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Chapter 99 – Fast Spear

This thought caused Hong Xi to suddenly freeze. He remembered glancing at the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’, and recalled that the essence of this ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ was… vibration!


Heavens! This boy!

Hong Xi’s Adam’s apple spasmed. This kid should not have learned the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’!

It… It was impossible. Although true essence vibration was mentioned in the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ jade slip, it had not said how to train this true essence vibration; it had lacked the most essential basic part! The ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ was 70% incomplete, and it was also an Earth-step martial skill. Even an immortal would be helpless to do anything!

If Lin Ming was really able to cultivate this ability, then even those evil monstrous geniuses would be nothing but weak and pale in front of him; he would simply be the reincarnation of immortal G.o.ds and infernal demons!

“Boy, that vibration technique you had used a moment ago; where did you learn that from? Hong Xi’s voice held a hint of trembling; obviously he was very disturbed and restless. He could not calm down after experiencing something like this. This meant that not only did Lin Ming have a superior heart of martial arts, but he was also able to comprehend his own martial intent. Not only that, but he was a beyond brilliant monstrous genius prodigy with perception that defied the will of the heavens!

To this kind of evil-doer genius, any talent was simply floating clouds!

That these monstrous geniuses could accomplish the impossible with their own hands, what sort of concept was that? Hong Xi did not even dare to imagine.

Lin Ming truthfully said, “They were some hints that I picked up from the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ jade slip.” He had not planned to conceal anything to begin with. In fact, he could not even try to hide it. Sooner or later it would be exposed, unless he never used this skill.

But the truth was that even if he was exposed, it was impossible to teach or explain things like martial skills or cultivation methods without the jade slip. Only someone who has reached the Large Success stage of that martial skill or cultivation method would be able to copy it down, so Lin Ming simply did not worry that anyone would covet it.

Mentioning the ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ would only increase the number of chips in his hand, and cause the Seven Profound Martial House and the Crown Prince to be even more protective of him. This way, he would be even safer.

After hearing Lin Ming’s affirmation, Hong Xi could not speak for a long time. He merely stared at Lin Ming as if he was looking at a monster.

Whose mother would dare mention or look down upon Lin Ming’s martial talent again?

This Lin Ming was the most abnormal talent in the last 100 years of the Seven Profound Martial House!

There was only Qin Xingxuan who could compare with Lin Ming; moreover, she wouldn’t necessarily be better!

“Peerless monstrous genius…” Hong Xi finally gave his evaluation after he was speechless for a long time.

“Lin Ming, in my Hong Xi’s entire life, you are the best and most outstanding and talented martial artist that I have ever witnessed! Although your talent is only a medium third-grade, you can make up this deficiency with your ethereal martial intent! With just that, you can be considered a fourth or fifth grade talent. Still, that would not be anything special enough to attract the Seven Profound Valleys’ attention. But, your perception is just too terrifying; you can practice any skill with twice the result and half the effort. In addition, with your pure and strong heart of martial arts, you may even be able to comprehend a second martial intent. In that case, even the Seven Profound Valleys will not be able to hold you! You will at the apex of the entire Sky Spill Continent’s younger generation!”

“Your future is limitless. What I can teach you is limited. All I am capable of at present is being your teacher. I was prepared to teach you the spear skills that I had learned, but it seems that it is not necessary anymore. You have your own understanding of spear-play, and I am afraid that my own comprehension will negatively affect you. All I can teach you now is the basis of spear skills, as well as the spear cultivation method!”

“A moment ago when I fought you, I discovered that your spear is already very stead. You could say that you’ve reached the boundary where your spear is still like a cast metal statue. But, your spear is not quick! In my two spear moves, you were only able to return one! With this kind of speed, you will be unable to catch up to Zhu Yan!”

“The steady spear that cannot catch up to an enemy’s shadow is useless! Lin Ming, just watch! Hong Xi turned and punched a tree trunk. The autumn leaves that had already begun to turn yellow and wither immediately began to rustle and fall down.

Hong Xi’s eyes flashed with a glint of light. The spear in his hand shot out just like a deadly snake!

Cha cha cha!

Spear shadows covered the sky!

Even with Lin Ming’s excellent eyesight, he could not clearly see Hong Xi’s spear point!

He could only use his soul force to catch up to Hong Xi’s movements. With each stab of Hong Xi’s spear, the spear point pierced a fallen leaf, rapidly turned back, and then pierced another leaf. Like this, there was a string of fallen leaves on the spear point!

As the spear shadows flashed everywhere, the fallen leaves began to rapidly disappear with a speed obvious to the naked eye. In the span of a few breaths, Hong Xi had strung together a thick stack of fallen leaves on his spear point!

Finally, there was not a single fallen leave that touched the ground.

Lin Ming could not help but exclaim at such wonderful spear skills!

It had to be known that Hong Xi’s spear point was very wide; the widest part was four finger widths wide.

But these fallen leaves were elliptical in shape. Only the long axis was over four finger widths in length; the short axis was only two finger widths.

Thus, all the fallen leaves have been pierced by spear point through their long side; otherwise, the leaf would be cut in half!

Lin Ming looked at Hong Xi’s spear point, and really did see that the several dozens of leaves that were strung together were in consistent order, it was as if they were especially organized to be that way!

The leaves were small, and their longest side was only a bit over 4 finger widths, but Hong Xi had managed to accurately pierce through all of the fallen leaves in this area, and did not cut any of the leaves apart. This control of strength caused Lin Ming to feel amazed!

Hong Xi’s spear was not only quick, but he had great control of his strength!

