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Chapter 979 Arrest Overnight!

“Crack down on the counterfeits? And even send gifts?”

“What the f*ck, is Renyi Company going to return good for evil?”

“Not only do they have to help call the police to crack down on scalpers, but they also want to send a bottle of authentic product to the customers who have been cheated?”

“Renyi means humanity and righteousness in our culture. Renyi Company indeed lives up to its name.”

“The company really lives up to its name. I’ll remember Renyi Company.”

“No wonder even Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation is willing to be merged. Renyi Company’s conducts are unexpected. It’s simply a generous enterprise.”

“Awesome. I knew Renyi Company is capable.”

“They want to send one bottle for each person. The number of people who were cheated should be at least tens of thousands. Wouldn’t it be a big loss for them if they compensate each person with one bottle?”

“This is a real good company. They don’t argue or complain after being misunderstood or scolded by the consumers. Instead, they are willing to help the consumers crack down on the counterfeiters. Once such a big company makes a move, it will definitely do it the hard way. Those fake scalpers are doomed.”

“They are returning good for evil. Do you guys have the nerve to ask them for the authentic product?”

With the release of Renyi Group’s second post after the chocolate beans incident, everyone online was astounded by Renyi Group’s generosity.

This was no longer a simple gesture. What it displayed was not only returning good for evil. It was more about kindness, integrity, harmony, and strong confidence.

This was a group that everyone should look up to!

The public opinion online was reversed in an instant.

Originally, people were rebuking Renyi Company everywhere on Weibo. With #Holy Flowers Formula is chocolate beans# as the main topic, a lot of topics were derived from it, such as #Renyi Company is a liar#, #Fake Renyi Group#, #The rise of chocolate beans#, and so on.

These topics were trending, and almost every person involved in this topic cursed at Renyi Company!

But now, with two simple posts of the company, one statement and one solution, they reversed the whole thing completely in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, all kinds of topics against the Renyi Group soon lost popularity, which was no longer trending. Moreover, because everyone took the initiative to delete their comments on those topics, those topics disappeared directly.

They were replaced by topics like #The Renyi Group is awesome#, #Fake scalpers#, #Counterfeits of Holy Flowers Formula#, #Real Holy Flowers Formula or Counterfeits#, and so on.

There was no doubt that almost everyone’s comments on these topics were completely different from before. They swore at Renyi Group in the beginning. Now as the situation was reversed, everyone changed their minds and complimented Renyi Group.

The victims who were extremely angry and determined to get the Renyi Group into trouble earlier also stood out and began to speak up for the Renyi Group when they were too embarra.s.sed to admit that they had been scammed.

As people saw that, they didn’t bother those victims again. Although they didn’t admit it, what they did showed that they had taken a stand on this matter. There was no need to force them anymore.

Of course, in addition to expressing that they took a stand, these victims also vented all their anger on the scalpers. They collected all the information about the scammers and used their Weibo to send private messages to the official Weibo account of the Renyi Group. Most of them did not mention the bottle of authentic product. The small group of people who mentioned it said that they were willing to pay for it instead of taking it for free.

After all, they felt that they were the ones who caused this problem.

They were the ones who did wrong and accidentally caused trouble for others. No matter how thick-skinned they were, they would still feel ashamed if they still dared to take the product for free.

After this incident, these people learned a lesson. If they wanted the authentic Holy Flowers Formula, they would only dare to buy it through official channels.

“It seems that the effect is very good.” In the office of Beijiang, seeing people’s reactions on the Internet, Fang Qiu immediately smiled.

He Xue also smiled. “Of course. Is our Renyi Group so easily slandered? I have to admit that your plan is so perfect. Now, we just need to make the final move.”

“Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded and said, “The last step depends on the person you choose for our company.”

“Don’t worry.” Hearing this, He Xue immediately smiled proudly and said, “The people I chose for the company’s network technology department are definitely no worse than ordinary hackers. Although they won’t be the best, their strength is definitely top-notch. Soon, the evidence you need will be presented to you.”

As expected, He Xue’s phone suddenly rang while the two were talking.

“It’s coming.” He Xue looked at the phone number displayed on her phone before she picked it up with a smile.

After a while, she hung up the phone.

“The evidence you need has been sent to me.” As He Xue spoke, she logged into her e-mail with her laptop and said, “I’ll forward it to you right now.”

“Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded.

Soon, Fang Qiu received an email with attachments in it.

He downloaded the attachments to have a look.

It acc.u.mulated all the evidence sent through private messages by tens of thousands of customers who were deceived. In addition to the evidence, the staff of the company’s network technology department actually found some evidence on the Internet according to the information given by these customers, such as the login address of the Weibo account that had been deleted, the IP address of the user of the WeChat account, and so on. They even found out the personal information of the user of the Weibo and WeChat account.

