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111 – Bombardment

“Take them down!” Bisca saw the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft and the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters suddenly appear in the sky and her eyes flashed with a touch of unease before yelling out an order.

With dark elf archers on their backs, the sixty Hippogryphs quickly flew towards the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters. They had confidence in taking down those Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters as there were merely 15 of those steel lumps.

Those Hippogryphs had just moved, when the fifteen extremely nimble tank-like Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters immediately launched. Their shapes changed as they spread a pair of wings with accelerating jets underneath ejecting a strong flow of air. Their speed increased greatly, turning into fifteen fighter-like heavy-duty a.s.sault helicopters.

The speed of the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters suddenly soared up to half the speed of sound after their shapes changed. Their cannons rumbled, countless sh.e.l.ls forming a terrifying barrage bombarding the Hippogryph Knights.

A Hippogryph Knight was. .h.i.t by a 37,5 mm sh.e.l.l in the chest and his upper body was directly blown into pieces.

The head of a Hippogryph Knight’s Hippogryph was. .h.i.t before directly bursting open, propelling the Hippogryph Knight to fall to the ground.

Countless blood blossoms sputtered as the Hippogryph Knights burst one after another and then fell from mid-air.

Those Hippogryph Knights were the peak archers from among the dark elves. They displayed their terrifying skills in archery and their arrows even hit the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters amidst their high speed movements. But it wasn’t any different from trowing eggs at them as the arrows were unable to breach the thick tank-like armor of the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters. The arrows could only get stuck in the armor of the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters without any way to cause any substantial damage.

“Long live, long live the Lord!!”

“Kill them!! Kill those freaks!”

“Long live the Lord!!”


On the ground, the humans watching this scene at once burst into earth-shaking cheers. Even blockheads knew that only their new Lord could have sent those formidable alchemical weapons to help them.

The complexions of many warriors from the allied forces of the under world’s races at once became extremely unsightly after seeing this scene.

The roof of a Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopter opened and a dais holding Yang Feng was raised to the level of the helicopter’s roof. Simultaneously, countless loudspeakers extended from the roof of the Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopter.

Yang Feng looked at Baza City’s military and civilians down below and said faintly: “I’m Rex, the new lord of Satsuma Marquisdom. Henceforth, you all are my people and are eligible to receive my protection. I’ll fulfill my duty as a Lord and protect you as long as you’re loyal to me.”

Under the effect from the loudspeakers, the military and civilians in the entire Baza City had clearly heard Yang Feng’s words.

“Long live the Lord Rex!!”

“Long live the mighty Lord Rex!!”

“Long live the Lord Rex, long live forever and ever!!”


Earth-shaking cheers praising Yang Feng were once again emitted from within Baza City.

“As for my enemies, they’ll be destroyed!”

Countless humans cheered within Baza City as Yang Feng pointed towards the thirty driders.

The fifteen Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopters successively shot their air-to-surface missiles.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following frightening noises, the thirty driders were blown to smithereens.

Seeing the thirty driders being crushed one by one, the complexions of the warriors from the allied forces of the under world’s races became more and more unsightly.

The fifty Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft immediately landed on Baza City’s city wall. Level-4 primary battle robots successively unloaded self-propelled artillery, stationary artillery, laser artillery battery, rocket artillery, howitzers, heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft cannons and many other weapons from the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft and then mounted them above the city wall.

Yang Feng overlooked the many warriors of Baza City’s down below, just like a G.o.d, and said in a heavy voice: “Warriors of Baza City, go back to your posts. Fight to protect your home!”

“For Rex Daren, for our home. Brothers, let’s pick up our arms and fight!” Ares lifted his battle blade and roared loudly.




The human warriors of Baza City at once lifted their arms and roared loudly with their moral roused before walking towards their positions along a heaven shaking clamor.

There was no lack of brave people among Baza City’s human warriors. But without the support of Warlocks they were as defenseless as unarmed ordinary people against fully armed special forces. They finally regained their battle spirit now that Yang Feng arrived with a large amount of weapons as support.

Yang Feng jumped down from above Falcon Heavy-Duty a.s.sault Helicopter. Standing above the city wall, his cold and indifferent gaze fell on the distant allied forces of the dark elves.

Bisca hesitated slightly before gritting her teeth and ordering: “Attack!”

The moment after Bisca gave her order, a crowd of cavemen without any eyes at once poured out from among the allied forces of the under world’s races

The cavemen’s features entailed a height of approximately 1.4 meters and an enormous head without any eyes. They could only move by relying on their hearing as well as their cavemen leader’s spiritual force guiding them. The reproduction ability of those cavemen was terrifying. A female caveman could reproduce up to several hundred times a year as long as there was an adequate supply of food. They had low strength, low intelligence and were the lowest existences in the under world as well as the best cannon fodder. A fully armed human warrior could easily kill quite a few cavemen.

These cavemen were also very easy to raise. They could survive by just being fed some tree leaves and gra.s.s. During short-term wars, they wouldn’t cause great pressure to the logistics even if their numbers were even greater.

The several 100,000 cavemen suddenly poured out and rushed towards Baza City like countless large man-eating ants.

The complexions of the human warriors above Baza City’s city wall watching that crowd of cavemen abruptly change and a touch of fear flashed trough their eyes.

There was merely a 5,000 strong regular army in the entire Baza City. If they were to meet on the battle field, then the several 100,000 cavemen were capable of tearing them to shreds. Even with the city wall, it still wouldn’t be easy to kill the several hundred thousand cavemen.

“Open fire!”

Yang Feng watched the several hundred thousand cavemen with a callous expression before ordering coldly.

The several dozens of heavy machine guns above Baza City’s city wall instantly spewed countless fires and the terrifying metal storm formed from a dense rain of bullets swept trough those cavemen.

1 – instead of ‘fight’, ‘tatakai’ (j.a.panese for ‘fight’) would sound so much better. It reminds me of Busou Renkin.


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