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Chapter 642 You’re Right, This is Me! John Doe!

This post went viral!

There were already a lot of people gathered.

Fang Qiu clicked the post and found that all the people on the post mentioned John Doe. Almost every comment would mention John Doe. The post starter was even more straightforward. He directly posted Fang Qiu’s photos and video of him entering Chic Cloud Pavilion and wrote, “@John Doe, is that you?”

As Fang Qiu saw the post, he was stunned at first.

Although he figured that there must be news on the Wulin online forum, he really didn’t expect that the news spread so fast. In the blink of an eye, his photos had already been posted on the forum and attracted so many people’s attention as soon as he just returned to the hotel room from Chic Cloud Pavilion.

“The high attention is a good thing for Lin Yu’s ident.i.ty.” Fang Qiu smirked and muttered, “However, it’s not enough now. I have to make it stronger!”

With a thought in mind, Fang Qiu directly left a comment under this post, “Yes, it’s me!”

Fang Qiu’s comment had just been sent.

It caused a sensation on the forum.

“It’s John Doe?”

“This man really is John Doe!”

“Oh my G.o.d, did John Doe reveal his true ident.i.ty?”

“This is John Doe’s own account. I’m sure it’s him!”

“Haha, it’s really John Doe. I was right.”

“This is too unexpected, isn’t it?”

“John Doe, do you lack money? Why did you sell all those treasures?”

The whole forum was boiling with discussion.

Some people were shocked that the one who had auctioned the Guru Sword was really John Doe, some people were complacent that they had made the right guess, and some people even made fun of John Doe for auctioning all kinds of treasures.

Undoubtedly, when John Doe admitted it himself and caused a sensation on the whole forum, all the large, medium, small forces, as well as some masters of the eighth cla.s.s and the ninth cla.s.s, heard the news in an instant.

“John Doe?”

“Why did John Doe suddenly reveal his true ident.i.ty?”

“There’s definitely something wrong going on!”

“If this person is really John Doe, then who is John Doe? What is his background? What is his Apprentice Plan? How could he have so many treasure swords?”

All sorts of questions were lingering in the hearts of people of all kinds of forces.

These forces began to search frantically.

A long time ago, they had wanted to find out who John Doe, someone that had gained his popularity in Wulin, was. However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find any information.

But now John Doe actually took the initiative to admit his ident.i.ty.

This made everyone feel strange, but at the same time, they caught a glimpse of hope that they could thoroughly find out who John Doe was!

For a long time, John Doe had been using the ident.i.ty of a mysterious man. On such an occasion where tens of millions of people were watching him, no one would believe that he was doing it carelessly.

Therefore, people thought it was strange.

Now that John Doe’s face had been revealed, all the doubts would be solved. All the forces believed that this time they would be able to find out all the information about John Doe!

On the other side, the Jiangjing Wulin circle was also in an uproar.

Just now, they had been discussing who the man that had taken out the Guru Sword to auction was. Everyone thought that he was likely to be a guru, but they were not sure.

But in a blink of an eye, the ident.i.ty of the one who had auctioned the Guru Sword was confirmed.

It was actually John Doe!

Moreover, according to the previous speculation, John Doe was very likely to be a teenage guru. After all, judging from John Doe’s photos and images on the Internet, he was really young!

As a senior in the Jiangjing Wulin, Elder Yi also received the news in the first place, but it didn’t make him feel rather shocked. Instead, he felt particularly surprised because he was one of the few lucky ones who had been guided by a guru!

While the others were shocked, they also felt very excited and happy.

After all, John Doe was a prominent figure of the Jiangjing Wulin circle. In the Wulin circle, his existence was even more significant than Elder Yi.

The guru sword had been sold by John Doe, which made everyone feel proud of John Doe’s great strength. The whole Jiangjing Wulin was proud of him.

Not only the people of Jiangjing Wulin were excited, but also the other people of Wulin from all over the country envied the people of Jiangjing Wulin because everyone knew that John Doe appeared in the Jiangjing Wulin first.

Moreover, John Doe had also guided many martial arts pract.i.tioners in Jiangjing. Many of them had broken through to Martial Superior after receiving John Doe’s guidance.

How precious the guidance of a guru was!

How could they not be envious?

In a hotel of the capital, Fang Qiu had been browsing the forum.

“Things are going well.” Seeing the whole forum boiling with excitement because of his true appearance, Fang Qiu laughed with satisfaction.

That was the effect he wanted.

From now on, Lin Yu’s face would take root in every person in Wulin!

Fang Qiu continued to read the comments.

After a short while, a notice sound was heard from the forum.

Fang Qiu clicked on the notice and found that there were many people who mentioned John Doe and asked him questions.

“@John Doe, who are you?”

