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Chapter 75 Mo Yiqi Returns the Money!

He remembered clearly.

The old master told him there were 36 heaven materials and 72 earth treasures in this world.

Each and every one of them had some miraculous effect.

These heaven materials and earth treasures wouldn’t help the ordinary much, at most prolonging their lives.

However, they were extremely helpful for martial artists.

For martial artists, heaven materials and earth treasures could cure their injuries, prolong their lives, and most importantly provide them with a thread of spiritual air of heaven and earth.

Heaven materials were the finest whilst earth treasures miscellaneous.

Those martial artist who had consumed any heaven material or earth treasure would have a string of internal Qi rising from within their body.

In the martial world, a martial arts pract.i.tioner must feel his internal Qi to break through to the martial elite.

It would be even more important for a martial elite to break through to a grand master.

If one couldn’t form the internal Qi from within, he had to seek it from outside.

That taken in from outside was quite inferior to that formed from within. But something is always better than nothing!

Heaven materials and earth treasures were the best supplyments for them to feel their internal Qi and achieve breakthrough.

As a martial artist himself, Fang Qiu was very familiar with the martial elite level.

One level up from the martial arts pract.i.tioner would be the martial elite.

The martial elite consisted of nine grades and twelve vessels. Every upgrade in grade required a certain vessel to be opened up. Internal Qi must be felt constantly and refined and purified.

Internal Qi was extremely hard to train.

An average martial arts pract.i.tioner might spend years on it but still couldn’t feel the internal Qi.

Even if he could feel it, it would be very hard to train and form more. Let alone refining or purifying.

Under these circ.u.mstances.

Heaven materials and earth treasures became extremely valuable.

After all, one could obtain a string of internal Qi by taking some heaven material or earth treasure.

What was the most important thing for a martial arts pract.i.tioner?


His strength.

The best way to improve one’s strength, besides training hard day after day, would be taking heaven materials and earth treasures.

Although the internal Qi gained from heaven materials and earth treasures was inferior to that trained and formed from within, heaven materials and earth treasures were still pursued by numerous martial artists.

“Mount Tai!”

Recalling the old master’s words quietly, Fang Qiu came up with an idea instantly.

Go to Mount Tai!

If heaven materials and earth treasures were that important for martial artists.

Why couldn’t he go to Mount Tai and look for some?

If he could find heaven materials or earth treasures, even just one plant of them, he should be able to get 300,000.

As his thought and idea developed.

Fang Qiu at once made up his mind.

“Go to Mount Tai after the Sunday s.h.i.+ft in hospital.”

This was the only solution he came up with. Other than this, he had no chance of getting 300,000 in such a short time.

He might not find any.

But there was some hope.

With his mind set.

Fang Qiu finally unloaded the worry from his mind.

In the dorm.

Sun Hao was busy booking tickets, Zhu Benzheng reading by the desk, and Zhou Xiaotian lying in bed chatting with the two while playing with his mobile.

“The oldest, it’s almost time to clean and sleep.”

Zhou Xiaotian suddenly chuckled as he spoke to Zhu Benzheng, “The light will go off soon. Then it will be hard to clean properly.”

“Tickets booked?”

Zhu Benzheng turned to Sun Hao after rolling his eyes at Zhou Xiaotian.


Sun Hao turned off his laptop with joy.


There came a knock at the door.

“Who’s it?”

Zhu Benzheng asked as he walked towards the door.

The door cracked open.

A strange student was standing outside.

They all took a look at him but no one knew who he was.


This student was quite thin but in good spirit. Standing at the door, he glanced across the four and locked his eyes on Zhu Benzheng in the end. “I’m Mo Yiqi.”

“Mo Yiqi?”

Sun Hao was stunned.

“You are the Mo Yiqi diagnosed with cancer?”

Zhou Xiaotian jumped up in shock and looked at Mo Yiqi from head to toe. He asked curiously, “You are really recovered?”

“Heheh. Thank you for your concern. I’m well now.”

Mo Yiqi beamed as he took four envelopes out of his pocket.

“So which one is Student Zhu Benzheng, Student Sun Hao, and Student Zhou Xiaotian?”

“I am.”

The trio answered, full of wonders.

“Thank you for your donation when I was ill. Thank you so much!”

Mo Yiqi bowed in front of the trio and handed three of the envolopes to them. “I’ve recovered. I don’t need this money so I give it back to you. Thank you!”

Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian looked at one another.

Should they accept the money or not?

“Keep the money to get yourself some supplyment. Take care of your health.”

Said Zhu Benzheng at last.

“Thank you for your kindness. I can’t keep the money since I’m well now.”

Mo Yiqi pushed the three envelopes into their hands.

Holding the thickest envelope in his hand, he then asked, “Which one is Student Fang Qiu?”

“The one getting ready to reach immortality!”

The trio in the dorm pointed their fingers simultaneously at Fang Qiu who was sitting in meditation and gazing through a copper coin.

Fang Qiu slowly shut his eyes and closed the practice. He jumped off his bed and fixed his eyes on Mo Yiqi.

In good spirit, he seemed calm and peaceful after all the sufferings.

“Student Fang Qiu, thank you for your donation.”

Mo Yiqi bowed deep in front of Fang Qiu sincerely.

