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Chapter 495: Abyss, or Slaughterhouse?

It soon turned into a recurring cycle. Qin Feng kept his movements minimal while Bai Li did not get involved at all. It was like Qin Feng and Bai Li had switched roles from earlier on.

“They are the beasts here!” Chui Yang could not find any other words to describe them.

Qin Feng did not care about the two spectators and continued his ma.s.sacre.

Ever since they had decided to relocate Fengli, Qin Feng had not been hunting for a long time till today. Parallel training through normal means could hardly satisfy his appet.i.te as an apt.i.tude user with the Absorption Ability.

Hence, he was determined to kill as many beasts as he could since such a chance was hard to come by nowadays.

Numerous beasts were continuously drawn in by Qin Feng but he kept on slaying them down. The corpses began to pile up under him. Qin Feng could feel an ample amount of energy being absorbed into his body through his legs.

‘This is awesome!’

C-tier beasts were clearly different from D-tiers. The amount of energy available for absorption in the former greatly exceeded that of the latter.

The key was Qin Feng’s glimmering Verdant Saber. It served as a beacon in this dark world that continuously drew more beasts to him.

‘Kill! Kill them all!!’

Qin Feng’s saber sliced through the air tirelessly and cut down one after another beast crawling out from the abyss.


A figure clearly larger than the other beasts emerged. It was a beast general judging by the volume of its aura. That was not all, two other beast generals subsequently revealed themselves right behind the first.

Liu Yue and Chui Yang watched in horror.

Though the C-tier beast general was not as scary as a beast king, a normal C-tier apt.i.tude user would still find it difficult to face a beast general alone.

They wanted to see how Qin Feng would fight three generals at once.

Qin Feng was not bothered by their abrupt entrance. He waited and launched his attack only after the three beast generals charged at him.

“Magma burst!”

Qin Feng triggered his conscious energy and directed a stream of magma right at those beast generals. He followed through and launched his saber.

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The flame looked more like viscous magma and instantly tore apart the general’s hardened skin.

In a flash, Qin Feng’s saber had cut through the beast numerous times before it could react.

For Qin Feng, it only took slightly longer to finish off one beast general as compared to a minion.

To an outsider, the powerful C-tier beast general seemed toothless in front of Qin Feng. The truth was, the beast did not become weaker. It was Qin Feng that was inhumanly strong!

As time pa.s.sed, Chui Yang and Liu Yue’s legs began to numb after prolonged squatting. When they looked at their communicator only then did they realize that they had watched a C-tier battle for an hour straight.

“This person must be a well-known apt.i.tude user. He is too strong. Not even a B-tier could do what he did. Besides, his understanding of ancient martial arts is… out of this world.” Liu Yue said with mixed feelings. He was envious and looked more embarra.s.sed than ever.

He regretted looking down on Qin Feng earlier on.

Chui Yang nodded grudgingly as well. He had to admit Qin Feng was truly outrageous.

“Forget it. These two are not someone we can mess around with. Uncle Liu, let’s move to another spot and work on my mission.”

“Okay. Young Master, let’s go this way.”

“After you.”

The two of them left Qin Feng’s hunting ground and began to search for their prey. Probably because Qin Feng had attracted most of the beasts to him, the number of remaining beasts became scarce. They managed to found a lone beast rather quickly.

It took Chui Yang a great deal to finally kill a single beast. It hurt him to recall how dominated Qin Feng and Bai Li were against the same C-tier beast. Though his life was not threatened in the process, the time to finish one battle was extremely long in comparison.

After half a day had pa.s.sed, the bronze lantern glowed differently to remind them it was night time soon.

Not only would the beasts’ power grow significantly during the night, but the force field around the region would be enhanced too. It was extremely tough to withstand the growing pressure inside the abyss during the night even for a C-tier. Hence, the lantern served as a signal to warn the users, asking them to abort the abyss as soon as possible.

Qin Feng did not plan to disobey the retreat call. He sheathed the saber and used his consciousness to chase away the beasts that tried to chase after him.

Qin Feng and Bai Li were not the only ones retreating at this time. There were about fifty users at the front gate when they arrived.


The gate opened once again and the gathered apt.i.tude users walked out swiftly.

Surprisingly, no beast was seen pursuing the departing group like it usually would. Yang Pi remained vigilant despite the rare quietness from inside and shut the gate immediately.

“Please return your bronze lantern so we can record the kill count and point reward.”

The small crowd queued up in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. Though most of them were B-tiers, they had no conflict with each other. Some even began to exchange information while waiting for their turn.

Everyone needed info on how to navigate safely through the ever-dangerous abyss.

The Northern Abyss was not only a place full of fallen beasts but numerous elects had also paid their lives in it.

Hence, to minimize the number of casualties, most explorers would tacitly tell each other about what they found and where they had gone on that particular day. This could also increase the chances of their body and runic equipment being found if any misfortune were to happen to them in the future.

The apt.i.tude users submitted their scores one by one. Chui Yang was from the famous Chui family so the others let him go first.

“Nice job, Young Master. You had killed 12 beasts today!”

The beast inside the Northern Abyss usually moved in groups. If the candidate did not enter the abyss in a group, then it would spell doom for the apt.i.tude user.

In other words, the most important thing was not how to kill the beast, but how to locate and kill a lone beast.

Chui Yang was lucky that most of the beasts he found were alone. However, he was not at all delighted because he knew the real reason behind this “luck”.

“It’s nothing spectacular!” Chui Yang forced a smile.

“At this rate, you would complete the C-tier mission in five days. Allow me to congratulate you in advance,” Yang Pi complimented Chui Yang as he tried to fawn the influential young master.

Chui Yang paid little attention to him. ‘How many beasts did he kill, I wonder.’

This was when he heard an exclamation coming from the adjacent line.

“Fifty in one day? Where did she come from?”

Everyone turned to Bai Li.

The materials gained by killing the beasts in the Northern Abyss had little market value. Yet, the reward was very lucrative.

A C-tier beast was equal to 1 point, and 1 point was equivalent to 100 million.

c.u.mulatively, fifty beasts were equal to 5 billion. Though it was not a big sum to a C-tier, the number could add up handsomely to 150 billion in a month. That was more rewarding and less risky than trying to kill a D-tier beast emperor!


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