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Chapter 1058 – Shocking the Audience

“The essence of purple lightning!”

“To be able to master the essence of purple lightning, that’s the strongest genius of the Anreis Family’s younger generation for you! Even a Starcraft step (Warlock Monarch) powerhouse may not be his opponent.”

“Gadi has just promoted to a Starfield step (Infinity Warlock) powerhouse. As such, it’s impossible for him to fully display the fighting strength of the Blue Glory Star! He’s toast!”


The powerhouses in the garden commented.

Sitting in a corner, Elise revealed a sweet smile: “Great! Go to h.e.l.l! If you don’t die, I won’t feel at ease.”

Chris, who used to be a bug that she could squash at will in her eyes, has now become a thorn in her side, all because of Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi.

If Yang Feng is killed, Chris, who has andarim blood, won’t be her opponent.

The moment when Anreis Jr. appeared behind the Blue Glory Star, the mecha turned around, and its right first turned into a dazzling blue star and slammed into Anreis Jr.

A frightening force broke out in an instant and shredded the body and soul of Anreis Jr., leaving only a storage ring behind.

“Died… Anreis Jr. died just like that?”

“How is that possible? Anreis Jr. was a pinnacle Starfield step powerhouse! How is that possible! How could he have died just like that?”

“How can Gadi be so strong?”

“No, it’s not Gadi, it’s the Blue Glory Star! The Blue Glory Star is really powerful!”


The elites from different races were stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes. Anreis Jr. was a genius of the redstone race who wielded the essence of purple lightning. He could even defeat Warlock Monarchs. But to see such a genius to be killed by a strike from Yang Feng, that was a shocking sight.

“How is that possible?”

Elise’s smiling face stiffened, and her beautiful eyes s.h.i.+mmered with incredulity.

The bona divine son exclaimed: “Awesome. Although his cultivation base is lacking, but he used the power of the Blue Glory Star perfectly and broke out with extreme power in an instant. Only an amazing genius of the blasteel race that has practiced the Blasteel Scripture to an astonis.h.i.+ng degree can achieve this level of combat skills.”

The frost divine son commented flatly: “That Blue Glory Star mecha isn’t bad.”

Yang Feng reached out with his hand, and the storage ring of Anreis Jr. entered his hand, and then he returned to his seat and sat down.

“This guy has pretty good combat skills!”

“If it wasn’t for his cultivation base being low, he would make a terrible foe!”


The old monsters hiding among the Infinity Warlocks swept Yang Feng with their gazes.

If Yang Feng had supreme Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, he would surely have attracted the attention of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank old monsters. After all, a supreme Infinity Warlock rank, freakish genius may even be able to slay Holy Spirit Warlocks in the Bloodmoon Battlefield.

However, Yang Feng only has junior Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base, which is not a threat in the eyes of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank old monsters.

Filled with envy and apprehension, the eyes of the Holy Spirit Warlock rank old monsters focused on the bone divine son and the other two geniuses of the three divine races.

The bona divine son and them are unique figures among the countless talents of the three divine races. Each one of them is an invincible figure in the same realm and has the potential to promote to the Warlock Emperor realm. Only Great Holy step powerhouses may be able to defeat them.

The Holy Spirit Warlock rank old monsters don’t have the confidence to defeat these three prodigies of the Gumana Universe.

In the Gumana Universe, geniuses and powerhouses emerge one after another. Countless lucky people who obtained precious treasures rise and make a name for themselves.

Even so, among the countless geniuses, the bona divine son and them are peak existences. Only a few dozen people can compete with them.

The face of a redstone Infinity Warlock fell, and he said coldly: “To dare kill the son of the Holy Anreis, you’ve got some nerve, Gadi! Hand over the treasures of Anreis Jr., let yourself be captured, and come with us to the redstone race to be tried. If you don’t comply, you will die!”

Yang Feng sneered: “Fool! Anreis Jr. and I signed a contract for a duel to the death with bona divine son as witness. In it, it is stipulated that winner will take everything. Fool, do you want to question sir bona divine son? Or, do you think the entire redstone race is as foolish as you and doesn’t care about sir bona divine son?”

A whitestone powerhouse with a white rhombus crystal inlaid on the head sneered: “People of the redstone race are such idiots. I suggest that sir bona divine son expels these idiot!”

Redstone, greenstone, whitestone, purplestone, these four sacred races are said to be descendants of an Eternal Sovereign. After countless struggles, they divided into four.

