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1359 Go away

“Many thanks, Uncle.” She thanked him with a smile, then jumped into the carriage and sat on a stack of rice straw piled high on the carriage.

“Pull me up, give me a hand.”

Zhu Yue came forward. Since he was trapped in the water tank, he was on the verge of death. However, it was strange that when he woke up, he felt a stream of energy in his body. Otherwise, he would not be able to walk so far. However, he did not know what the energy was.

When she saw him trying to climb up the ox cart but failed to do so, Feng Jiu reached out and pulled him up.


Zhu Yue fell down on the pile of rice straw and laid down directly. “I’m exhausted.”

“Sit tight.” The old man driving the cart yelled and then drove the cart on.

“Little Beggar, are you going to Sun Pill City, too?” Zhu Yue asked, lying on his back while looking at the white clouds and the blue sky.

“Mm hmm.” Feng Jiu sat cross-legged, resting her chin on one hand and narrowing her eyes.

“What are you going to do in Pill Sun City?” Zhu Yue continued to ask, but Feng Jiu seemed to have fallen asleep and ignored him.

In the evening, when the old man reached the gate of the city, he stopped the ox cart and told the two, “Now that we’ve arrived in the city, you can come down.”

Feng Jiu jumped down. Zhu Yue, who had gradually regained his strength after a rest, slid down from above, patted the gra.s.s chaff on his body and went to the city.

“I’m going to have a good meal. I’m starving.”

Feng Jiu walked up to the front of the ox cart and told the old man with a smile, “Thank you, Uncle. This is our fee for riding the ox cart. It’s just a small token.” As she spoke, she handed a small purse to the old man, then turned around and left.

“This, no need to…”

As the old man responded, he saw the little beggar had gone far away. He could only hold the purse in his hand in a daze. He opened it and took a look. The old man was even more surprised. He looked around and saw that no one had noticed, so he quickly put the purse into his breast pocket.

In the city, even though it was at nightfall, there were still many people and peddlers walking about in the street. The bustling scene was very encouraging, especially for the two people who were at the edge of death earlier. They felt quite confident to see the prosperous scene in the city.

“Little Beggar, there is a restaurant in front of us. Let’s go there and eat!” Zhu Yue turned around, speaking to Feng Jiu who was walking slow behind him.

“Do you have money?” Feng Jiu asked, looking him up from top to bottom.

“Yes, don’t worry. It’s not much, but it’s enough for us to eat and drink in Pill Sun City.” He patted his chest then grimaced bitterly. “I’m really weak, I have to mend my body well. Let’s go! Then we’ll have a rest at an inn tonight and buy a carriage tomorrow. We’ll go back by carriage.”

He thought it over – taking the carriage back wouldn’t consume his strength and he could also use this travelling time to nurse his body. He felt that the little beggar clearly understood how to ride the flying sword yet chose to walk all the way to the destination, so he knew that the little beggar couldn’t bring him on the flying sword.

After hearing this, Feng Jiu didn’t say anything else. She nodded and walked with him to the restaurant in front of her. However, Zhu Yue, who was walking fast in front of her, went in, but she was blocked outside.

“Where did the beggar come from? Go away, go away.” The waiter covered his nose and spoke out with disgust on his face. He waved and drove the ragged Feng Jiu away.

Feng Jiu looked down at the clothes on her body and then remembered that she was a beggar now! It was impossible for any restaurant to let a beggar in.


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