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Chapter 956: Lava Crevice

Originally, these S-tiers were here to earn themselves some fame and recognition. They did not expect things to turn out like this.

However, they could not just retreat now. It would seem like they had fled from the battle after suffering a major defeat.

After all, the Human Alliance was a huge organization. Many people in the alliance would know if they had signed up for a mission; this would mean that if they had gone back without finis.h.i.+ng the job, they would be a laughing stock in the Human Alliance.

This was why they felt that they could not just up and retreat.

Nonetheless, they also felt that they had signed up for a difficult task right now.

Qin Feng, on the other hand, did not seem to care at all and kept on slaying the ultra beasts that appeared in the beast waves.

Due to the Void Locust Kaiser having exhausted so many spirits from Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber, Qin Feng could now absorb spirits from the fallen ultra beasts again. To him, the Void Locust Kaiser had sort of become an excellent whetstone for his saber. At the same time, the Void Locust Kaiser had gone into hiding to heal its wounds, not daring to appear in front of humans after being beaten up by Qin Feng.

Vienna and her teammates swept the entire area for three whopping days; and there was no sign of the Void Locust Kaiser. When they were about to give up, the Void Locust Kaiser emerged again. This time, it even destroyed an entire city.

Qin Feng too had sensed its appearance.

“Let’s take a look.”

Bai Li opened up a spatial tunnel and brought Qin Feng into it.

In a short leap, Qin Feng had now appeared about one hundred meters away in front of the spatial beast. There were wailings of horror and pain throughout the city that was ruined by it. Not only that, there was a huge rift that had opened up on the land.

Qin Feng recognized this place—it was the Firework Mountain.

The Firework Mountain was originally a volcano. However, after its fire runes had been completely devoured by Qin Feng, Firework Mountain had become a dead volcano.

However, the land was slowly recovering as time went by. Due to the geographical changes that were made from Qin Feng’s battle in the area, people began to come to this place to form a community—much like how Greenlit City was revitalized after Qin Feng was done with the place.

However, this new community that was formed in the Firework Mountain had been completely destroyed.

The mountain was crushed open, leaving a huge crevice. And the Void Locust Kaiser did not seem satisfied with the damage it had done and kept on ramming on the ground, creating a ma.s.sive ravine. To the city that was built next to the dead volcano, it was a total disaster. Each ram from the Void Locust Kaiser felt like a Level 10 earthquake, which caused all the buildings in the city to collapse. Many civilians were crushed to their deaths. The ability users that were stationed there were completely powerless against the S-tier monstrosity.

Qin Feng hovered in the sky as he gawked at Void Locust Kaiser ramming open a ma.s.sive rift in the crevice—this rift looked like the one he saw underneath Dragon Island.

Qin Feng was quite surprised to see this.

“The energy that is coming from it is so potent!” Bai Li said.

Sure enough, there was a powerful energy bursting out from the rift that the Void Locust Kaiser had opened up.

“Watch out!”

Qin Feng grabbed Bai Li’s hand before zipping to the side, bringing both of them out of the way.


The rift suddenly exploded! The dead volcano had erupted again, with lava splurging out of the rift like fireworks.

Qin Feng could sense a potent energy from the lava, much like the terrifying presence he had sensed from Dragon Island.

However, this time the volcano’s energy felt much more terrifying than the one he felt from Dragon Island. Cold could knock you out without making a sound. Fire, however, could make your death as loud as a carnival.

However, despite how loud and threatening this explosion was, the energy that came out of it was not as powerful as the one Qin Feng witnessed from Dragon Island. Regardless, Qin Feng could still feel the energy overwhelming his body.

When the S-tiers rushed to the scene, the Void Locust Kaiser also saw Qin Feng.


The Void Locust Kaiser hesitated for a moment before diving into the lava.

Qin Feng was surprised to see this.

“Aren’t bugs afraid of fire? How could it go into the lava?”

“Perhaps the starglobe’s power is too weak to stop it. Besides, it could phase through anything if it wants.”

“Let’s go in too!”


Thus, Bai Li summoned a ray of silver light to envelop her and Qin Feng before sending them both into the lava.

West Lord, Vienna and Oplan reached the scene just in time to witness Qin Feng and Bai Li going into the lava. Their faces turned grim when they saw this.

“They want to go into the core!” West Lord wanted to follow them but he stopped. He knew there was no way he could handle the lava.

Vienna too decided to not give chase. Although she was a water ability user and thus had a chance against the fierce fire, the great heat was too much for her. With this much heat and fire, any drop of water would be evaporated in less than a second.

Thus, she sat down and began to meditate, absorbing the vibrant energy in the area.

Although they knew that if these energies were depleted, this realm’s death would come sooner. However, if they did not absorb the energies that were seeping through the rift now, it would all still be wasted.

However, Oplan had a different idea. He clenched his teeth before leaping into the lava; but as he got close to it, a pillar of light emerged from the lava and rammed him away.


Oplan threw up blood as his body plopped on the ground. The lava had burned him to a crisp.

More importantly, despite his effort, Oplan could not go near the lava, much less enter it.

“How? How could they go down there but I can’t?!” Oplan felt so disheartened by how powerless he was.

Qin Feng and Bai Li could enter the lava because they used spatial runes.

As such, even though Qin Feng had travelled through the lava, he was not able to absorb any energy along the way.

He looked around and noticed that the surrounding area was nothing but a shade of crimson red.

And the Void Locust Kaiser was flying right in front of them.

“Attack it!”

“But it could also attack us!” Bai Li replied anxiously.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Qin Feng had changed into his Divine Flame Imperial Robe. In less than a minute, a layer of barrier began to emerge around them.

Seeing this, Bai Li worked up the courage to fling a beam of silver ray at the Void Locust Kaiser.

In an instant, the silver ray exploded and enveloped the Void Locust Kaiser in a layer of spatial runes.

Then, in a few silver ripples, the Void Locust Kaiser was kicked out by Bai Li’s abilities.

When it got out of the void, the lava hit Void Locust Kaiser’s body and began to burn it.


The Void Locust Kaiser let out an excruciating screech as it felt its body being burned and roasted.

Then, a cube-like energy encased its whole body—it had willed in a spatial cube to s.h.i.+eld itself from the lava.

After seeing that it was now safe, the Void Locust Kaiser leaped into the void again. It threw an agonizing glare at Qin Feng and Bai Li as the spatial cube around it disappeared.

Qin Feng responded with a threat via his consciousness.

“Leave, or die!”

This realm was Qin Feng’s homeworld. He would never allow another dominating creature to come and endanger it.

However, the Void Locust Kaiser did not respond well to his threat. It let out a furious screech before lunging at him with its silver spatial runes.

This time, it was Qin Feng and Bai Li that were kicked out of the void.

Qin Feng immediately activated his barrier to s.h.i.+eld them against the lava. Perhaps the fire runes in the lava were almost as strong as Qin Feng’s runes, the barriers could only handle them for about five seconds before the ma.s.sive energy began crus.h.i.+ng at Qin Feng’s consciousness.

Qin Feng felt as though his head was about to explode.


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