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Chapter 922: An Encounter with Hu San at Dragon Island


Qin Feng commanded with his consciousness as he sat on top of a Demonscale Drake puppet.

All eleven Demonscale Drake puppets grumbled in rampage and moved closer to the battlefield at high speed.

There were traces of snow blizzards left behind at the battlefield. It was not the same as an energy blizzard, but it was some sort of ability.

Ice ability user!

Furthermore, it was a person that Qin Feng was very familiar with!

From a thousand meters away, Qin Feng had already recognized that person.

It was Hu San!

Hu San was accompanied by more than ten apt.i.tude users. Among them, two were exposing their ma.s.sive auras, they were undoubtedly S-tier ancient warriors. The remaining nine people were all powerful apt.i.tude users that were above A8 and A9-tier.

But the entire group was amidst a desperate escape.

They were all chased by a bunch of ultra beasts. Their sizes were not too huge, but their auras were shocking enough.

In particular, there was one creature that unleashed its S-tier aura without restraint.

It was a white bear that was more than three metres in height.

“Dragon Island Ice Bear!”

Also, there was a pack of snow wolves of twenty. They were more than two metres in height and five metres in width. Judging by their auras, they seemed to be at the beast emperor tier.

More than twenty snow wolves from the remaining pack were all beast king tier, and they seemed to be less intimidating if they were to be compared with the Demonscale Drakes!

Two other beasts that looked like seals were not moving fast. But judging from their gliding movement on the snow, they were obviously equipped with snow abilities.

Such a team formation definitely spelled annihilating disaster for humans.

Among those apt.i.tude users, only those A-tiers were more powerful than the others that were within the same rank. However, how should they rank themselves when compared to those ultra beasts that were much stronger?


A horrifying rumble was channelled from afar, while Hu San was instantly shocked by his consciousness that had sensed those beasts.

“What are those? Beast emperors? Eleven of them???”

“Will today be the day I die?” Hu San said. He was initially a person that was about to die, but a lucky encounter at the Blood River Realm had extended his life. All these years, he had been in deep sleep within the icebergs. His encounter on Dragon Island allowed him to grow stronger by surrounding himself with snow and energy during his deep sleep.

But his encounter in the realm had also gotten him injured during the first exploration.

Now that he had recovered, Hu San’s first thought was to come back again. He had invited another two powerful S-tier apt.i.tude users to join the exploration. One of them was Beitang Gan—chief of the Beitang family, an ancient warrior family hidden within the Northern Region!

The Beitang family had been isolating themselves from the world. The doomsday that took place more than two hundred years ago had almost annihilated the entire ancient warrior family. Every descendant from the second generation after Beitang Gan was wiped off, only the third generation from the collateral descendants survived. Unfortunately, their natural born talents were unfavourable and it had lasted until now. Some even said that none of the remaining descendants were A-tiers.

Therefore, Beitang Gan had always been keeping a low profile. Although he was an S-tier, he did not want to draw too much attention to the clan. If he were to die, the family would be a huge chunk of meat left to be preyed upon by the others and they would be incapable of defending themselves.

But Beitang Gan still hoped that there might be some life-changing treasures that could transform the bloodline of his own family.

Another apt.i.tude user was totally different from Beitang Gan, he was a member from a family that originated from the Southern Region, and the family was flouris.h.i.+ng at its peak. Even the regent of the region originated from the family.

The former chief of the clan from three generations earlier of the Nangong family—Nangong Zeming.

To be precise, the correct way of addressing him was that the current chief of the Nangong family would have to address this man as his great grand uncle.

All three of them were extremely powerful. But they did not expect the situation to be so dangerous and horrifying.

As for Qin Feng, he had already obtained news about Dragon Island before his rebirth. However, only now did Hu San lead the others to explore the realm.

If it was not for Qin Feng who had provided Hu San with the blood concentrated crystal, Hu San might have only been able to lead the exploration half a year later.

Due to the unfamiliar situation and the unknown news about Dragon Island, they thought that the snow blizzard that stopped was an opportunity for them to reactivate their consciousness. They even thought that it was a good time to strike, but they were immediately trapped in a surprising besiege as soon as they came out.

“Wait a minute, why are those ultra beasts carrying the presence of death?” Beitang Gan was the first to notice the presence of death. He immediately looked toward the approaching ultra beasts with his eyes wide open!

“What is that? Look, on top of the ultra beast, is that a person on top?”

With his domineering dark abilities added onto those undead puppets, Qin Feng could certainly diminish those spying senses from the surroundings. But amidst the rescue, he did not intend to purposely hide his presence. Combined with his fiery red Divine Flame Emperor Robe, he was right under the spotlight, and Beitang Gan had immediately noticed that.

“How could someone else be here? Could it be humans from an unknown region? Not sure if that is a friend or foe!” Nangong Zeming channelled the message with his internal energy. But their running speed was not slowing down, and they did not want to get close to the presence of those beast emperors.

Hu San received internal energy transmission from both of them and looked at the pack of Demonscale Drakes.

At first sight, he had already recognized Qin Feng.

“How could this be?” Hu San’s first reaction was not because he thought he would be saved, but he was shocked and in disbelief.

While Hu San was still being doubtful, he took the leap of faith and yelled out with his consciousness transmission.

“Qin Feng?”

The devoted consciousness had transmitted his doubts, he was afraid to confirm what he had seen. But soon, a similar consciousness transmission was returned.

“Master Hu, let me help you!”

Qin Feng rushed past with the group of Demonscale Drake puppets and slammed head-on into the pack of ultra beasts behind them.

His initial direction was not aiming for an impact with Hu San and the others, but toward those beasts behind them. Although they were still a thousand metres away, the distance was absolutely nothing for those ultra beasts in rampage. They would easily close the gap within a few breaths.


A Demonscale Drake slammed hard on the snow-white giant bear. In the next moment, the Demonscale Drake puppet under Qin Feng fell back. It could not even maintain its balance and fell seated on the snow.

“Such powerful energy!”

Qin Feng was shocked.

“Be careful!” Hu San shouted. Within the next moment, ten of the remaining Demonscale Drake puppets rushed into the pack of wolves.

Except for the wolf king, the other ultra beasts were definitely no match against the Demonscale Drake puppets and they were all torn into pieces.

The land of snow was dyed red. Then, eleven Demonscale Drake undead puppets encircled the gigantic bear.

Despite the incompatible capabilities of those Demonscale Drakes against the powerful S-tier beast, it was outnumbered and instantly the tables were turned.

Now, those ultra beasts were the ones surrounded.

“Hiss!” Beitang Gan inhaled and asked in a deep voice, “Who is this? When did we get an undead puppeteer in our alliance? To do this, how powerful do the dark abilities have to be?”

Meanwhile, Nangong Zeming was struck with a bigger disbelief.

Nangong Zeming could not believe that the person was the same Qin Feng he remembered!


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