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Chapter 514 Find the Headquarters!

Outside the town, the wheel prints reduced on the road; because of its proximity to the desert, the wind could easily blow sand onto the road, covering the tracks of the wheels.

Fortunately their absence was not long. There was not too much wind that day, so the wheel prints on the road were clear.

Fang Qiu sped along the wheel prints.

After a ten-minute chase, he noticed that the car had turned off a track deep into the Middle East.

It wasn’t long before Fang Qiu left the desert.

The wheel prints on the road were easier to recognize.

An hour later, the wheel prints that Fang Qiu were following reached a fertile land far from the desert.

He looked ahead and saw a complex of mountains.

Compared with the famous mountains and great rivers of Huaxia, these mountains looked a little barren. All Fang Qiu saw was yellow mixed with green.

The yellow symbolized the barren rocks and sandy soil, while the green indicated spa.r.s.e gra.s.s and saplings, like ornaments.

Under his feet was a gravel road leading to the mountains.


Looking down at the gravel road, Fang Qiu frowned because the wheel prints were gone.

Thinking of something, Fang Qiu immediately jumped into the air, flying up for tens of meters, and looked around.

As a result, he didn’t see anything.

There were no caves on the bare mountains, let alone the group’s headquarters.

“It has gone; there’s nothing.”

Fang Qiu gave a bitter smile.

“Look like there are masters in the Dawn Group’s headquarters.”

As he spoke, he searched around but found nothing useful. There was not even the slightest sign of the gravel on the road being crushed.

Fang Qiu was startled.

He had no idea that anyone could cut the trail to this extent!

However, as Fang Qiu could infer, their car did go into the mountains.

That being the case, Fang Qiu had a way to find out where the Dawn Group’s headquarters was, even if he didn’t track them down.

The three Huaxia martial arts pract.i.tioners should have arrived at the headquarters of the Dawn Group.


With a thought in his mind, Fang Qiu flew straight into the mountains at breakneck speed.

This time he crossed a full five kilometers.

When the land of the mountains under his feet changed from barren to fertile, from having spa.r.s.e vegetation to owning rich greenery, and the green vegetation completely covered the complex mountains, Fang Qiu stopped.

“Divine Consciousness!”

Looking around, Fang Qiu whispered, and immediately stirred his Divine Consciousness to wave out and cover the 10-kilometer area around him.

Covered by the Divine Consciousness which combined internal Qi with mental power, all the energy fluctuations within a radius of 10 kilometers could not escape Fang Qiu’s perception.

However, after a sweep, Fang Qiu found that there was not a single energy fluctuation within 10 kilometers.

“Isn’t the Middle East synonymous with money bags? Why is it so desolate?”

Fang Qiu smiled bitterly.

He had hoped to pick a few Earth Treasures as he did on his last trip to Bhutan.

But the lands and mountains of the Middle East were too barren. Although it was not sure whether it could grow the Earth Treasure here, it was definitely not easy to grow it here.

“Where’s the road?”

Fang Qiu rose, floated high in the air, looked around, and tried to find a way through the mountains.

Now that the car had actually come in, there was a better chance of finding someone where there was a road.

However, when he looked around, he could find no way.

It was surrounded by mountains.

Fang Qiu could only go deeper.

After advancing 15 kilometers, he stopped and continued to sense and probe with his Divine Consciousness.

This time, he got nothing either.

“It has been 20 kilometers. Why haven’t I found anything yet?”

Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows.

10 kilometers further down, he probed again.


This time, as soon as the Divine Consciousness spread out, Fang Qiu s.h.i.+vered. His eyes lit up and a slight sneer crept on the corners of his mouth.

“I’ve found it at last!”

He opened his eyes and turned to look straight ahead.

With his Divine Consciousness sweeping, he perceived clearly that there was a great valley three kilometers ahead of him. He clearly sensed three wisps of energy on the slope of the mountain across the valley.

The three wisps of breath belonged to the three Huaxia martial arts pract.i.tioners!

“How are you going to escape this time?”

Remembering what had happened in Bhutan, Fang Qiu squinted and immediately pulled the material out from his backpack and painted his face. After disguising himself, he stepped forward.out

A moment later, Fang Qiu stopped.

Ahead lay a large valley.

Looking down, Fang Qiu noticed a middle-sized pool in the valley.

Hidden in the bushes, Fang Qiu looked at the mountain slope across the valley.

On the slope was a cave about two meters high and one and a half meters wide.

At the entrance of the cave, two men were walking back and forth, looking about them.

“Is that the entrance?”

Fang Qiu frowned.

He did not expect the headquarters of the Dawn Group to be hidden in a mountain. If he hadn’t learned the special forces’ tracking technique, Fang Qiu wouldn’t have found it.

After a few more careful observations, he withdrew from the bushes and made his way quietly to the entrance to the opposite cave.

He watched while moving.

