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Chapter 162 Nervous! Three Wrong Answers in A Row!

Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu heard the cry and rushed to the stage to pay tribute.

In the sight of people from other schools, they were really handsome and beautiful.

No wonder they had such a large appeal!

“Please be quiet.”

On the stage, a hostess wearing a gown said to the audience and smiled.

The cheers in the conference hall gradually weakened.

“The two cla.s.smates, please sit down.”

The hostess gestured to Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu, and then said, “I announced that the second round of the freshman knowledge compet.i.tion of nine Chinese medicine universities is now officially started!”

The applause burst out.

“Now, I will briefly introduce the rules of the compet.i.tion to you.”

“The first round is answering with a show of boards.”

“As you can see that in front of each contestant, there is an answer board. After the question comes out, all members of each school team must answer all the questions correctly to add one point. Anyone answers the wrong question will have no points added.”

“The answering time is five seconds.”

“This round has a total of 20 questions. The first nine questions are normal questions, and the last one is a special question.”

After introducing.

The hostess smiled and pointed to all the students in the nine schools and asked, “Is everyone clear?”


Students from all schools said in unison.

The rules had long been clear to their heart.

“All right!”

The host nodded and immediately said, “Then, I announce that the game is started!”

Just after that.

All the students of the nine schools immediately took up their spirits and waited for the compet.i.tion.

Under the stage, the students also became very quiet.

There was no one who dared to speak. They were nervous and looking forward to this highly antic.i.p.ated game.

“The first question.”

The host held the microphone, stood on the side, took a card out, and asked, “The parietal headache belongs to: A, Solar meridian; B, Yangming meridian; C, Jueyin Meridian; D, Shaoyin meridian.”

“Five seconds! Please answer.”

The moment after hearing the topic.

The eighty-one students in the nine schools immediately began to write on the answer board.

Everyone’s face was filled with a confident smile.

It seemed that this question was too simple for them.

At the same time, the hostess had started the countdown.

“Five, four, three… time is up! Please show the board!”

In an instant, everyone turned over their answer board for the audience.

All partic.i.p.ating students quickly scanned the surrounding answers at the moment when they showed the boards.

When they saw the answers of UJCM.

The students of several schools suddenly laughed.

More and more doubts were concentrated on University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. Everyone laughed when they saw it clearly.

On the entire site, the answer “C” was written in all the answer boards.

However, on the side of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Zhu Benzheng, who was ranked ninth, wrote a “D”.

Wrong answer!

He seemed to be aware of his own mistake.

Zhu Benzheng’s face turned white immediately.

He looked awful.

“The correct answer is ‘C’.”

The hostess immediately announced. “Except for University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, one point will be added to each school.”

After saying that.

The students off the stage suddenly became disappointed and sighed.

This was the first question. How did they do it wrong?

And only their school was wrong.

In the crowd.

Zhou Hao and Sun Xiaotian, who were in the crowded together, all frowned.

“This topic is not difficult for us, so for the oldest, it should not be difficult at all, right?”

Sun Hao said.

“the oldest was too nervous, so he made a mistake.”

Zhou Xiaotian sighed and said depressedly.

At the leader’s positions.

Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen couldn’t help frowning.

They wanted to make a good start, but the result turned bad.

Everyone was right but them.

On the stage.

Fang Qiu did not understand and looked at Zhu Benzheng, but he saw Zhu Benzheng bow his head bitterly and did not dare to look at other people.

“Next, the second question.”

The hostess did not give everyone more time, and said once again, “A pulse type is powerful means: A, neither floating nor sinking; B, calm and gentle; C, deep and strong; D, soft and strong.”

“Please answer.”

After the topic was out.

Everyone immediately threw the mistakes of Zhu Benzheng out of their mind, and hurriedly answered.

“Five, four, three… time is up! Please show the board!”

The host said immediately after the countdown.


Everyone turned over the board.

But in the next moment.

In the conference room, suddenly it started to stir up.

Everyone’s gaze was once again concentrated on Zhu Benzheng’s answer board.

In the eighty-one people, 80 of them had written “D” on their own boards, but only Zhu Benzheng’s answer board read “A”.

Zhu Benzheng’s face turned paler.

His hands clenched so hard that his nails nearly bit into the flesh.

He didn’t know why, but his mind was in a mess after he got on stage.

He couldn’t think at all.

Under the stage.

The students of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine were immediately dissatisfied.

“What’s going on here?”

“He’s not a spy to mess with us, is he?”

“The other schools all got two points. Our school is still zero. How come?”

A burst of dissatisfaction sounded.

Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian were very angry when hearing this.

Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen’s brows were wrinkled even more tightly, while the leaders of other schools were laughing secretly.

On the stage.

Fang Qiu, who was far away from Zhu Benzheng, frowned, and once again looked at him.

There were some concerns in his eyes.

Students from other schools also looked at Zhu Benzheng and shook their heads.

The hostess immediately announced. “Except for University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, one point will be added to each school.”

The hostess continued to announce. “The following is the third question.”

After introducing.

She also looked at Zhu Benzheng.

When the discussion suddenly stopped, everyone was calm and prepared to continue to answer questions.