This was the man who had donated the most on the list.

He so selflessly donated this much to a total strange. Although not used, he was very grateful for Fang Qiu’s kindness.

“You are welcome. We are school mates. We are ought to help each other.”

Fang Qiu accepted the envelope with a smile.

Fang Qiu quickly supported Mo Yiqi to get up.

As his hand reached Mo Yiqi’s body, a stream of internal Qi flew from his palm into Mo Yiqi’s body.

As the internal Qi streamed in.

The newly recovered Mo Yiqi suddenly felt refreshed and full of vigor. The weariness caused by staying up late instantly went away.


Mo Yiqi was astonished.

He could clearly feel this refres.h.i.+ng feeling from within his body.

Although amazed, he didn’t give it another thought.

He thought it was simply due to the release from the burden on his mind after expressing his grat.i.tude to Fang Qiu.

With his back straightened, he handed the envelope to Fang Qiu. “I have recovered so I’m here to return the money.”

Fang Qiu glanced at the thick envelope and accepted it directly with a smile.

Fang Qiu’s acceptance obviously relieved Mo Yiqi. He quickly saved their phone numbers and got connected with them on Wechat.

“Please contact me if you need any help. It will be my pleasure. I won’t take more of your time. Thank you again.”

Mo Yiqi thanked them again.

He walked out of the dorm room under the four’s watch.

“Sigh! Look at him! He returned the money after his recovery. Some people in our society pretend to be ill to trick money out of others’ pocket. The difference between humans is indeed huge!”

Zhou Xiaotian remarked as he watched Mo Yiqi walking out.

Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao nodded in agreement.

“Time for bed, everyone. Are we running tomorrow?”

Asked Fang Qiu.


The trio shook their head in unison.

Knowing how crazy you are, who will play with you again?

Fang Qiu shook his head as he walked back inside the room.

“Hold on!”

Sun Hao suddenly shouted and turned to Fang Qiu with a beam.

“Who was whining about poverty earlier?”

“I believe it was the youngest.”

Zhu Benzheng looked at Fang Qiu with a wicked grin.

“So much money!”

Zhou Xiaotian gazed at Fang Qiu’s thick envelope with light glowing in his eyes and hunger on his face. “I can see a big feast waving at me!”

“A big feast for sure.”

Sun Hao nodded immediately to agree. “The youngest, it’s your turn to treat us to a meal.”

“Good thinking. Keep it up.”

Fang Qiu glared at the trio with disdain before walking in the room.

“No treat?”

Zhou Xiaotian ran ahead rapidly and pretended to be angry. “Are you our brother or not? If you don’t treat us to a meal, I’ll sever our relations.h.i.+p! Yes, I’ll end our relations.h.i.+p!”

“The youngest…”

Sun Hao chuckled and paced to the front of Fang Qiu. “The youngest, it’s his business to sever his relations.h.i.+p with you. I’ll never do that. You can take me out.” “Your dream sounds even better!”

“Your dream sounds even better!”

Fang Qiu replied with a big grin.

“The relations.h.i.+p is over. It’s over.”

Sun Hao claimed loudly while shaking his head.

“How about…”

Zhu Benzheng approached and said to Fang Qiu sincerely, “I’ll take us out and you’ll get the bill. What do you say?”

“Get lost.”

Fang Qiu pursed up his lips.

“I don’t mean to scold you!”

Zhu Benzheng heaved a sigh quietly and continued to shake his head. “The youngest, listen. In this way you might soon have no friends left.”

“Come on, my friends. I’m in need of a few hundred of thousands bucks. Please lend me a hand.”

Fang Qiu looked at the trio while flipping the envelope in his hand.

The trio went away as if they had heard nothing.

“Hey! Don’t leave me! Just a little! One hundred each would be good. I won’t complain!”

Cried Fang Qiu.

No one responded.

“Alas! Public morality is not what it used to be!”

Fang Qiu remarked with some emotion.

He smiled bitterly in bed, gazing at the envelope of money.

He was in debt of 1,000. Then he got this 29,000 back. He could have been rich for a while.

However, he was short of 300,000. This 29,000 was not much at all compared to that.

But it did make up a small part of it.


He hoped he could find some earth treasure in Mount Tai.

Heaven materials and earth treasures would be really hard to locate!

The next afternoon.

After cla.s.ses, Fang Qiu rushed to the library reading room for the test as he had agreed.

“Teacher Xu.”

As soon as he saw Xu Miaolin, he greeted in the most respectful manner.

“You’ve arrived.”

Xu Miaolin responded with a smile.

Without another word, he took a small green rubber chest in the form of a tool box out of the desk in front of him.

Reading the characters on the chest, Fang Qiu was stunned.

Two words were written on it, “Chinese Majiang”.


Fang Qiu questioned.


Xu Miaolin opened the chest and poured the Majiang pieces out on the desk. He asked, “Have you played before?”

“Not really.”

Fang Qiu shook his head.

“Do you know how each piece is called?”

“I do.”

Although he’d never played before, he knew the majiang pieces.


Xu Miaolin nodded his approval. “I know you have a good memory. We’ve got 20 minutes here until I finish work. I give you ten minutes to touch every piece of this majiang set and memorize them all. Then we’ll have the test.”


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