As the saying went, a month to use a stick, a year to train a fist, and longer to practice a spear!

The difficulty in wielding a spear was high. It was meant to thrust, the shaft was long, it was hard to grasp and hard to control. If Hong Xi had been doing this with a sword, it would have been much easier!

The sword was faster than a spear, and it was also more accurate.

But a sword could not compare with the might of a spear.

For Lin Ming, this was an eye-opener.

Hong Xi said, “Cultivate your spear like this. Practice your spear skills so that you may use several dozen spear thrusts in the time of a few breaths. These several dozen spear thrusts must not be blind; but each and every spear move must be accurate! Control your strength until you can attack and withdraw freely! This fallen leaves are the appropriate practice method!”

“These falling leaves are very fragile, they will be cut apart if you use too much strength or if your aim is poor. If you can have these several dozen leaves completely strung together on your spear point, then your spear skills will have arrived at the Small Success stage. But you only have one month of intensive practice; it will take a much longer time to practice the spear. Do not irresponsibly talk nonsense and bite off more than you can chew. At this moment, do not seek to control the force, but instead you must do everything you can to maximize your spear speed to the limit, so you can chase down Zhu Yan’s sword!

“I understand.”

With this brief meeting with Hong Xi, Lin Ming had benefitted greatly.

“Good. Practice by yourself. This will be enough to have you occupied for some time. Later I will come back to teach you the next move.”

“Thank you, Instructor Hong.”

“Heh, no need to thank me. Right now I’m teaching you, but later I won’t even be able to stand in line to teach you.” Hong Xi laughed, launched a movement technique, and vanished into the forest.

After Hong Xi had vanished, Lin Ming watched the yellow leaves on the tree. He shook Penetrating Rainbow in his hand. His spear speed truly wasn’t good. Even if his spear skills were swift and fierce, they would have no meaning if they weren’t able to reach Zhu Yan.

Bang! Lin Ming punched the big tree, and thick leaves began to fall. Lin Ming looked at these leaves and the spear in his hand began to stab out rapidly.

The leaves were shredded apart by Lin Ming’s spear!

Though he wanted to string these leaves on his spear, it was not a simple task to constantly do this. During the time when the leaves were gently falling, they were often tumbled around in circles. During that brief period of time, he had to thrust out his long spear in the center of a leaf, and have the spear edge pierce through the long axis of the leaf. Only then could he string them on the spear. But as of now, Lin Ming was far from reaching this stage.

After several dozen leaves had fallen, Lin Ming had split some in half, and some had fallen to the ground. There was only a few that hung on Lin Ming’s spear point.

“Maybe I should start small. I should not use such a tiny elliptical leaf to practice…” Lin Ming thought. The small elliptical leaves were just too difficult right now.

He chose another, different tree. This tree’s leaves were heart shaped, and were the size of a palm, Regardless of any angle, as long as the spear pierced through the center, he could string the leaves on the spear tip.

“This tree is good. I’ll practice with the one.”

Day after day, Lin Ming went to spend his mornings tempering his body at the Icy Pond Waterfall. He set the difficulty to the ninth level to push his body to the limit, so that he could experience his ethereal martial intent. During the afternoon he would spend his time training his spear, and in the evening he would train the ‘Flow like Silk’ boundary, and cultivate his ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’.

Ten days had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. Lin Ming’s ethereal martial intent was becoming increasingly stable. To enter it at first, he would push his body to the limit, and then by supporting himself with the high-level Soul Gathering Pellet and true essence stones, he could slowly enter the ethereal martial intent under these harsh conditions.

Afterwards, as long as Lin Ming meditated under the Icy Pond Waterfall, he could spontaneously enter the ethereal martial intent state.

After cultivating in the ethereal martial intent state for a long time, Lin Ming’s ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ had finally entered the second-level. His true essence became even thicker, and his strength and speed also increased.

During that evening, Lin Ming sat alone in his room and meditated for a long time, He adjusted his mind to the most peaceful and tranquil condition he could achieve. Then, slowly, he pulled out the reward he won from taking first place in the entrance exam – the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill!

The Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill was created by mixing the bone marrow of a Crimson Gold Dragon with many precious medicinal herbs, and then refining them all together.

The Crimson Gold Dragon’s dragon marrow was inestimably precious and difficult to find. The other rare and precious medicinal herbs were also high-quality and rare. Not only had that, but to refine this pill required a top-tier alchemist. An alchemist of this level usually came from a large sect, it was impossible for a common person to even catch a glimpse of them, let alone ask them to come out create such a pill. Even if they did come out, the fees alone would be overwhelmingly expensive.

Therefore the Sky Fortune Kingdom had never produced a Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill. Not even the Royal Family could buy it, as its value could simply not be measured with gold.

Then, Lin Ming took out a ‘Lower Spirit Cure Symbol’ symbol paper that he had prepared in advance. He had trained hard for a half month to create these two ‘Lower Spirit Cure Symbols’. The first had already been used on the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill, and the second was to prepare this Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill.

Normally a martial artist could only absorb a small part of a pill’s efficacy, and the rest would dissipate. But the symbols that Lin Ming had drawn up could control and stimulate this pill. With it, the effects of the pill would not dissipate in a martial artist’s body, and instead infiltrate and be absorbed. This way, the pill’s efficacy would increase by several times!

Lin Ming crushed the ‘Lower Spirit Cure Symbol’ in his hand. The symbol paper turned into a bright red flame that immediately flew to the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill and began to integrate with it. In a few breaths of time, a flame-shaped inscription symbol had appeared on the center of the pill.



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