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Chapter 812 – Demon Ancestor

“We Green Mountain Six Demons wants a share of that treasure!”

Six black shadows flew out from the side, and six ugly strangers with different strange blades in hand appeared at the edge of the large cave formed by the meteorite and stared at Yang Feng with greed in their eyes.

The low grade magic crystal in Yang Feng’s hand is emitting traces of life magic energy.

The martial arts masters have sharp senses and strength far beyond that of ordinary people. When they came to the edge of the large cave, they felt the inner force inside them increase slowly. And the treasure that increased their inner force is the low grade magic crystal in Yang Feng’s hand.

Young Master Yuemo looked deeply at the six ugly strangers with different strange blades with apprehension in his eyes and said solemnly: “Green Mountain Six Demons. You six do indeed have the qualifications to get a share.”

Each one of the Green Mountain Six Demons is a pinnacle Innate realm expert and has cultivated a set of strange techniques. When the six team up, they can even kill a Grandmaster realm expert. On their own, the Green Mountain Six Demons are only first-rate experts. But when the six team up, they are equivalent to an apex expert.

Wary of the Green Mountain Six Demons, Young Master Yuemo doesn’t want to complicate things. He just wants to seize the low grade magic crystal away from Yang Feng as soon as possible.

“Myriad Flowers Temple’s Temple Master has arrived! Idlers, retreat!”

Flowers suddenly emerged in the sky. Eight beautiful girls dressed in white, carrying a luxurious litter, which is made of silver, studded with countless diamonds, and enveloped by a curtain of pearls, arrived.

There are dozens of very good-looking female swordsmen guarding the litter. The female swordsman in white at the front is gorgeous and has an unearthly temperament. She is a top-shelf beauty.

A dozen plus girls thirteen or fourteen years old, with flower baskets in hand, using extraordinary agility techniques, are jumping about and scattering flower petals.

The girls and the rain of flower petals form a beautiful scenery.

“The Myriad Flowers Temple’s Temple Master!”

But when Young Master Yuemo, the One-eyed Demon Hunchback, and the Green Mountain Six Demons saw this scene, they looked at the luxurious litter with apprehension in their eyes.

The Myriad Flowers Temple is one of the best among the Seven Demonic Path Sects. The Myriad Flowers Temple’s Temple Master is recognized as one of the five most beautiful girls in the Martial World. At the same time, she is the strongest and most vicious beauty of the demonic path.

The Great Zhou Empire’s Great Grandmaster Blade King Qian Kuangren was undefeated throughout his life. But then he fell in love with the Myriad Flowers Temple’s Temple Master and died at her hands. Additionally, at least twenty Grandmaster experts died at the hands of the Myriad Flowers Temple’s Temple Master.

The female swordsman dressed in white smiled slightly, took a step forward, and said flatly, a fragrance wafting out from her: “Gentlemen, that man is a fugitive slave from our Myriad Flowers Temple who stole some treasures from our temple! I ask you all to give the Myriad Flowers Temple face and let us take him away.”

Young Master Yuemo narrowed his eyes as he looked at the beautiful female swordsman and replied unhurriedly: “Lagerstroemia, the leader of the Myriad Flowers Temple’s Ten Flowers?”

In addition to the mysterious, powerful, and beautiful Temple Master, the Myriad Flowers Temple still has the Ten Flowers.

Everyone in the Ten Flowers is an extremely rare and remarkable beauty and a martial arts expert, and the weakest among them are full circle Innate realm experts. They are all true disciples of the Myriad Flowers Temple.

Lagerstroemia of the Ten Flowers is even more impressive. Reportedly, she has already reached the pinnacle Grandmaster realm, only a step away from stepping into the mystic and mysterious Great Grandmaster realm.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, what a coincidence to see you here. For you to come here so rapidly, you must have schemed something.”

A dull voice came from above and entered everyone’s ears.

Reverend Lingkong, his robe bulging, is heading this way while treading on air like an Immortal.

“Reverend Lingkong!”

“Wu Lingkong!”


The countenance of the demonic path experts present changed drastically, and fear s.h.i.+mmered in their eyes.

For Young Master Yuemo, the One-eyed Demon Hunchback, the Green Mountain Six Demons, and the Myriad Flower Temple’s experts to gather here, this naturally is not a coincidence.

Li Wujian and Wu Lingkong are well-known masters of the orthodox path. After their fight, when they are weakened, if they can be slayed, then it’ll be a great loss for the orthodox path. Additionally, the demonic path experts who gathered here either have enmity with Li Wujian or Wu Lingkong.

Young Master Yuemo looked at Reverend Lingkong, who is high in the sky, with killing intent in his eyes. All of a sudden, his ears moved slightly, and he gritted his teeth and shouted: “Fire!”

The Black Moon Guards suddenly raised the crossbows in their hands and fired bolts at Wu Lingkong in midair.