“Observing the thickness of the tongue coating is mainly to understand: A, the survival of saliva; B, the presence or absence of stomach gas; C, the growth and decline of wet turbidity; D the depth of pathogenic factor.”

“Please answer!”

Everyone on the stage immediately started to write.

Five seconds later.

“Time is up! Please show us the board!”

At the same time the hostess talked, she turned her head and looked at Zhu Benzheng.

Seeing Zhu Benzheng’s answer.

The hostess’s face fell.

He was wrong again.

Still, others’ answer was “D”, but only Zhu Benzheng chose “C”.

Only he was wrong!

The hostess secretly shook her head and sighed.

“University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine gave the wrong answer. One point will be added to other schools.”

On the third question, Zhu Benzheng was wrong again.

This moment.

Zhu Benzheng, who had already been so embarra.s.sed that his face was pale, was already sweating, and his head dropped really down to the crotch, looking ashamed.

Under the stage.

“He answered so badly. Why did he dare to partic.i.p.ate in the knowledge contest?”

“I am better than him!”

“It’s over now. A piece of mouse s.h.i.+t stirs up a whole pot of soup!”

“UJCM was disgraced this time!”

Dissatisfied whispers were even bigger.

Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen were also very speechless, and they were anxious to sweat.

This was totally different from what they thought.

What’s going on?

Actually, there was such a big loophole!

It’s too late to have a subst.i.tute.

They could only be anxious!

Jiang Miaoyu, Zhao Yancheng, and others on the stage turned their heads and looked at Zhu Benzheng. Their faces looked very awful.

“What are you doing? Can’t you answer such a simple question?”

Zhao Yancheng snapped in a low voice with a pale face.

“Come on!”

Jiang Miaoyu saw that Zhu Benzheng was a little nervous and immediately softened her voice.

Zhu Benzheng still kept his head down and did not speak.

“The oldest, come on!”

Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian under the stage also clenched their fists to cheer for Zhu Benzheng.

At this time.

“Knock! Knock! Knock!”

Three rhythmic sounds sounded.

Fang Qiu’s hand pounded on the table and said, “Relax. Calm down.”

His words were like magic.

Zhu Benzhen, who had been burying his head, suddenly trembled, as if something had been unloaded, and he relaxed a lot. He immediately looked up and looked at Fang Qiu very gratefully.

Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

When he answered the first question wrong, Fang Qiu didn’t take it to heart. He only thought that the oldest was just temporarily nervous.

After three wrong answers, he realized the seriousness of the problem.

The tension in the oldest was far beyond the imagination of them all.

After all, his previous achievements were not very good, and he was only able to get the place to partic.i.p.ate in the knowledge contest by endless efforts.

To compete with the top students of other schools in front of so many people, his psychological pressure must be very large.


When he knocked on the table, he secretly used the internal Qi. He fused the internal Qi into the rhythm of knocking the table and his voice. Like hypnosis, through the rhythm and sound, Zhu Benzheng’s tightened nerves instantly relaxed.

Zhu Benzheng took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

He looked at the hostess.

The hostess who was worried about the situation immediately noticed and said,

“The next question is a multiple choice.”

Once hearing that it was a multiple-choice question.

Everyone quickly took back their sight and calmed down to listen carefully.

Zhu Benzheng also raised his ears.

“Indications for tortoise sh.e.l.ls are:

A. Yin deficiency and internal heat, Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity, and Yin deficiency pneumatic.

B. Kidney deficiency and bone dysfunction, and Children’s fontanel incompatibility.

C. Acc.u.mulation of symptoms and Malaria chronic.u.m.

D. Yin deficiency and blood heat, collapse and failure of a firm appointment, and Hypermenorrhea.

E. Heart deficiency and palpitation, Insomnia, and Amnesia.”

“Please answer!”

After the question, everyone started to answer the question in an instant.

Five seconds pa.s.sed.

They showed their boards all at once.

Everyone’s gaze was once again concentrated on Zhu Benzheng’s answer board.


Everyone was shocked.

Fang Qiu smiled.

Students in UJCM also smiled and felt relieved.

He finally got it right.

Zhu Benzheng saw others’ answers and laughed happily.

He looked at Fang Qiu gratefully. If it’s not Fang Qiu, he would have still been nervous now.

“The correct answer is ‘ABDE’.”

The hostess announced.

The people of UJCM sighed deeply hearing the correct answer.


The entire venue sighed together, which was quite spectacular.

Chen Yinsheng and Qi Kaiwen, who were sitting in the leader’s positions, also relaxed.

This time, he did fine!

He finally got it right.

He must keep fighting!

However, while Zhu Benzheng answered correctly, other schools’ students answered wrong.

This question.

Two people actually answered the question incorrectly.

Fang Qiu looked up.

Most people’s answers were “ABDE”. Only one student at the Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine wrote “ADE”, and a student at the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine wrote “ABE”.

Zhu Benzheng’s answer board also read “ABDE”.

“University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and the university of Jingbei Chinese Medicine gave the wrong answer. One point will be added to other schools.”

The hostess announced.

Hearing that.

The people in the audience once again breathed a sigh of relief.

He finally got a point.

On the stage.

Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu smiled at Zhu Benzheng and continued to cheer him up.

Zhao Yancheng had no expression on his face.

The compet.i.tion continued.


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