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Chapter 837 – Demonic Sea

A scale in Yang Feng’s hand suddenly became hot and radiated light.

In the distance, there are rays of light flying this way.

The Red Mountain Bone Monster and the other four Infinity Warlocks appeared in here one after another.

Excitement flashed in Petrel Feathers’ eyes, and he said in a deep voice: “This Black Emperor Realm is indeed a treasure. There are so many Infinity Warlock rank archG.o.ds. Moreover, none of them know how to make use of their power. If all of them are killed, it will amount to a tremendous wealth.”

Infinity Warlock rank archG.o.ds are far inferior to the core world’s human Warlocks in terms of fighting strength. However, the blood of Infinity Warlock rank archG.o.ds is of immense worth. If all the blood of an Infinity Warlock rank archG.o.d is extracted and refined, it is possible to create an Infinity Warlock rank ArchG.o.d Bloodline Warlock family.

Infinity Warlock rank archG.o.ds can be seen everywhere in the Black Emperor Realm. Although they have formidable innate abilities, but so long as human Warlocks, who are proficient in countless spells, are careful, they can hunt the archG.o.ds one by one and transform them into immense wealth.

The Red Moon Fairy uttered solemnly: “If the Taboo Dynasty obtains the Black Emperor Realm, then with their research on the power of bloodline, they might be able to create a couple of Warlock Monarch rank archG.o.ds. However, these archG.o.ds are of little benefit for our cultivation. Moreover, there are also top-notch powerhouses among the archG.o.ds. We may be wiped out if not careful. I recommend that we think of a way to steal the empyrean origin force, and then leave this place.”

The bloodline of Infinity Warlock rank archG.o.ds can indeed be exchanged for a huge amount of resources. However, resources useful to powerhouses above the Bright World Warlock rank are all priceless. It is extremely difficult to exchange archG.o.d bloodline for such resources.

But empyrean origin force is different. No matter what secret method they cultivate, so long as they can absorb empyrean origin force, Warlocks will get a huge upgrade.

The other Infinity Warlocks nodded when they heard the Red Moon Fairy’s words.

“Let’s go!”

The Red Moon Fairy shouted softly, turned into a stream of light, and flew towards the large hole that was blasted open in the Holy Pulse Mountain.

Yang Feng and the others followed suit.

The Holy Pulse Mountain is the center and the core of the Black Emperor Realm. With the methods that the Red Moon Fairy and the others wield, it is extremely difficult to enter the Holy Pulse Mountain. The quickest way is for them to sneak in from the place where the Holy Pulse Mountain is broken.

Before long, a huge and unfathomably deep fist-shaped hole appeared in front of Yang Feng and his party.

From within the fist-shaped hole, there are wisps of queer demonic qi radiating.

That queer demonic qi intertwined with the surrounding life magic energy and formed all kinds of weird phenomena.

Countless grotesque spirit bodies suddenly took shape and uttering miserable screams.

Once a being below the Moonlight Warlock rank hears the screams of the queer spirit bodies, their soul will shatter, and they will die.

The countless weird spirit bodies possess terrifying power, and they can even tear Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses to pieces.

Yang Feng and his party are all Infinity Warlocks. As a result, the countless spirit bodies, which can kill Moonlight Warlocks, shattered to pieces before they can even get close to them.

As soon as they entered the Holy Pulse Mountain, a sea of demonic qi extending without end appeared before Yang Feng and company.

The demonic sea churns and roils. The laws of heaven and earth above the demonic sea have distorted, forming an unstable s.p.a.ce.

The currents of black air and dense demonic qi give off a chilling impression at first sight.

Petrel Feathers extended his hand, and a feather suddenly flew out, transformed into a Great Warlock rank petrel, and flew towards the demonic sea.

Not long after the petrel has flown above the demonic sea, it suddenly trembled and, as if it lost all its power, fell into the demonic sea.

The demonic qi roiled slightly, and the petrel disappeared into the demonic sea.

Petrel Feathers said solemnly: “We cannot fly above the demonic sea. The laws of heaven and earth in the s.p.a.ce above the demonic sea are in chaos. Unless we a.n.a.lyze the chaotic laws, we won’t be able to fly.”

As they gazed at the demonic qi churning in the demonic sea, the Infinity Warlocks present creased their eyebrows tightly, and their eyes flashed with graveness.

Infinity Warlocks possess terrifying perception ability. Even though the Red Moon Fairy and the others have not made contact with the demonic sea, they can still faintly sense the terror hidden inside.