Fang Qiu found no one around except the two guards.

In other words, if he was going to sneak in, he just needed to avoid these two. He had to go in without them noticing him. Once being discovered, he was bound to startle his enemies.

But what would it take to avoid detection?

During the meditation, Fang Qiu came to the side of the cave and hid himself in a pile of bushes only about 20 meters from the entrance.Updates by vi p novel

“I must drive them away.”

Looking at the two guards who were smoking and turning their heads around at the entrance, Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows and pondered.

From the headquarters which was secret and guarded, it could be seen that the Dawn Group was very cautious.

In this case, if he merely relied on…

“That’s right!”

Suddenly, Fang Qiu’s eyes lit up.

The ordinary way would not work, so he would adopt a special way to frighten the two guards.

With an inward chuckle, Fang Qiu jerked all his mental power out, quickly wrapped a fist-sized stone under their feet, and controlled it to float.

Sure enough, as they saw the stone suddenly floating, the two’s face changed dramatically.

They recoiled in horror.

Then, Fang Qiu took control of the stone and threw it toward a man’s face.

The two guards looked at each other in horror and then at the stone that was floating in the air strangely, trying to reach for it with curiosity and confusion.

Seeing this, Fang Qiu had an idea. He controlled the stone, swung it around in front of the man’s eyes, and immediately made it fly into the distance.

This excited the two guards. They looked at each other, nodded, and chased the stone each from one side. They carefully bent over, holding out their hands to catch the floating stone.

Just then the stone suddenly stopped moving.

Without a moment’s hesitation, they pounced on each other and seized the stone in their hands.

At the same moment, a dark shadow flashed past. Without the two of them noticing, Fang Qiu sprinted into the cave.

Upon getting the stone, the two guards checked it immediately. It turned out to be a normal stone, and no matter how they threw it into the air, it wouldn’t fly. In the end, the two men angrily threw the stone directly at the bottom of the valley.

After entering the cave, Fang Qiu found out that there was an altogether different world in the cave.

It was like a hidden military base!

The first thing Fang Qiu saw was a tunnel that was not too long.

When he stepped out of the tunnel, Fang Qiu saw a very empty s.p.a.ce with five stories, and he was on the bottom floor.

Looking up at random, Fang Qiu could see everything on each floor.

At this point, the first to the fourth floor had guards on patrol.

But the aisle on the fifth floor was empty.

Perhaps because there were already two guards at the entrance, they did not send more guards there.

But, that was what Fang Qiu wanted.

When using the Divine Consciousness for perceptual exploration, Fang Qiu clearly felt that the three wisps of energy were on the same level as his.

It meant that the three Huaxia martial arts pract.i.tioners all lived on the fifth floor.

After all, the Dawn Group was a very famous terrorist organization in the Middle East, whose sphere of influence covered thousands of kilometers around. Although the strength of the three martial arts pract.i.tioners from Huaxia was very strong, it was obviously impossible for them to enter the group’s top management when they first contacted the group.

For them, it was already good to come to their headquarters and live on the fifth floor.

“Divine Consciousness!”Access v ip novel

With a sudden movement of his mind, Fang Qiu used his Divine Consciousness to perceive and probe again.

Since he was already in the cave, Fang Qiu could clearly sense the exact location of the three Huaxia martial arts pract.i.tioners in this probe.


Fang Qiu discovered that there were not only three but six wisps of energy in the headquarters of the Dawn Group.

It was just that three of them were connected to one that could only be distinguished by careful perception.

“Seventh-cla.s.s Martial Superior with two opened meridians.”

“And the three wisps of familiar energy connected to him.”

Suddenly, Fang Qiu smiled.

He remembered it.

The three wisps of familiar energy belonged to those guardian beasts of the Earth Treasures, which he had encountered in Bhutan.

No wonder the three guardian beasts had teamed up against him. They were raised by the same man!

Last time they were spared, but this time they were not so lucky.

After sensing, Fang Qiu turned his eyes to the three rooms at the end of the left aisle.

In the first room was the seventh-cla.s.s Martial Superior with two opened meridians connected with the three guardian beasts.

In the second room was a seventh-cla.s.s Martial Superior with three opened meridians.

In the last room at the end of the aisle was the head of the three, an eighth-cla.s.s super master.

For others, the trio was really strong, but for Fang Qiu, it didn’t seem to be the same.

Seventh-cla.s.s Martial Superiors with two opened meridians and three opened meridians?

When he was in Outer Mongolia, he had beaten many of the equals.

As for an eighth-cla.s.s super master?

Fang Qiu hadn’t beaten many people of the eighth cla.s.s, but the number was not zero. Though through the perception of the Divine Consciousness, he knew that the eighth-cla.s.s master was stronger than the eighth-cla.s.s masters he had met before.

“Now that I’ve gotten in, let me deal with them one by one!”

With a sneer, Fang Qiu slipped up to the door of the first room.


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