“@John Doe, I’m really speechless. Do you know why? Why is the Earth Treasure yours? The Heaven Treasure is also yours. Why can you take out the Earth Treasure to auction? Why did you even take out the Guru Sword to auction? Why is that?”

“@John Doe, where do you come from and where do you want to go? Why do you have so many treasure swords?”

After reading the questions one by one, Fang Qiu smiled at first, then hesitated for a moment and murmured, “Should I add color to this again?”

With a thought in mind, Fang Qiu immediately chose one of the questions and clicked into the post.

Then, he directly clicked to reply this question.

“How did I get so many swords? Of course, I forged them myself!”

As soon as the reply was sent, it immediately made many people furious.

And the person who was so lucky to be chosen by Fang Qiu didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately screenshot the reply, re-opened another post, and posted the screenshot.

In the blink of an eye, the message was spread throughout the forum.

“What? A treasure sword can be forged?”

“All the swords were forged by John Doe himself?”

“What the f*ck. You can even forge a Guru Sword. Are you really a guru?”

Although Fang Qiu admitted John Doe’s ident.i.ty and the fact that he was the one that had auctioned the Guru Sword, there were still many people who were reluctant to believe that he was a guru due to how young he looked.

John Doe said that all the swords were forged by himself. This piece of news was like a heavyweight bomb, which blew up in the entire Wulin forum!

Undoubtedly, this piece of news startled those who doubted John Doe and firmly believed that John Doe was not a guru.

Was John Doe really a guru?

Not only the netizens on the forum, people of major forces, which had been paying attention to the development of the situation, were all shocked when they learned that all the treasure swords were forged by John Doe himself!

“How is this possible?”

“Can’t a sword only be covered with the aura as one carries it constantly? How can it be forged?”

“On my G.o.d, can the Guru Sword really be forged?”

“Impossible, impossible. How could a Guru Sword be forged?”

“Who is this man? Is he from Longquan?”

“Why would such a person appear out of nowhere?”

“Continue to investigate! Find it out!”

People of all the forces gave their orders one after another.

“It’s him! It’s really him!” At the same time, in Longquan, Long Qiyun, who was also paying attention to this matter, immediately confirmed that this person was John Doe when he saw Fang Qiu’s photos and videos on the Wulin online forum.

When Fang Qiu admitted it himself, he was still complacent.

But Long Qiyun was astonished when he heard that all of the treasure swords had been forged by himself.

“John Doe forged it himself? When? When did that happen? It must have happened when he was in the Long family! It was during those three days!”

Many items, including the sixth-cla.s.s, seventh-cla.s.s, eighth-cla.s.s treasure swords, and the Guru Sword, had all been forged in his own house.

Long Qiyun was dumbfounded.

He regretted it.

At that time, why hadn’t he stayed with John Doe all the time? Why hadn’t he stayed with John Doe and watched him for three days?

As Long Qiyun was in shock, he was so excited that he quickly searched for Fang Qiu’s number. He wanted to ask Fang Qiu about his forging skills and to call him master anyway.

He Gaoming, who didn’t sleep either, was also paying attention to the development of the matter.

“I was right. My master is indeed that powerful. Fortunately, I had a good eye at that time, so I stuck to him,” He Gaoming exclaimed with excitement.

When he thought of the better sword Fang Qiu had promised to give him, he became even more excited!

In the special forces base of Jiangjing… “Yes, Chief, I will complete the task!”

Li Ji called and reported the matter to his superiors and also got their specific order. Given his good relations.h.i.+p with Fang Qiu, he had to seek some benefits for the army in any case. He had to ask Fang Qiu to forge some weapons for the army. They wouldn’t take them for nothing, but the army’s supply must have priority over other things.

After receiving the order, Li Ji immediately called Fang Qiu.

“h.e.l.lo?” Because Fang Qiu was browsing the forum with his mobile phone, the call was connected before the phone even rang.

“Congratulations! You’ve become a billionaire in the blink of an eye.” Li Ji laughed and congratulated him.

Fang Qiu asked directly, “Go ahead, what’s the matter?”

When he saw that it was Li Ji, Fang Qiu had already expected that the government would come to him again. Otherwise, why would he receive a phone call in the middle of the night?

Li Ji laughed and said, “Straightforward. I’ve reported what happened in Wulin today. I just received orders from my superior. The troops need a batch of weapons, and of course, we won’t take them for nothing. I’m here now on behalf of the troops to make an order from you. As for the price, it won’t be as high as your auction price, but it won’t be lower than the market price. You can rest a.s.sured.”

Fang Qiu replied directly, “I have something to do in a few days. Let’s talk about it when I come back.”

As soon as Li Ji heard that, he immediately understood what was going on.

After all, this matter was still raging. And it caused quite a stir.

Li Ji replied, “Well, let’s talk when you get back. I’ll wait for you to bring honor to our country!”

“Okay,” Fang Qiu answered and hung up the phone.


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