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Chapter 974 – Ninefall Huo Yanguang

“Huo Yanguang broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction. I didn’t think he would be so quick.” Lin Ming inherited some memories of the Ancient Devil. He knew that in the moment when a martial artist broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, they’d be able to enlighten themselves with the world Laws. The clouds of origin energy above Huo Yanguang’s residence were gathered and formed by the world Laws, not by Huo Yanguang’s own strength.

It was hard to speculate what the Laws of the world were. The clouds of origin contained fragments of the Great Dao Laws. When one’s body was wrapped in this energy, their entire body would be combed over by these Laws. The benefits were immeasurable.

This was also the reason why such a great disparity existed between the eighth and ninth stage of Life Destruction. A ninth stage Life Destruction early Divine Sea martial artist could easily defeat an eighth stage Life Destruction late Divine Sea martial artist.

Lin Ming looked around. In the clouds of origin energy he could see dao diagrams condensing. These dao diagrams contained patterns that were incomparably mysterious and profound; they were even similar to the intricacies within the chaos stones. Even a Divine Lord powerhouse would not be able to completely perceive these dao diagram traces. This was the Heavenly Dao; the most fundamental source path for the revolution of energy. When one broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, the Heavenly Dao would pour out like a tide.

How much one could perceive from this would all rely on themselves.

“The Hall Protectors! The Hall Protectors have come!”

Several disciples cried out with excitement. A group of red-clothed Hall Protectors flew forward. All of them had cultivations at the late Divine Transformation realm.

The Hall Protectors were once disciples of Phoenix Hall during their youth. To enter Phoenix Hall, they hadn’t stepped into Ninefall, but instead joined during the Divine Transformation realm. This sort of martial artist had high talent, but it was still a bit difficult for them to enter the Divine Lord realm.

The rules of Phoenix Hall stated that once a disciple reached 120 years of age they would have to leave Phoenix Hall. Some could hold a post in Phoenix Cry Palace and others decided to stay in Phoenix Hall as a Hall Protector instead.

As several Hall Protectors appeared, they joined forces to form a great array, covering Huo Yanguang’s residence within. This was to prevent others from disturbing him. To these disciples, crossing the ninth stage of Life Destruction would be the most important opportunity in their life. In the ninth stage of Life Destruction, the physical body, dantian, and soul would completely decompose, turning into the most basic particles. These particles would fuse into the clouds of origin energy formed by the world Laws, making it the best time to perceive the Heavenly Dao.

The comprehensions gained from crossing to the ninth stage of Life Destruction were equal to a Divine Lord realm powerhouse going into seclusion for a hundred years!

It was said that those that crossed to the ninth stage of Life Destruction would pa.s.s through the dragon gate to become a true dragon. The difference between the ninth and eighth stage of Life Destruction was the same as the difference between the heavens and earth. Eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists would be mostly stranded in the Divine Transformation realm, with only a small number of them being able to reach the Divine Lord realm after obtaining enough lucky chances.

But a ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist could easily step into the Divine Lord realm and reach even higher boundaries in the future. There was even a faint hope of being an existence on the level of the Phoenix Cry Palace Master!

Amongst all the disciples of Phoenix Hall, of those that were at the ninth stage of Life Destruction, even if Huo Yanguang was included now that would only amount to 29 individuals.

The overwhelming majority of disciples entered Phoenix Hall after breaking through to the Divine Transformation realm. In Phoenix Hall, Divine Transformation realm martial artists occupied the majority and they also had separate training, teaching, and residential areas from the Life Destruction and Divine Sea realm martial artists. This was a natural matter. No matter how poor a Divine Transformation martial artist’s talent was, their strength would still surpa.s.s Lin Ming’s by a large amount. It was fundamentally impossible to teach them in the same way.

There were very few Ninefall martial artists still in the Divine Sea realm. As for those Ninefall Life Destruction martial artists, there was only Huo Yanguang!

Phoenix Hall placed great importance on any Ninefall martial artist. In the process of breaking through to Ninefall, not even the slightest mistake would be tolerated!

“How fierce, far too fierce! Although I knew that Huo Yanguang had a high chance of breaking into Ninefall, I didn’t think he would do it so quickly. Moreover, he did it in such a solid manner. The origin energy clouds in the sky have already gathered for 10 miles, that is an excellent result! Three years ago when Huang Yuegong broke through to the ninth stage of life Destruction his origin energy clouds were only 6-7 miles wide!”

