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503 – Riftwind Canyon

Looked at this scene through a crystal ball from afar, Mei Yiyi’s face turned pale, her heart filled with fear, and she whispered: “So strong! This Feng Yang is so strong!”

His expression unsightly, Zhang Xuan rejoiced in his heart. If he hadn’t escaped that place with Luo Mingyan, he would be dead along with the others at this moment.

After Yang Feng started killing, many Starry Sky Warlocks have surrendered to him, but they were killed all the same.

There were countless treasures in the Brilliant Ancient Capital. These Starry Sky Warlocks have collected a lot of treasures these days. As they coveted Yang Feng’ treasure, he also wouldn’t let their treasures go.

Zhang Xuan turned to look at Luo Mingyan who was also staring at the crystal ball with a pale face, and a burning glow flashed in his eyes: “Junior Disciple Sister Ming’s innate ability to sense danger is really amazing. If she hadn’t noticed the danger, we would all be dead at this point.”

Luo Mingyan was not only Luo Feng’s daughter, but after being born, she awakened the innate ability Danger Perception not unlike many powerful extraordinary life forms.

Whenever a threat to her life was about to arrive, Luo Mingyan will perceive it in advance and make an appropriate response. It was for this reason that Luo Feng let his precious daughter come to the Brilliant Ancient Capital to look for opportunities.

Luo Mingyan’s beautiful eyes flashed with a peculiar light: “Astounding. He actually killed more than 40 Starry Sky Warlocks, how astounding. The true disciples of the Ten Great Sects aren’t all idiots.”

True disciples of the Great Cloud Dynasty’s Ten Great Sects have also traveled to the Luo Feng Mainland, but they were far inferior to Luo Mingyan in terms of strength, which made her look down on their ilk.

Mei Yiyi sighed faintly and said: “The Great Cloud Dynasty’s Ten Great Sects are worthy of their reputation. He’s just a junior Starry Sky Warlock, yet he was able to kill more than 40 Starry Sky Warlocks, very skillfully to boot! How fearsome! It seems that the rumor that he has already formed a virtual world isn’t false!”

“Virtual world!” As soon as Zhang Xuan heard this term, his heart stirred and filled with a scorching fire.

Powerhouses who formed a virtual world were unparalleled in the same rank. The master of the Luo Feng Mainland Luo Feng has the support of the entire Luo Feng Mainland, yet he still hasn’t formed a virtual world. This ill.u.s.trates the difficulty involved in forming a virtual world.

Zhang Xuan’s gaze fell on Luo Mingyan, a complicated look in his eyes: “If there’s anyone among us who has a chance to form a virtual world, then it should be her.”

With her superior level-7 soul apt.i.tude, Luo Mingyan would be regarded as a genius even in the Battle Demon Sect. After all, level-8 soul apt.i.tude was monstrous. In the Battle Demon Sect, only s.h.i.+ Xue has a level-8 soul apt.i.tude.

Zhang Xuan spoke suddenly: “Let’s go! After this, if he’s filled with bloodl.u.s.t, it will spell out trouble.”

Luo Mingyan hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement.

Although she was curious about Yang Feng, but she didn’t want to risk her life to contact Yang Feng.

Several Starry Sky Warlocks hiding in the distance cast various spells and ran away. They didn’t dare to sneak-attack Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pressed the dimensional badge and released the level-2 mobile fortified stronghold, and scanning ripples spread out in all directions searching for treasures in the surroundings.

Within the area of dozens of kilometers in radius, there were no precious extraordinary plants. Obviously, the life magic energy in the vicinity was all extracted by the Scarlet Immortal Black Mist Lotus.

In a given area, the more precious and powerful the extraordinary plants were, the fewer they were in number. In places were there was a monarch grade or holy grade extraordinary plant, there won’t be any second precious extraordinary plant. Such extraordinary plants absorb all the nutrients in the surroundings to strengthen themselves.

After scanning the area, Yang Feng sat on a flying carpet and flew towards the depths of the Brilliant Ancient Capital.

This mountainous area was just the outer part of the Brilliant Ancient Capital. There was still the wind, fire, water, and earth areas to cross before he could enter the true Brilliant Ancient Capital.

The Riftwind Canyon was the only way to enter the Desert of Wind.

“Finally here, the Riftwind Canyon, the entrance to the Desert of Wind.” When Zhang Xuan’s group of five arrived at the Riftwind Canyon, they looked at the yellow wind blowing from the center of the canyon, and their eyes revealed a look of excitement.

The four areas the Desert o Wind, the Mountain of Fire, the Sea of Ice, and the Land of Gravity were the only way to go to the Brilliant Ancient Capital. Of course, these four areas weren’t so easy to pa.s.s. Each time the Brilliant Ancient Capital was opened, more than 100,000 Starry Sky Warlocks enter it, but less than 20 people can really reach the Brilliant Ancient Capital each time.

