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Chapter 685 Be Jealous and Send a Servant Girl!

“Your Highness Prince Xin, please spare me!” The servant girl knelt down in front of Chu Liuxin and kowtowed to him, grabbing the lower hem of his robe.

“Alright, alright, it’s not a big deal!” Chu Liuxin could not disengage his robe from the servant girl, which really made him uncomfortable. Looking at the beautiful servant girl, he found that her face was pale with fear and her whole body was trembling. He felt that she was pathetic, so he said to Eunuch Liu helplessly, “Eunuch Liu, pull her away!”

Eunuch Liu came over to pull the servant girl kneeling on the ground, but the servant girl was even more scared. She pulled the lower hem of Chu Liuxin’s robe and refused to let go.

“Stop pulling!” Chu Liuxin was pulled so hard that he almost fell down. Seeing that it didn’t work for the current situation, he couldn’t help but stop Eunuch Liu.

Eunuch Liu had to retreat.

“Let go of me. I won’t blame you!” Chu Liuxin gently spoke to the servant girl, wondering if his third brother was too fierce to the servants. She had just made such a minor mistake, but she was so scared!

“Your Highness, save me. Please save me…” The servant girl cried sadly, looking delicate and pitiful. She held Chu Liuxin’s lower hem tightly, as if she were pulling her only life-saving straw.

Even if Chu Liuxin had no other way, he couldn’t help being soft-hearted at this moment. She, as beautiful as a flower, was looking at him expectantly. How could he really push her away!

However, it was really inappropriate for her to hold on to him like this all the time.

“Let go of me first. I’ll explain it to my third brother later. If he insists on blaming you, I’ll ask him to give you to me, so that you won’t be so scared!” Chu Liuxin said helplessly.

“Thank you, Your Highness. Thank you so much!” The servant girl heavily kowtowed three times, which really made Chu Liuxin feel his forehead hurt.

This girl didn’t play a trick. She was an honest girl, so he had a better impression of her, especially when he saw her fair and tender forehead immediately turn red and swollen.

He bent down and reached out to pull her up. “Get up. I’ll tell my third brother about it later!”

“It must be my third brother’s strict management that scares the servant girl to such an extent. I really feel sorry for her.”

“What did you want to say to me?” Chu Liuchen’s cold voice suddenly came from the door.

Chu Liuxin turned to look at the door, only to see Chu Liuchen walking in slowly with Xiao Xuanzi. From Chu Liuxin’s angle, he saw Chu Liuchen looking down at the kneeling servant girl. The servant girl was still holding Chu Liuxin’s hand. Feeling that her hand was trembling, Chu Liuxin stepped forward to shield her.

“Third Brother, this servant girl is good… Why don’t you give her to me?” Chu Liuxin said with a smile. It seemed that it was not easy to reason with Chu Liuchen. In the past, Chu Liuxin did not have much of a say in front of Chu Liuchen. At this moment, he simply asked Chu Liuchen to give him the servant girl, so that she would not be punished.

“You want this servant girl?” Chu Liuchen said with unclear meaning, and there was a dark light in his eyes.

“Yes, we hit it off. My mother doesn’t have many servants to serve her. I wonder if Third Brother can give her to me!”

Chu Liuxin talked nonsense seriously. How could Consort Ming have no one to serve her in the palace? How could she even ask him, her son, to ask others for servants?

So Chu Liuxin’s face turned red after he had finished.

Chu Liuchen glanced at his hand, which was still holding the servant girl’s hand. Sensing Chu Liuchen’s gaze, Chu Liuxin immediately came to his senses and hurriedly shook off the servant girl’s hand. With a flushed face, he stammered and explained, “I… I… I want to pull her up…”

Chu Liuchen shook his hand and interrupted him. Then he said slowly, “Okay!”

After that, he walked to the chair in the middle, turned around, and sat down.

Before Chu Liuxin could understand what Chu Liuchen meant, the servant girl had already kowtowed to him twice and said, “Thank you, Your Highness Prince Xin. I will definitely… serve you well in the future!”

After that, she wiped away her tears and stood behind him cleverly.

“So Chu Liuchen gave this girl to me?” At this moment, Chu Liuxin saw light suddenly. He opened his mouth and wanted to explain. In fact, he just felt that this girl was pitiful and had no other meaning.

“Come here and sit down!” Chu Liuchen reached out to point at the chair in front of him and motioned for him to come and sit down.

Chu Liuxin could only walk over and sit down dejectedly.

“Since I gave you a servant girl, you should do something for me, right?” Chu Liuchen asked lightly.

“What’s it?” Chu Liuxin was also worried. His third brother was not as docile as he seemed. When they got along with each other in private, Chu Liuchen’s temper was the most awful. When he was in a good mood, he would pay attention to you. But when he was unhappy, he would be very sharp-tongued.

Chu Liuchen flicked his fingers on the table a few times and said, “Send a gift to Imperial Grandmother for me!”

With a smile, Xiao Xuanzi handed over the tray in his hand. “Your Highness Prince Xin, thank you!”

Chu Liuxin looked at the delicate brocade box in front of him speechlessly and then looked at the servant girl beside him. He felt that he could actually go back on his word. He didn’t want to go to the palace to see his Imperial Grandmother at all.