Seeing this, Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

“How is it? Do you still dare to question me again?” He Xue asked proudly.

“Incredible, you’re incredible!”

Fang Qiu immediately gave her a thumbs-up.

After their company was integrated and became a group, Fang Qiu handed over everything in the company to He Xue, including hiring the talents of various departments of the company.

In order not to let the staff of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation infiltrate the inner core of Renyi Company, He Xue personally found many talents for various departments to establish the actual Renyi Company.

A group was a limited liability company that had an independent legal ent.i.ty. The establishment of a group represented the merger of more than two companies. After merging, the two companies still existed independently. However, the parent company would dominate the group. The other companies were called subsidiaries.

The parent company of Renyi Group was Renyi Company, and its subsidiary company was Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Although the two companies had merged, they were still independent. However, Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation was in the charge of Renyi Company. What Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Company needed to do was continue to operate as before, while Renyi Company was in charge of the group’s orientation, operation strategy, and so on.

Under such circ.u.mstances, although Renyi Company had been established for a long time, there were only core members and no other employees in the company.

Obviously, it was unrealistic for them to have such a parent company. Yang Ningyuan mentioned once if he should transfer some executives from the Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation to Renyi Company first, but He Xue turned him down.

Fortunately, He Xue was extraordinarily capable.

She was so competent that even Yang Ningyuan was marveled by her power.

In a short period of time, she found a large group of talents and filled up this company which lacked so many employees.

Given that Fang Qiu had been busy with other things, he never inquired about it in detail although he had heard some messages. Therefore, when he saw that the people He Xue hired were so powerful, he was shocked at once.

“Awesome, I’d like to see the employees you recruited for me,” Fang Qiu exclaimed.

“There’s no need to rush,” He Xue smiled. “There’s still plenty of time. Let’s deal with the matter at hand first.”

“That’s right.” Fang Qiu nodded naturally and said, “Since they’ve joined my company, they are my people. It won’t be too late to meet them later.”

After that, Fang Qiu immediately took out his phone and called Yang Ningyuan.

“h.e.l.lo?” Yang Ningyuan answered the phone.

“I’ve sent the evidence to your email. You can make the third move now,” Fang Qiu said.

“Okay,” Yang Ningyuan responded with great confidence.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Ningyuan, who had been paying attention to the counterfeit incident, immediately logged into his e-mail, downloaded the evidence sent by Fang Qiu with a USB flash drive, and then went straight to the Public Security Department.

He had been observing the situation in the capital during this period of time.

He had received a phone call from Fang Qiu the day before the counterfeit incident broke out, and he was ready for the third move.

The reason why he was asked to make the third move was that Fang Qiu had asked him to donate money to the Public Security Department before. He only needed to show his face and people would greet him when he went to Public Security Department. It wouldn’t be as troublesome as others.

Half an hour after Yang Ningyuan entered the Public Security Department, the superiors of the Public Security Department soon issued an order, asking the staff to follow the clues, strictly investigate this counterfeit incident on the Internet, and crack down on the counterfeits.

Because there was sufficient evidence, the Public Security Department found a lot of useful information and took action directly.

It didn’t take long before the two scalpers who made counterfeits were arrested.

Under the interrogation of the Public Security Department, the den where they made counterfeits was quickly exposed!

People of the Public Security Department took action immediately. After confirming that all the criminals were there, the police surrounded the factory making counterfeits as fast as they could, and then directly broke in, which frightened those scalpers making counterfeits.

Ultimately, the criminals were all taken away.

The next morning, the official Weibo account of the Public Security Department directly posted the photos and video of news that they destroyed the den of the counterfeiters.

After a thorough investigation, they found out that these scalpers who made counterfeits had been aiming at the drugs produced by Hua Yuan company, and they had built a factory and prepared plant and equipment in advance. Unexpectedly, they happened to meet the launch of the Holy Flowers Formula this time. Hence they immediately began to make counterfeits of Holy Flowers Formula!

The truth was finally revealed!

On the Internet, netizens who saw the news all gave the police a thumbs-up.

Meanwhile, the official Weibo account of the Renyi Group was updated again.

“In order to show our grat.i.tude to the Public Security Department, we will donate 100 million to the Public Security Department in the name of Renyi Group!”

As people saw this post, the discussion became more heated.

“100 million? How generous they are!”

“It’s as if they are telling people that they don’t lack money.”

“Well, not bad. They learned from Fang Qiu very well!”

Seeing that there was a satisfactory result, Fang Qiu took out his phone again and called Yang Ningyuan.


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