“Stop! If you want to enter the Riftwind Canyon, hand over all your treasures!” Zhang Xuan and company have just gotten close to the Riftwind Canyon, when the auras of more than 30 Starry Sky Warlocks burst out from around the Riftwind Canyon. Zhang Xuan’s group of five were surrounded. A pet.i.te, emaciated quasi-Moonlight Warlock in black looking like a refugee stepped out and shouted loudly.

Luo Mingyan’s face flickered, her gaze swept the surroundings, and her heart s.h.i.+vered. Among the more than 30 Starry Sky Warlocks that surrounded them, there were 10 quasi-Moonlight Warlocks, and the rest were either advanced Starry Sky Warlocks or pinnacle Starry Sky Warlocks.

The combined strength of the more than 30 Starry Sky Warlocks was far stronger than that of Luo Mingyan and them. Even the always arrogant and overbearing her had to reluctantly suppress her temper. After all, she was just a tsundere [1], not a fool.

Zhang Xuan performed a martial salutation: “I am Zhang Xuan, the eldest personal disciple of the Bright World Warlock Luo Feng, the master of the Luo Feng Mainland. Please give me face and let us pa.s.s. In the future, if you ever come to the Luo Feng Mainland, I will try my best to entertain you and let you all have a good time!”

“Bright World Warlock!” When the more than 30 Starry Sky Warlocks heard this term, their faces suddenly changed dramatically, and fear s.h.i.+mmered in their eyes.

Bright World Warlocks were powerful existences comparable to intermediate divine force rank G.o.ds. A Bright World Warlock could wipe out the more than 30 Starry Sky Warlocks with a single blow.

The complexion of the Warlock in black changed, and he showed a flattering smile: “So it’s Zhang Xuan, the eldest disciple of the Bright World Warlock Luo Feng. Sorry, I didn’t recognize you! My name is Lu Dajiao, a rogue Warlock from the Gale Mainland. It’s my pleasure to meet a genius like you. Let’s have a drink, get to know each other, and make friends. And then I’ll let you in, okay? Give me face!”

There was a flash of scorn in Zhang Xuan’s eyes. In the Luo Feng Mainland, after hearing his name, the Warlocks who wanted to carry favor with him would reveal the same expression as the one Lu Dajiao did.

For the rogue Warlocks, to carry favor with a personal disciple of a Bright World Warlock was equivalent to an extra background. Naturally, there were countless rogue Warlocks who came to carry favor with Zhang Xuan and his party.

Zhang Xuan suppressed the impatience in her heart and reluctantly revealed a smile: “Okay! I’ll have a few drinks with you.”

With a wave of the hand of a Starry Sky Warlock, a drawing flew out, and a set of tables and chairs as well as beautiful women flew out of the drawing. Acting as maids, the beautiful women quickly set up an elegant pavilion suitable for banquets.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Xuan’s eyes brightened, and he took a seat and praised: “This is an Immortal Feast Drawing. I didn’t expect you to have this secret treasure.”

The Immortal Feast Drawing was a kind of secret treasure developed for feasts. The drawing had the souls of 108 beautiful women sealed inside. The bodies of the women were crafted from treasures similar to Fuso Wood and sealed inside the drawing. Once you wanted to hold a banquet, you can release those beautiful woman and have them serve as maids.

Because Immortal Feast Drawings were too cruel, you had to use the souls of leaving people to refine them, they have been banned in the Great Cloud Dynasty. There weren’t many Immortal Feast Drawings circulating.

When he saw the Immortal Feast Drawing, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help bu be tempted by it.

Lu Dajiao smiled straightforwardly and raised his gla.s.s and drained it in one go: “That’s right. As expected from someone of a prestigious background! You’re really knowledgeable, Senior Disciple Brother Zhang! If you fancy this Immortal Feast Drawing, then I’ll give it to you after we finish drinking, Senior Disciple Brother Zhang. Come, I’ll empty my gla.s.s first to show my respect!”

Zhang Xuan first cast a few detection spells on the gla.s.s. After ascertaining that there wasn’t anything amiss, he felt rea.s.sured, and emptied the gla.s.s.

Luo Mingyan and the others also cast several detection spells on the drinks and food. After confirming that there were no abnormalities, they began to eat and drink.

Seeing this, Lu Dajiao showed a weird smile, then his left hand shook slightly, and he made a hand gesture.

Black rays shot out of the back of the chairs Zhang Xuan and them were sitting on, turned into five afterimages, and stabbed towards Zhang Xuan’s group of five.

Zhang Xuan, Luo Mingyan, and Mei Yiyi radiated light, and trigger magic s.h.i.+elds suddenly appeared.

The five black rays stabbed into the magic s.h.i.+elds like shooting stars, broke through the s.h.i.+elds, and pierced into their bodies.

Black curse marks spread along the bodies of Zhang Xuan’s groups of five people and locked their life forces completely, leaving them unable to move.

[1] – Tsundere


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