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1536 The Peak Master’s position

Ruan Changchun told Duan Mubai about that night’s events in detail. At present, the Third Sun Peak was without a Peak Master. Other Peak Masters were eyeing the Third Sun Peak domain, wanting to get their people elected as the peak master.“Senior Brother, you’ve spent many years in this peak. Your conduct and strength in alchemy are excellent. Now that our Master has pa.s.sed away, people from other peaks are staring at our Third Sun Peak. I discussed it with several brothers a few days ago. Instead of letting other peak masters nominate their people to take charge of Third Sun Peak, what about us nominating you as the Peak Master?”

“Only in this way, we, the Third Sun Peak’s people, won’t be suppressed by the people of other peaks. Likewise, only you can convince those at the sect’s upper and lower levels.” Ruan Changchun told Duan Mubai with a resolute face about their plan.

In his opinion, the First Senior Brother was the most qualified among the disciples in Third Sun Peak to be the Peak Master.

Duan Mubai was silent for a moment then nodded. “Let’s talk about this matter after I get better. Now that the Sect Master is injured, the matter of Third Sun Peak’s Master position won’t be decided so soon. In addition, please arrange our Master’s funeral arrangements. No matter what, we can’t disclose the things that Master did.”

“Yes, Senior Brother. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of these things.” Ruan Changchun answered him. Then, he took out a medicinal pill. “This is a Recovery Pill. Senior Brother, take another one.”

Duan Mubai took the medicinal pill and put it in his mouth, thinking that Junior Sister asked him to take care of Feng Jiu when she left but it turned out to be like this in the end. He really didn’t expect this!

“By the way, Junior Brother, is there news about Junior Sister’s whereabouts?” He asked. Master used medicine on her. He had no idea about her body’s condition now.

“There’s no news, but I made an investigation secretly. Master’s murder is not going to implicate Junior Sister. Senior Brother may be at ease. Junior Sister will be able to walk freely outside.”

“That’s good.” He nodded, took a breath, and closed his eyes to rest.

When he saw this, Ruan Changchun helped him lie down. “Senior Brother, take good care of yourself! I’ll leave first and come back to see you tomorrow. ”

“Yes.” Duan Mubai responded. As if recalling something, he said, “Call Luo Heng for me.”

Ruan Changchun withdrew and asked other disciples to call Luo Heng over while he himself dealt with the affairs at the peak…

When an errand boy came to report that his master wanted to see him, Luo Heng was talking in Chen Dao’s cave. After looking at each other, Chen Dao told him, “What are you waiting for? Go!”

“But, by asking to meet me, somehow I felt that he wanted to ask me about Feng Jiu.”

Luo Heng scratched his head with embarra.s.sment. In recent days, because he was close to Feng Jiu, he had been called several times to answer questions. When his master awoke this time and wanted to see him, this matter must be inseparable from Feng Jiu.

“Tell him whatever he asks. What is there to be embarra.s.sed about? What’s more, we have no idea of the things that Feng Jiu didn’t reveal to us. There’s nothing to hide.” Chen Dao pushed him out of the room. “If you can’t make up your mind about some things, you can come to me.”

Luo Heng sighed when he heard this. “Alright! Then, I’ll go and see what’s the problem.” There was a feeling in his heart that nothing good could come of it, but even so, he had to bite the bullet and go through it.


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