Given his Imperial Grandmother’s character, she would surely be delighted to receive his third brother’s gift. Then, she would ask him to bring some gifts out of the palace.

He was Prince Xin, not the messenger who sent gifts. After fishing doing all these, he would definitely have no chance to find Fifth Miss Shao again.

“Third Brother, I… I may have something else to do…” Chu Liuxin said hesitantly.

“What do you have to do? I’ve paid you. I’ve given you such a beautiful servant girl!” Chu Liuchen’s face darkened, and his eyes looked strange!

“Third Brother, in fact… I can give her back to you…” Under the suppression of his strange gaze, Chu Liuxin’s voice grew softer and weaker. In the end, he could hardly hear himself.

“Hurry up!” Chu Liuchen acted as if he had not heard him. He tilted his eyes and winked at the gift box. “I carefully selected and prepared this for Imperial Grandmother. You can’t break it. Otherwise, Imperial Grandmother will be unhappy!”

“Yes, Third Brother!” Chu Liuxin had to give in. He lowered his head and stood up. After bowing to Chu Liuchen, he unhappily asked Eunuch Liu to take the gift box and then walked out with him and the beautiful servant girl.

He was in a very, very bad mood. It was not a good thing to have a beautiful servant girl for no reason. What was more, it made him owe his third brother a favor, so it was impossible for him to refuse him. Besides, he had always felt afraid when he saw Chu Liuchen. Now that he owed Chu Liuchen a favor, he couldn’t be tough.

Seeing Chu Liuxin leaving dejectedly, Xiao Xuanzi couldn’t hide his doubts and couldn’t help asking, “Your Highness, didn’t you plan to send this gift box yourself? Why did you ask Prince Xin to send it?”

In Chu Liuxin’s view, this gift was prepared by Chu Liuchen temporarily, but in fact, the latter had prepared this gift box long ago. In the gift box, there were nice maple leaves that Chu Liuchen specially picked for the Empress Dowager, and they were specially made with saltpeter. These maple leaves had special uses and were more practical after being made with saltpeter.

“He is free anyway. Let him send it!” Chu Liuchen said casually. His long eyelashes raised after fluttering twice, and there was a trace of coldness in his glittering eyes. Even though Xiao Xuanzi had been following him, he had to marvel again that his master was indeed the most handsome. Even if he just raised his eyelashes, he was amazingly handsome.

Even a woman couldn’t compare with him in appearance!

Fortunately, there was Fifth Miss Shao! Xiao Xuanzi felt that it was worth rejoicing! He was Chu Liuchen’s personal eunuch and understood his behaviors best. Nevertheless, he felt that he didn’t understand his master’s meaning today.

Chu Liuchen sent Prince Xin a beautiful servant girl and asked him to bring a gift into the palace. Presumably, the Empress Dowager would reward him later. The Empress Dowager may not bother someone else to do it, so she might ask Prince Xin to send her gift to him.

Poor Prince Xin might be exhausted after running errands for them!

Xiao Xuanzi didn’t know how Prince Xin offended his master today. He racked his brain to think about what his master had done before. It seemed that he was listening to the secret report of a secret guard. Xiao Xuanzi’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly understood!

When the secret guard reported, he mentioned Fifth Miss Shao. He also said that Fifth Miss Shao met Prince Xin, not at the gate of Duke Xing’s Mansion, but at Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion. At that time, he deliberately glanced at his master. He found that his master’s expression did not change and that his smile was still gentle. He secretly breathed a sigh of relief back then and felt that it was best that his master did not notice it.

Even if they met by chance, they could only meet at the gate of Duke Xing’s Mansion. How could they meet at the gate of Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion by chance? It could be seen that Prince Xin was deliberately keeping an eye on Fifth Miss Shao.

So, His Highness was jealous?

Xiao Xuanzi secretly peeked at Chu Liuchen’s face and felt happy inwardly. He didn’t expect that there would be such a day when his immortal-like master got jealous. He felt it really interesting.

Prince Xin met Fifth Miss Shao “by chance” before. The next moment, his master sent Prince Xin a beautiful servant girl, and now he was even sent out to run an errand!

It seemed that he couldn’t go back to find Fifth Miss Shao in a short time. Moreover, there was such a beautiful servant girl pestering him.

His master was so jealous. He had really thought that he was a cold and otherworldly immortal. However, when he met Fifth Miss Shao, he descended the Ninth Heaven and became a mortal with flesh and blood!

“What are you laughing at?” Chu Liuchen asked slowly. It immediately made Xiao Xuanzi’s face turn serious. He hurriedly raised his head and straightened to show that he did not secretly make fun of his master.

“I’m thinking about what gift Fifth Miss Shao gave you just now!” Xiao Xuanzi said seriously.

He really didn’t see what the gift was inside, and he was particularly curious. After his master took it, he didn’t show it to him.

Chu Liuchen squinted at him and asked lazily, “Are you curious?”

“No… I’m not curious. I’m not curious at all!” Xiao Xuanzi hurriedly shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re curious!” It was rare for Chu Liuchen to be easygoing. There was even a smile on his handsome face, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised. His eyes were clear and elegant, but Xiao Xuanzi felt a chill down his spine, and he asked with a bitter face, “Your Highness, what can I do for you?”


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