Forty plus black crossbow bolts shot towards Wu Lingkong like raindrops and sealed his s.p.a.ce of evasion completely.

“What a vicious move! Let me return them to you!”

Wu Lingkong waved his sleeve. Swept by his inner force, the forty plus black bolts turned in midair and flew back towards the Black Moon Guards. In a flash, a dozen plus Black Moon Guards were run through, and they fell on the ground and issued miserable screams.

“So strong! So this is the strength of a Great Grandmaster!”

When the demonic path experts saw this scene, their complexion changed drastically, and wariness flashed in their eyes

Wu Lingkong gently floated down, light like a feather. When he landed at the edge of the large cave that Yang Feng blasted open, he looked behind Yang Feng curiously, completely ignoring the demonic path experts.

Leaves with traces of sword qi appeared in the sky. Li Wujian, treading on the leaves, walked through the air like a Sword Immortal before landing slowly.

“Martial arts experts, interesting! My name is Great Sky Demon, no, this name is not aggressive enough. Right, my name is Demon Ancestor. I am going to establish the Myriad Demons Temple today. Originally, your cultivation base is not enough for you to be my subordinates. But since you and my Myriad Demons Temple are brought by fate, then I’ll let you join the Myriad Demons Temple and become my servants!”

Unlike the other people, Yang Feng gazed at Li Wujian not with a look of shock, but with a smile, and then strode towards the location of Young Master Yuemo.

A fierce gleam flashed in the eyes of Young Master Yuemo, and he smiled frigidly and shouted sternly: “Demon Ancestor? You’re talking big! Let me send you to h.e.l.l to be the Demon Ancestor! Fire!”

Among Young Master Yuemo’s four personal guards, a person suddenly stepped forward, pointed at Yang Feng with a crossbow, and fired a bolt.

Wu Lingkong and Li Wujian only frowned slightly, but didn’t stop Young Master Yuemo’s personal guard. Yang Feng calls himself the Demon Ancestor and wants to accept them as his subordinates. Even though they have extraordinary bearing and are broad-minded, but they are understandably displeased.


Amid a sharp sound of metal striking metal, the crossbow bolt stabbed Yang Feng in the forehead, and then rebounded aside and fell on the ground.

“No injury!”

“Not even a trace! How can this be?”

“That’s a military grade crossbow than can even kill a Grandmaster! Even a Great Grandmaster, who has practiced their techniques to the pinnacle, cannot withstand that crossbow. How was he able to stop it, and with no traces of injury, to boot?”


Seeing this scene, the orthodox and demonic path experts were dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes.

The countenance of Young Master Yuemo suddenly changed dramatically, and he screamed: “Fire, everyone, fire at once!”

The forty plus Black Moon Guards, who have already replaced their crossbow bolts, pointed at Yang Feng, and a rain of bolts shot towards him like raindrops.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Along with ringing sounds, the crossbow bolts. .h.i.t Yang Feng, and then bent, rebounded, and issued the sound of metal striking metal.

“Right, it’s hard to make you submit without showing you the gap in strength between us. Okay, feast your eyes on the gap between us.”

Yang Feng smiled and blew air, and a sword of air formed and swept towards the forty plus Black Moon Guards.

In an instant, a b.l.o.o.d.y line appeared on the forty plus Black Moon Guards. When the wind blew over, they spit in two, and a large amount of blood sprayed out and spilled on the ground.

“Killing by blowing air! Besides, it was from 100 meters away and forty plus people. He isn’t a human, he’s definitely not a human! He’s a monster, a monster!”

Face ashen, lips purple, trembling all over, the ferocious One-eyed Demon Hunchback suddenly turned around, yelled, and ran away like mad.

“Did I say that you can leave?”

Yang Feng frowned, then flicked a finger, and a shock wave instantly shot out and slammed into the One-eyed Demon Hunchback’s head. Just like this, the head of the majestic martial arts expert One-eyes Demon Hunchback exploded.

Seeing this scene, the faces of most of the experts of the two paths turned pale white, they trembled, and fear flashed in their eyes.

To be able to kill a Grandmaster realm expert from hundreds of meters away by blowing air or flicking a finger, only ancient Transcendents of legend can accomplish such a feat.

Young Master Yuemo, rather astutely, knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Yang Feng, kowtowed until he drew blood, and said respectfully: “I, Yuemo, greet you, Lord Demon Ancestor. I am willing to join the Myriad Demons Temple and serve you, ancestor!”

“Kid, you’re clever. Originally, I wanted to kill you, to make an example out of you. However, since I currently lack manpower, I can barely spare your life.”

Yang Feng smiled, took a step forward, and directly crossed a distance of 100 meters. Next, he touched the forehead of Young Master Yuemo, and a strange brand entered the other party.


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