The redstone and the purplestone races and the whitestone and greenstone races, who are on friendly terms respectively, formed two opposing alliances that have fought with each other over many years.

The bona divine son frowned and said: “Norga! As a witness, I proclaim that Gadi had a fair fight with Anreis Jr. In here, I don’t allow anyone to question the outcome.”

The redstone Infinity Warlock glared at Yang Feng and said through clenched teeth: “Yes! Sir!”

“Gadi, I like that bead of the s.h.i.+dna civilization very much. I’m willing to trade this treasure for it!”

The wing divine daughter spread the fingers of a hand, and a red mechanical heart emitting immortal fluctuations of power appeared in her hand.

“That’s a Sacred Mechanical Heart of the s.h.i.+dna civilization! Once it’s integrated with the Blue Glory Star, the Blue Glory Star will become a quasi-Perfect step (quasi-Empyrean) step mecha. This is a treasure that the blasteel race yearns for!”

“That’s a Sacred Mechanical Heart, one of the five sacred hearts left in the world! If he can get this treasure, it’s not impossible for Gadi to promote to an Imperishable step (Holy Spirit Warlock) in the future!”


When they saw the heart, everyone’s eyes flashed with excitement. The old monsters of the blasteel race even more so breathed heavily, a look of greed in their eyes.

If they can get their hands on the Sacred Mechanical Heart, the old monsters of the blasteel race won’t have to go to the Bloodmoon Battlefield and take the risks.

Yang Feng uttered apologetically: “I’m sorry, wing divine daughter, but that bead of the s.h.i.+dna civilization is of great use to me. Please forgive me, but I cannot part with it.”

The Sacred Mechanical Heart is a rare treasure. However, Yang Feng has the even more formidable Kunmo Stone. As such, he is not that interested in the Sacred Mechanical Heart.

A cold gleam streaked across the beautiful eyes of the wing divine daughter, and she waved her lily-white hand and collected the Sacred Mechanical Heart.

A three-meter-tall, handsome ghostblade powerhouse with sharp blades all over his joints stepped forward and issued a challenge: “Gadi, I challenge you. Do you dare have a fight bet with me, where the victor will get the possessions of the defeated?!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and surged with killing intent: “As long as you can match my stake, then I’ll fight you!”

The ghostblade powerhouse turned his hand, and arcane gold exuding multi-colored light appeared above his hand: “This is Seven Nights Star Gold, an Empyrean grade mineral born on the seventh day after the destruction of a universe.”

Yang Feng’s eyes brightened, and he answered decisively: “Okay, I accept your challenge!”

That Seven Night Star Gold is one of the peerless treasures necessary to refine the level-7 stronghold. Yang Feng couldn’t find it in the world of Warlocks no matter how he searched. Now that he came across it, he naturally won’t let it slip past his fingers.

The ghostblade powerhouse’s figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and entered the arena.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he entered the arena, as well.

“I, the ghostblade race’s Gui Miefeng, came to fight you!”

Countless mysterious runes appeared on the ghostblade powerhouse, a black armor covered him, and his hands shone with dark light and grabbed two blades exuding gloomy light.

“Gui Miefeng!”

Yang Feng smiled, took a step backward, and entered the Blue Glory Star.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

There was a cold flash in his eyes, and Gui Miefeng, enhanced by the essence of speed, erupted with 1,000 plus afterimages that attacked Yang Feng from all directions.

“The essence of speed coupled with the ghostblade race’s invincible blades! Gadi is finished!”

“That’s right! No matter how hard Gadi struggled, this time… no, how is that possible!”


Under shocked gazes, the Blue Glory Star turned around, and its right fist evolved into a blue star and slammed into Gui Miefeng, smas.h.i.+ng the opponent’s body and extinguis.h.i.+ng his soul.

“So strong! The blasteel race’s Gadi is really strong!”

“That Gadi is really not a simple character! He’s so strong!”

“It’s as if the Blue Glory Star is an extension of his body! The synchronization rate is off the charts!”

“How fearsome! This blasteel race’s genius is really a monster!”


The spectators inhaled a breath of cold air. Gui Miefeng, who was proficient in the essence of speed, was a first-rate powerhouse among the younger generation. He was much more powerful than Anreis Jr. For such a powerhouse to be instakilled by Yang Feng, this shocked the elites of the Gumana Universe at the scene. They no longer dare to look down on Yang Feng’s avatar Gadi.


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