In the world of Warlocks, there are many weird, outrageous, and unimaginable things. Take the water of the rive Styx as example, as long as there is no direct contact, then even Moonlight Warlocks can use spells to resist it. But once a single drop of the water touches the fleshly body, then even Infinity Warlocks will have their soul cleansed of all memories, and turn into a walking corpse.

Since the demonic sea gives off an extremely dangerous feeling, the Infinity Warlocks present are not willing to touch it lightly.

“I’ll give it a try!”

The Red Mountain Bone Monster spoke in a hoa.r.s.e voice. He inserted a hand inside his body, pulled out a bone inscribed with various runes, and tossed it towards the demonic sea.

The bone distorted, changed into a weird s.h.i.+p formed from demonic qi, and landed on the surface of the demonic sea.

The weird s.h.i.+p swayed slightly and floated atop the demonic sea.

“My Demonic Bone s.h.i.+p can withstand the erosion of the demonic sea!”

The Red Mountain Bone Monster’s eyes gleamed for a while, and then he took a step forward and boarded the s.h.i.+p.

The eyes of the Red Moon Fairy and the other Infinity Warlocks flickered with enigmatic light, and they boarded the s.h.i.+p as well.

When the 6 people boarded the s.h.i.+p, 18 bone arms extended from the s.h.i.+p, with each bone arm holding a paddle, and started rowing.

The s.h.i.+p headed for the depths of the demonic sea

Suddenly, the demonic sea churned and roiled, then its surface burst open, and countless skeletons and decaying bodies emerged.

Since the undead that appeared on the surface of the demonic sea are mostly the remains of archG.o.ds, they all look grotesque.

Radiating stench and resentment, the undead rushed towards the demonic s.h.i.+p.

“Come down!”


“Flesh, I want the flesh of the living!”


Thoughts poured out from the countless undead, gushed towards Yang Feng and the others like a tide, and slammed into their sea of knowledge.

“Humph, a bunch of ants!”

The Petrel Feathers smiled coldly, chanted an incantation, put on a ring, and pointed at the undead.

The flame ring flashed, and a flame suddenly spewed out, turned into a sea of fire, and covered a large area full of undead.

Many undead were burned to ashes inside the sea of fire.

The Red Moon Fairy took out a sacred light ring, put it on, and pointed at the undead, and sacred light submerged the undead and purified them.

The remaining Infinity Warlocks also used secret treasures and cast powerful area of effect spells to purify the undead.

With the 6 Infinity Warlocks joining forces, the undead that covered the demonic sea were purified completely.

Suddenly, the demonic sea tumbled and roiled, and a huge tail full of sharp bone spurs shot towards the bone s.h.i.+p from the seabed.


The Red Mountain Bone Monster frantically stimulated his life force, and countless runes appeared on the bone s.h.i.+p. A black magic s.h.i.+eld suddenly appeared and blocked beneath the bone s.h.i.+p.

The huge tail full of sharp bone spurs slammed into the magic s.h.i.+eld and easily smashed, and then blasted the bone s.h.i.+p into countless pieces.

Yang Feng and the other five people were forced to jump into the air.

Yang Feng a.n.a.lyzed calmly: “The laws are in chaos. There should have been a fight between peerless powerhouses here, and they must have smashed the laws of this s.p.a.ce to pieces. To be able to fly here, you have to use the power of a small world inside you!”

Human Infinity Warlocks with a small world inside them can exert terrifying power in different worlds. This is one of the advantages that puts Infinity Warlocks who have formed a small world inside them far above Infinity Warlocks who haven’t formed a small world inside them.

With a flick of the Petrel Feathers’ finger, feathers flew out and transforming into petrels. He stepped on the petrels that appeared one after another and escaped into the distance.

The Red Moon Fairy waved her fair hand, and a handkerchief suddenly extending towards the distance. She walked on the handkerchief.

The Snake Ancestor, who has countless snakes as hair, flicked his finger, and 10,000-meter-long snake leather ejected. He jumped onto the the snake leather and disappeared.

The Red Mountain Bone Monster decomposed into three red skeletons. The three red skeletons threw one red bone after another. Whenever a red bone was thrown into the air, it transformed into a new skeleton, while the original red skeleton disappeared.

The Transcendent Eyes decomposed into eyes, which shot in different directions like artillery sh.e.l.ls.

When Yang Feng saw this scene, he smiled slightly, ran a secret method, turned into a black shadow, and jumped into the shadow of the Red Moon Fairy’s handkerchief.

The demonic sea churned, and a fierce breath suddenly erupted. A head that is only composed of a maw full of sharp, serrated teeth suddenly burst out of the demonic sea, opened its maw, and shot to engulf the Petrel Feathers.


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