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Chapter 1021: The Decision of Those Being Saved

In such a contest, each death equaled a huge loss of advantage. As such, contestants from the same side were tightly knitted.

The audience would grimace if a member of the Human Alliance was killed, while cheering jubilantly when someone from the Dark Coalition was exterminated.

Among the Human Alliance’s partic.i.p.ants, Ming Tianhao was ranked first in this year’s match. He carried the greatest expectation at the beginning of this compet.i.tion. But right now, his limelight had been completely taken away by Qin Feng.

After all, Ming Tianhao had not exhibited any meaningful battles on the first day. He had only met one enemy and did not manage to finish off his opponent after a prolonged battle.

On the second day, though having gained two allies, he was faced with even greater opponents. The lady of luck seemed to have abandoned him in this realm.

Even though the Human Alliance had a better chance of winning thanks to Qin Feng, the audience did not wish to see more deaths of their future prospects. Everyone prayed that Ming Tianhao could get out of this pursuit alive.

They turned to prayer because the pursuers were not easy opponents. The strongest among the five was called Arsha.

An apt.i.tude user with a battle power of more than 100,000, Arsha was more infamous than Sakyaey.

Ming Tianhao could not shake him off.

Luckily, Qin Feng was nearby and spotted them.

That was enough to flame up the audiences’ suspense.

The commentator said hurriedly, “I was thinking whether Qin Feng would spot them. Then, would he help if he sees them? After all, there are too many of them. But my concerns were proven pointless. Maybe to Qin Feng, the more the merrier!”

No doubt, the more enemies there were, the better his loot would be.

“Rampage Influx!”

Qin Feng was too quick. Extreme speed required a strong body to sustain inertia and momentum. He was probably the only one that had his physique honed into S-tier deity level.

That was why he was much faster than Ming Tianhao and Arsha. Qin Feng caught up to them about seven minutes later.

No matter how powerful the masking effect of his dark ability was, Qin Feng was exposed when he was within a hundred meters of them.

The two groups were equally stunned by his sudden entry.

Qin Feng had perfectly concealed his aura before that.

“Who’s that?”

“Which team does he or she belong to?”

Both groups had the same question.

In comparison, the pursuers were calmer in face of the uncertainty. Even if the interrupter was from the Human Alliance, they still had the number advantage.

In contrast, those from the Human Alliance had already been pushed to the limit. Adding another pursuer would spell their doom.

Ming Tianhao searched frantically for a survival possibility. He did not manage to recognize Qin Feng’s aura immediately because the latter’s dark ability was too powerful.

“Stygian Abyss!”

Without anyone noticing, the last man in the pursuer group was caught by Qin Feng’s ability.

In an instant, the ability user was put to a sudden halt. Darkness spread under his feet, while his eyes were shrouded by confusion. He had clearly lost his sight.

Sensing the anomaly, Arsha turned his head back and saw his comrade being swallowed by darkness.

“Be careful, it’s a foe!” Arsha shouted and vented his fire ability. The flame ignited the Stygian Abyss.

Rune collision could indeed be used to dispel an ability.

Arsha believed that his ability was sufficient to oust the opponent’s ability. He soon found out that his flame was too timid to diminish the darkness.

It was simple math. His fire runes were outmatched by the dark runes after the collision.

Stygian Abyss was neither glamorous nor dazzling. It befell silently, and that was the scary part.

From within the darkness, a figure emerged behind the trapped Dark Coalition member.

It was none other than Qin Feng.

He shook off the dark runes and unsheathed the Verdant Emperor Saber. He brandished the saber toward the pursuers without hesitation.

Two other men of the Dark Coalition group had turned around and lunged at Qin Feng. The powerful force finally broke through Qin Feng’s abyss and woke the trapped member.

Even though the Stygian Abyss was pretty influential, the victim could easily be woken up if the disturbance was strong enough.

The man immediately sensed the enormous power behind him. Without a second thought, he retaliated.

First was his internal force s.h.i.+eld. Then, he turned around as his fist burst into punches.

Qin Feng displayed great resilience and sustained their attacks calmly.

One against five.

Ming Tianhao and co. who were busy escaping finally realized that the disruptor belonged to the Human Alliance.

Hope rose in their eyes but their minds were wavering.

‘Should we turn back and help?’

Even if they joined the battle, they would still be at a disadvantage. They did not have absolute confidence to defeat the Dark Coalition group.

The three of them focused their conscious energy on the new guy. They immediately identified him.

“It’s him!”

Knowing that the user was Qin Feng, Ming Tianhao and his allies hesitated.

If it were other apt.i.tude users, they might consider throwing themselves back into the battle. But what could the weakest Qin Feng do? To the three of them, this was an unwinnable battle.

‘What should we do?’

“If we turn back now, we would have no chance of shaking them off. The outcome would be dire. I suggest we flee now. In that case, we could at least protect three hundred realms for the Human Alliance. The others would not blame us for making the wiser decision.”

“He is right. Qin Feng is too hot-headed. His actions are no different from suicide. Maybe he knows he has little to contribute, so he decided to sacrifice himself and buy time for us.”

“It’s too late to save him now. Let’s go!”

They consoled each other and sugar-coated their cowardice. None of them wanted to turn back now. Not long after, they disappeared rapidly from Qin Feng’s perception range.

Of course, they were aware that their action was caught through the huge eye above them. But such was the cruelty of this peace contest. Every contestant’s ultimate goal was to protect the badge in their hand at all costs. Retaining the benefit of the Human Alliance was the topmost priority.

Hence, Qin Feng was left behind to face the five enemies alone.

‘No one can escape my abyss.’ Qin Feng murmured coldly and raised his finger.

“Finger of Death!”

A dark shadow appeared above Qin Feng. Following that, a destructive beam shot out and landed on the apt.i.tude user just freed from the abyss.

After being locked on by the Finger of Death, the apt.i.tude user could not think of anything else other than the end of his life. His mind and body were incepted with the idea of death, which made him unable to evade the beam.

Death arrived as he antic.i.p.ated when the ability hit him.

Instantaneously, the once-powerful S-tier stiffened on the spot. His body aged insanely and turned into withered bones rapidly.



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