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Chapter 117:


Qin Feng was able to sense from his conscious energy that the scream came from the bas.e.m.e.nt.

It was from those people that were brought along by Liu Xue.

They were all running out together, and the reason was unknown. When Qin Feng met with Liu Xue to bring her back, he had already encountered some plow worms and killed them, yet, it was obvious that that was not all of them.

The people that ran out had caught the attention of the plow worms, therefore, the unfortunate ones were hunted down and eaten by the plow worms!

While the people were screaming and hiding, Qin Feng had felt the same presence from his conscious energy.

Liu Xue!

“Sight” from conscious energy represented perception!

Being an F-tier, Liu Xue had a different level of physical st.u.r.diness and conscious energy fluctuation from the others, therefore, Qin Feng could easily recognize her within a short time.

Qin Feng’s expression instantly reflected that something bad was about to happen.

Apart from Liu Xue, he was able to sense the presence of another beast general plow worm!

“Jeez! Why can’t things go right for once?”

Qin Feng immediately opened the door.

At the same time, He Ling and the others were also standing in front of the door and not knowing whether or not to knock on Qin Feng’s door.

“Mr. Qin!” He Ling was delighted and looked at Qin Feng. “It is Liu Xue that…”

“I’m aware!” Qin Feng frowned and asked with an irritated voice, “What is she doing down there?”

w.a.n.g Chen immediately continued, “We were discussing about leaving as soon as you are awake, however, it seems that Liu Xue has pa.s.sed on the news to the others, and many of the survivors nearby are heading toward us, as they thought that it would be more advantageous by combining forces with us during our breakout!”

Qin Feng reacted with a sneer.

“Combining forces? Aren’t they afraid of being eaten up by the worms?”

Some of them were apt.i.tude users while some of them were merely ordinary people.

It was not that Qin Feng was not willing to save them but he did not like being forced to do something.

“That was why Liu Xue went down? Does she have an excessive sense of righteousness or what?”

He Ling and Zhao Xiang were unable to answer Qin Feng’s questions. They themselves disagreed with Liu Xue’s decision to go down, hence, they did not follow her. However, they realized that it was also inappropriate for them to ignore and not save Liu Xue.

w.a.n.g Chen added on promptly, “That’s right, waiters from the hotel told me that those are the uncivilized people that came later and disrespected the Liu family after they have arrived. They know who owns the place, yet they are so shameless to the point where they want Liu Xue to rescue them now!”

“It’s because they are all wealthy people!”

Qin Feng replied without any emotions.

Liu Xue was one of them when the crowd escaped from Central Square, and most of them in that crowd were influential people that sounded arrogant by nature. This kind of behavior and att.i.tude stemmed from the thinking that they were not like the poor.

Those that were poor would not speak to Liu Xue in that manner.

While Liu Xue might seem arrogant from her behaviour, she was actually excessively compa.s.sionate to the others with her empathy and desire to help others, which was why those people had requested that Liu Xue go and bring them along.

“Then, Mr. Qin, should we still rescue Liu Xue?” He Ling asked.

Whereas, w.a.n.g Chen said, “I do think that Liu Xue would be able to handle it herself and she does not need us, we would not want to be involved in it although there might be more casualties without our aid!”

w.a.n.g Chen might have sounded selfish with his thoughts, however, it was the best option for the moment.

As Han Town had already fallen and was facing difficulties in sustaining itself, there should be no other resources to provide aid for the others.

Furthermore, Qin Feng might be very capable in battle, however, would that be enough? It would always be easier to kill than to save others, and Qin Feng might not even be able to cope with it!

“The situation would be even more dire if I choose not to go, however, with her behaviour, she could only be in logistics once she has joined my colony!”

Qin Feng was extremely agitated by the situation.

He went along the safe pa.s.sage and arrived at the bas.e.m.e.nt, there were more than twenty of them that were in the chaos, joined by three plow worms, while another plow worm beast general was wreaking havoc amidst the crowd.

Although the plow worms might seem to be large in size, however, they were merely G5-tier.

Qin Feng was still low in attack power as he had just woken up, yet he was still able to kill a G3-tier razor-fang infant with his calm and coordinated moves.

The large number of people, combined with the rebirth of Qin Feng, if a G5-tier plow worm were to be surrounded by five people, Liu Xue would be able to go for an easily secured kill.

However, all of them were scattered and had run as far as they could, while one of them that was being chased by the plow worm was running toward Liu Xue and intended to divert the plow worm to chase after her.

At that moment, Liu Xue was caught in an inseparable battle with a G8-tier beast general.

Obviously, the beast general was unable to take her down as she was a full tier higher than her opponent, and she just needed a little more time and she would eventually take down and kill the beast.

Qin Feng stood at the entrance of the safe pa.s.sage without any emotions while he raised up the energy gun in his hand.


A blue light ray appeared along with an explosion and hit onto one of the people who was escaping.


A miserable scream was heard before the person fell on the ground.

Immediately, a plow worm rushed forward and devoured the human into its stomach with its mouth opened wide.

Then, the plow worm twisted its body and penetrated back into the ground.

One human was enough to keep the plow worm satisfied, it would then move to a safe place to swallow its food.

Furthermore, the plow worm would not dare to stay near any longer as ultra beasts would be fearful toward the presence of Qin Feng, they would immediately escape!

Liu Xue was still caught in a battle as she saw the movements from Qin Feng, her eyes immediately widened like she wanted to say something.

However, she did not have enough time to say anything to Qin Feng and could only increase the speed of her hand movements.

“Ice Palm!”

A palm that was icy cold hit onto the body of the plow worm.

Liu Xue performed a deadly hit and continued to release her internal strength.

“Frozen Ice!”

A big patch of white ice had frozen the body of the plow worm!

“Ice break!” the plow worm took another hit from the palm and its frozen body shattered into pieces, the beast general plow worm had died!

Before Liu Xue could gather up the loot, she turned around and looked at Qin Feng with anger.

“What were you doing, why would you harm that person!”

“Why would I harm that person?” Qin Feng looked at Liu Xue. “Don’t you know what he was about to do?”

Liu Xue was well aware of it!

Although it might be seen as inappropriate at that moment, he was just an ordinary human being that was trying to save himself.

“That could never justify sending him to his death. Furthermore, if you intend to help, shouldn’t you just take a shot at the plow worm and kill it instead? Why would you kill that person, do you know that this would be equivalent to killing the innocent? You might even be charged at court for this!”

Qin Feng let out a sneer. “The court, who would put a charge on me, would it be you? With your position as the leader of the patrol team that has already been demolished? You should mind your own business!”

Liu Xue was being insulted directly by Qin Feng, and she could feel that her cheeks had turned red.

“You are acting inhumane!”

Qin Feng looked at Liu Xue in disdain.

“Being humane and allowing the people around you to set you onto the path toward death?”

At that moment, those that had run away had returned, and there were five deaths from the battle earlier on, while the lucky ones that had survived looked at Qin Feng with fear.

All of them had witnessed the scene earlier!

Qin Feng looked at them without any emotions and pointed his energy gun at them.


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