated by him just stood there in a daze.

“Sure, sure, we will meet again if we are fated…” She murmured. She only recovered from her daze after the young boy had disappeared from sight down the stairs.

“Young Miss, the three sets of jewellery totals two million eight hundred and eighty eight thousand gold coins. Since Young Miss is buying three sets of jewellery, then we will give you a discount and round the total figure down to two million eighty hundred thousand gold coins. Is Young Miss going to pay in cash or use the black quartz card?”

When the young girl heard this, she was dumbfounded: “What? Two million eight hundred and eighty thousand gold coins? Why is it so expensive?” This was three years worth of her whole family’s expenses, how would she be able to afford it?

“This is the work of a master craftsman, and each piece is one of a kind. The price of three sets is not expensive. The aqua blue jewellery set the young boy bought earlier was priced at three million six hundred thousand gold coins.”

The woman at the counter said while looking at her. Though she looked like a daughter of an aristocrat, she was just a daughter from an ordinary n.o.ble family and unfortunately she was unable to afford any of the jewellery here.

The young girl’s eyes widened when she heard this: “Why is that set so expensive? What was so special about it?”

“Every piece in that set of jewellery has a defence and attack mechanism built into it and it can withstand several attacks from a celestial strong exponent, therefore it is more expensive. In addition, sea salt kyanite is used as the stone settings, and sea salt kyanite only has a small output every ten years. It has the function of calming and adjusting the breath automatically. Naturally it is priced at three million six hundred thousand gold coins. If it was sold at an auction it would definitely be worth more than this price.”

Upon hearing the woman’s words, the young girl’s face turned shades of red and white. When she saw the people around her pointing at her, she couldn’t help but felt embarra.s.sed. She flicked her sleeves up and said: “I’m not buying anything!” And she strode out immediately.

All she had to tolerate was embarra.s.sment if she didn’t buy the jewellery. However, if she had bought the jewellery, when she returned home, she would have to bear the scolding and lecturing from her father. She was unable to bear such consequences, therefore, today she had to accept being embarra.s.sed.

Upon seeing the young girl striding out of the shop with her maid running after her, the woman behind the counter began to put away the sets of jewellery.

It was clear to the bystanders that the young boy in red had wanted to teach the young girl a lesson for her ignorance and rudeness.


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