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Chapter 585 Truth Becomes Fiction When the Fiction’s True!

Shao Wanru was tired after picking for a short time. Her feet were not well and she couldn’t squat for a long time. Yujie helped her to a pavilion to rest against the fence. She went around the pavilion to pick up maple leaves for Shao Wanru.

The maple forest was very big. They walked all the way forward and almost couldn’t meet anyone. But when they stopped, they saw crowds of people coming in. The Yuhui Nunnery was very popular, and it was the start for this maple forest open to people. In addition, this was the best time to enjoy the autumn scenery.

Most of them were women, and some came here with their sisters and elders. Seeing that Shao Wanru was the only one in the pavilion, no man came in rudely, but when they pa.s.sed by, they all looked at the pavilion secretly. Even if the woman in the pavilion was leaning by side with a veil, she was very attractive.

Two nuns rushed in.

One was Huiding Nun, who followed Mingqiu Nun, and the other was Huikong, a disciple of a supervisor around the master of the Yuhui Nunnery. Unexpectedly, Huiding Nun brought her here, which was a surprise.

As the disciple of the master of Yuhui Nunnery, Huikong was a smart and capable person, and she was also very sharp-eyed. Because she knew that Mingqiu Nun was treating the disease for Prince Chen, Huikong got very close to Mingqiu Nun’s people. In the past, she was also very kind to Mingqiu Nun’s people. This time, she should be at Mingqiu Nun’s place!

“Fifth Miss, have you hurt your feet?” When Huiding Nun saw Shao Wanru in the pavilion, she took a few steps forward quickly and bowed to her.

Yujie, who was picking up maple leaves, saw them and hurried back to stand behind Shao Wanru.

“Our Miss sprained her feet. I’ve treated them for her and bandaged them, but I don’t know whether I did the right thing or not!” Yujie said.

“Fifth Miss, can I have a look at your feet?” Huiding Nun asked.

Shao Wanru looked around uneasily. Although this pavilion was on the side of the road, if someone pa.s.sed by, they would definitely see the people in the pavilion.

“Fifth Miss, your feet got hurt. If we don’t look at them earlier, I’m afraid something serious will happen. Senior Sister Huiding studied medicine with Mingqiu Nun. After she has seen it, you can rest a.s.sured. It’s easy to get into big trouble if you do not want to be treated by doctors. Although someone may come here, your servant girl and I would cover for you. No one will see them.”

Huikong Nun was a clever person. When she saw Shao Wanru’s expression, she knew what Shao Wanru was worried about, so she quickly smiled and said.

Since she said so, Shao Wanru would not refuse. She nodded at once. Huikong Nun and Yujie blocked in front of her feet. Huiding Nun squatted down half. She lifted Shao Wanru’s feet, took off her shoes, and untied the circle of white cloth wrapped around them.

In order to ease Shao Wanru’s nervousness, Huiding Nun asked as she untied the bandage, “Fifth Miss, where did you get the bandage? It doesn’t look like a specialized bandage!”

At a glance, one could tell that the white cloth was torn off from somewhere, which was very improper.

“It’s from my clothes. I was going to wrap for Miss just now. There was no cloth, so I pulled my clothes.” Yujie reached out and slightly lifted her skirt, which made people see that there was indeed a missing part of her skirt.

Huiding Nun and Huikong Nun just glanced at them casually. They asked in order to eliminate Shao Wanru’s nervousness, so no one took it seriously.

The long cloth was untied. Seeing her swollen feet, even Huikong Nun felt very painful. Originally, she thought that this kind of delicate Miss just twisted a little bit, but nothing big happened. She didn’t expect that she twisted so hard that her ankle was swollen like a steamed bun.

Huiding Nun reached out and gently pinched Shao Wanru’s feet. While pinching her feet, she asked her if she was in pain. Sometimes, she even increased her strength.

Shao Wanru’s forehead was covered with a layer of cold sweat while she was pinched.

“Fifth Miss, your servant girl is good. She has put your bones right. But you have to rest more in the future. I’m afraid that you will have to lie in bed for a period of time. Otherwise, your muscles and bones may really be hurt!” Huiding Nun comforted Shao Wanru in a soft voice. Shao Wanru’s feet were already covered with ointment. When she used her fingers to press the ointment, some left on her fingers.

Huiding Nun sniffed it and then nodded again. “This ointment is very good. It’s from the palace, isn’t it?”

“It’s from the palace! First Miss gave it to our Miss before!” Yujie explained.

With the status of Duke Xing’s Mansion, there was naturally this kind of ointment from the palace.

“Very good. Then I won’t give Fifth Miss any other ointment. You can just use it. You need to use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Then you should lie in bed and rest. You can’t walk anymore. At least…” After thinking for a while, Huiding Nun added some more days, “At least a few days of rest is needed before you can fully recover.”

“Yes, Fifth Miss, you should have a good rest.” Huikong Nun also nodded repeatedly. The injury was really serious. Although her bones were not hurt, with the delicate body of a Miss from an aristocratic family, Huikong Nun felt that if she did not have a good rest for a while, she would not be able to recover. If it were her to say, she might say that Fifth Miss would have to rest for a few months.

“Thank you!” Shao Wanru thanked them.

