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78 – Bathing In Dragon Blood

Yang Feng obtained a lot of knowledge through great efforts in his studies at Warlock College Antalya. He was well aware of the dangers of signing a soul contract with those formidable beings from different planes.

Those terrifying beings that could leap across planes and interact with the World of Warlocks were all terrifying experts of at least the Great Warlock rank. The souls of such terrifying experts were also exceedingly strong. Mortals wis.h.i.+ng to sign a master-servant agreement with them was simply courting their own deaths.

In Warlocks’ records, there were a lot of cases of formidable beings signing master-servant contracts with mortals, pretending to be servants of those mortals, tempt those humans to summon them into this world via a blood sacrifice or a variety of other sinister rituals. Then under the despairing gaze of their ‘Masters’, directly torture and kill those mortals.

Only formidable beings that were at least at the Great Warlock rank, only they might be able of employing the master-servant contract to bind such powerful and terrifying beings comparable to Starry Sky Warlocks.1

If Yang Feng coveted Veidarnia’s power and signed a master-servant contract with it, then instead, he would be extremely easily devoured by it.

Veidarnia roared painfully and waved its giant claws, directly smas.h.i.+ng several dozens of mechanical Bladed-troops to pieces: “Spare me, I wield a large amount of knowledge. The knowledge is enough to let you directly promote to a Great Warlock rank expert!”

Yang Feng gave a cold laugh: “I just want you to die!”

Finished speaking, regardless of how Veidarnia pleaded, how it threatened or how it tempted, Yang Feng didn’t said another word. He sneered and ordered the practically inexhaustible amount of Bladed-troops to attack Veidarnia.

The frenzied battle lasted for five days and five nights. 200,000 Bladed-troops were directly destroyed by Veidarnia, the wreckage of mechanical Bladed-troops could be seen everywhere within the s.p.a.ce.

“f.u.c.king beast! Lowly male human, if I hadn’t been heavily injured nor sealed, then even if you mobilized such a large amount of trash-like mechanical golems, you definitely wouldn’t by my opponent!!”

The whole body covered in blood and riddled with scars, Veidarnia was lying p.r.o.ne on the ground, panting heavily, uttering extremely painful laments. The locust-like Bladed-troops were all over its body.

The Bladed-troops continuously bored into Veidarnia’s wound via their drill bits, they bored into its flesh and wrecked its body.

After ceaselessly battling for five days and five nights, Veidarnia’s stamina and power were almost exhausted, it could only powerlessly look in pain as those Bladed-troops wrecked its body.

“That’s right, Starry Sky Warlock rank extraordinary life forms are really formidable and dreadful. If you were at your peak condition, then I definitely wouldn’t be your opponent. But there are no ifs, therefore, die!”

Through the life force radar, Yang Feng was clearly aware of the gradual weakening of Veidarnia’s life force, Yang Feng eventually revealed a trace of a smile.

Under the siege of the 500,000 Bladed-troops comparable to level-1 Warlocks, the seriously wounded as well as sealed Veidarnia still managed to get rid of 200,000 of them. Such terrifying battle prowess made Yang Feng speechless. Without the mechanical legion, even in its current seriously wounded condition, Veidarnia could still casually kill someone with a level-3 Apprentice Warlock cultivation.

Veidarnia coughed a mouthful of blood, tears of blood flowed out of its dug out eyes, it asked full of hatred and malice: “Petty human, what’s your name? Let me know the name of the one who killed the Great Veidarnia!”

Yang Feng said with a laugh: “Formidable beings like devils and fiends can curse one via one’s name! Moreover, personally saying one’s true name has the greatest effect. Veidarnia, you are really remarkable. However, you will certainly die.”

Amidst Black Cottage’s legacy, taboos on how to deal with devils and fiends were recorded. One of them was precisely to never reveal one’s name in front of devils or fiends, unless one has the strength to crash them or a secret treasure to defend against their curse. Once one personally revealed one’s true name to those treacherous and wicked beings, then those wicked beings could via the true name cast a vicious curse. The most vicious curses could even extend through several tens or several hundreds of generations.

“Lowly ant, you are so careful! I curse you to have a horrible death! I curse your female descendants to be prost.i.tutes for generations and your male descendants to be slaves for generations.”

“I curse you, so that in your entire lifetime, you won’t be able to promote to a Warlock!”


Veidarnia spat vicious curses, yet it didn’t had whatever effect, it was merely its venting.

“I don’t want to die … I really don’t want to die …” Along with a wretched lament, Veidarnia finally drooped its head powerlessly and became a corpse.

Veidarnia died, the formidable life force shrouding its body immediately disappeared, the Bladed-troops quickly dug out its heart.

Veidarnia’s heart was the size of a house, even though it was dead, yet its heart still didn’t loose its vitality, it was still unceasingly beating. Every beat would drain large amounts of the dragon’s heart blood.

Those Bladed-troops quickly stored the heart in reinforced gla.s.s and quickly mowed it outside.

The reinforced gla.s.s was quickly mowed out of the Gloom Cave’s headquarters and arrived before Yang Feng.

A Bladed-troop at once removed the helmets of Yang Feng, s.h.i.+ Xue and Eunice.

Yang Feng quickly stripped off his clothes and at once jumped inside the reinforced gla.s.s with the dragon heart.2

“Ah! It hurts!!!!”

Yang Feng soaked in the pool of dragon blood, his skin was quickly corroding and festering, as if being splashed by sulfuric acid. Immense pain came from his skin, making him utter mournful and miserable screams.

A dragon’s blood had the terrifying effect of evolving a mortal into a an extraordinary life form. But ordinary mortals, they were unable to bear the enormous power in the dragon’s blood. If mortals under the Knight rank were to be sprayed with the dragon’s blood, their only outcome would be death. The stronger the effect of the dragon’s heart blood, the greater would be the resulting power.

s.h.i.+ Xue also stripped off her clothing and at once jumped inside the pool of the dragon’s heart blood. Watching Yang Feng’s painful expression, her thin eyebrows slightly wrinkled. She pointed with a jade finger and the Micro Treatment Spell immediately fell onto Yang Feng’s body.

When Yang Feng was brushed by the Micro Treatment Spell, he felt slightly better, but then in the next moment, the stabbing pain once again spread everywhere, as if his entire body was being molten.

Yang Feng at once operated Magic Note’s t.i.tan Method, his entire body appeared to be changing to that of a t.i.tan. His muscles were stretched taut, frantically swallowing the blood-meridian essence of the dragon’s heart blood and merging it into his body.

Under the strengthening from the Magic Note’s t.i.tan Method, Yang Feng’s body experienced cycles of breaking and mending. After each cycle of breaking and mending, his flesh and meridians would become even more robust.

1 – ‘Star Warlock’ was changed to ‘Starry Sky Warlock’

2 – Yang Feng’s body was supposed to be in some undisclosed location …


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