Huiding Nun helped her wrap up the bandage again, bound it, and put on her shoes. Fortunately, most of the swollen parts were on her ankles. Although her ankle was a little swollen, it didn’t prevent her from putting on her shoes. However, when Huiding Nun put on her shoes, she did not put them on well.

Huiding Nun stood up, took the handkerchief from Yujie, and said to her, “Fifth Miss, you’d better not put all your shoes on. This will squeeze the injured place. Just go this way first. If it’s not convenient, you can just walk slowly!”

“Thank you very much. I know.” Shao Wanru stood up with the help of Yujie and walked a few steps. It was indeed not comfortable for her to not wear shoes well, but it was okay in general.

“Miss, let’s go back now. Are you still waiting for First Miss to come back here in your current state?” Yujie suggested.

Shao Wanru hesitated for a moment and looked at the road to the inside. Shao Yanru had not come out at this time.

“Fifth Miss is waiting for First Miss Shao?” Huikong Nun asked and also looked at the road. She also heard that the two Misses of Duke Xing’s Mansion had gone to the Maple Leaf Forest today, but why were they not at the same place?

“Big sister and Prince Qing have gone in to enjoy the scenery for a while. Why haven’t they come back yet?” Shao Wanru nodded and said helplessly.

“Fifth Miss, you can go back first. I’ll stay here for you. When I see First Miss, I’ll tell her that you’ve gone back to rest!” Huikong volunteered.

It was said that this First Miss Shao was both talented and beautiful. She did not know what kind of rich and powerful family she would marry in the future. Huikong felt that if she could make a good impression on this First Miss Shao before she got married, there would be more benefits for her in the future.

The future of this First Miss Shao could be limitless.

“Then… thank you!” Although Shao Wanru hesitated, she still nodded after moving her feet.

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I have nothing to do now. I’ll just wait for First Miss to come and send a message!” Huikong Nun said with a smile.

Since it was settled, Shao Wanru held Yujie’s hand and followed Huiding Nun slowly to the maple forest.

Huikong Nun continued to stay here.

Sitting alone in the pavilion and waiting, she was not in a hurry. The scenery here was good. In the past, even if she was the disciple of the master of Yuhui Nunnery, she could not come in to enjoy the scenery. It was rare for her to enjoy the scenery, so she was in a good mood.

Shao Yanru and Chu Qing appeared after she had waited for more than an hour. When she saw Huikong Nun in the pavilion, Shao Yanru was stunned.

Huikong Nun also saw Shao Yanru and Prince Qing. She came up to them with a smile.

First, she bowed to Prince Qing. Then, she bowed deeply to Shao Yanru and said, “First Miss, Fifth Miss’s feet have been seriously injured. She has gone back to rest. She asked me to wait here. When you and Prince Qing come back after enjoying the scenery, I should tell you so that you won’t be worried about her!”

Huikong’s words were extremely gentle and polite, but Shao Yanru’s face changed greatly when she heard it. She stepped aside two steps and distanced herself from Chu Qing.

“Fifth Sister just said that she would wait here for me. Then she said that her feet were uncomfortable and she didn’t want to walk. So she asked Prince Qing and me to have a rest. How could she feel so painful in such a short time?” Shao Yanru frowned and said. Shao Wanru’s repeated things made her feel that Shao Wanru was pretending.

She also knew this Huikong in front of her. She was very smart and ranked among the top in the Yuhui Nunnery. But it was because she was too smart that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Now she saw that she and Chu Qing enjoyed the scenery together. Even if there were servant girls and servants around her, these words were not pleasant to hear, not to mention the meaning that she didn’t care about her injured sister.

Shao Yanru frowned. She didn’t like this kind of feeling very much. It seemed that there were several invisible strings pulling her, which made her unhappy and wronged. Why was it like this?

“Well… I don’t know. First Miss, I’ve delivered what Fifth Miss told me. First Miss and Prince Qing, please enjoy yourselves. I’ll take my leave!” Huikong said with a smile. She looked at the two people and said meaningfully.

Although she was a nun, she had seen a lot of things. In the past, she had seen couples in the Yuhui Nunnery. There were also many people who came to the nunnery to meet some nuns. If she saw them, she would naturally pretend that she could not see them or understand them. It was convenient for both others and her.

Shao Yanru’s face gloomed. “Huikong Nun, I’m worried about Fifth Sister. I’ll go back with you!”

Her heart was full of displeasure, but she couldn’t explain too much to a nun. Huikong Nun didn’t say anything about her, but she just had an unspeakable feeling, which made her angry and annoyed.

Shao Wanru did it on purpose. She was sure about that!

Sometimes it was Qiu Yu. Sometimes it was Chu Qing. From time to time, the injury on her feet would get worse. The reason why she did this was that she wanted to spread something that was not in line with her reputation. She would find an opportunity to expose her.

“Prince Qing, I won’t accompany you. My Fifth Sister’s feet are still injured…” After saying to Huikong Nun, Shao Yanru said to Chu Qing with a little guilt.

“Since Fifth Miss’s feet are hurt so seriously, First Miss, you could just do as you want!” Chu Qing knew that they could not be anxious at this time. He smiled slightly and said very politely. However, there was a trace of contemplation in his eyes!

Shao Wanru’s feet were injured? In fact, after such a long time, he didn’t believe it! But he didn’t know what this Fifth Miss Shao meant.


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