Among ninth stage Life Destruction martial artists were also great differences. When some people broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, they formed origin energy clouds around 3-4 miles wide. In such a small origin energy cloud, the Heavenly Dao contained would certainly be limited. As the body, Revolving Core, and soul entered that cloud, the comprehensions made within would be relatively less.

But for some people, their origin energy clouds would be several times larger. In legends, there were even some Ninefall martial artists that could form origin energy clouds that extended for several dozen miles; that was a truly terrifying area.

Origin energy clouds that were dozens of miles wide were not just ten times larger than an origin energy cloud several miles wide, but rather 100 times larger!

That was the difference in talent of 100 times!

It had to be known that anyone who could break into Ninefall was a dragon amongst men. And to be 100 times stronger than even a dragon amongst men, just what sort of concept was that?

“Incredible, just incredible! The origin energy clouds are only increasing in size. It hasn’t reached the limit yet and it’s already 12 miles wide!”

“12 miles, this number contains the principles of the world. Origin energy clouds are ranked by every three miles. The smallest is three miles, the second rank is six miles, the third rank is nine miles, and the fourth rank is 12 miles. But the ranks of the ninth stage of Life Destruction aren’t called ranks, but the layered heavens. The first rank is one layered heavens and the fourth rank is four layered heavens! Huang Yuegong’s seven mile origin energy cloud could only be considered two layered heavens, but now, Huang Yuegong actually achieved four layered heavens. That is two levels higher than Huang Yuegong!”

“Ah, this really fills the heart with jealousy! There’s already very little hope for the likes of us to cross the ninth stage of Life Destruction. If I even managed to have a three mile origin energy cloud, I would still burn quality incense to my ancestors! But unfortunately, I’ll likely enter the Divine Sea realm at the eighth stage of Life Destruction. At that time, I’ll still be able to stay in Phoenix Hall due to my family clan’s connections, but Huo Yanguang actually managed to reach the fourth layered heavens.”

“Four layered heavens… I really have no idea how many Great Dao Laws fragments are contained in those origin energy clouds and how many dao diagrams are formed. As Huo Yanguang undergoes a baptism within these Laws of heaven and earth, his achievements will only rise further and further in the future. It will be impossible for us to catch up.”

As the surrounding martial artists discussed, some people sighed with emotion, many with envy, and even more with jealousy. Besides Huo Yanguang’s little brothers, there were very few people willing to see Huo Yanguang crawl over them and take up their own resources.

A Ninefall martial artist was an extremely dignified character in Phoenix Cry Palace. Each one had great strength and excelled in their own aspects. Lin Ming knew that the only reason he could beat Huang Yuegong to obtain a top grade saint artifact was because his talent and potential surpa.s.sed his, not because of his strength.

If they really fought, even if Lin Ming had the Phoenix Blood Spear supporting him, chances were he would lose. Huang Yuegong’s cultivation was at the Ninefall early Divine Sea realm.

The heaven and earth dao diagrams constantly formed and shattered, forming and shattering again and again. The origin energy clouds, after expanding to 12 miles, finally started to slowly shrink. After about 45 minutes, the clouds compressed into Huo Yanguang’s residence.

“Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!”

In the roiling origin energy clouds, Huo Yanguang’s loud laugh echoed into the world, directly impacting towards the sky, deafening enough to pierce through clouds and crack stone! An indescribable momentum recklessly surged outward, alarming everyone in the vicinity! At this time, Huo Yanguang had fused together with the Laws of heaven and earth. It was difficult for the eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists and below to resist his mighty aura!

“He’s succeeded! Huo Yanguang has crossed to the ninth stage of Life Destruction and undergone the baptism of world Laws. His future achievements will have no limit!”

“No kidding. Just his aura is unbearable. If we were to fight him, the result could be imagined. We would be beaten into the ground and wasted. The disparity between us far surpa.s.ses our imaginations!”

“After Huo Yanguang crossed to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, the next ones with the greatest chances of crossing into Ninefall should be Lin Ming and Huo Shaoyan. Huo Shaoyan is still at the Revolving Core realm, so it’s still too early for him. The next one should be Lin Ming. I wonder whether or not Lin Ming can successfully enter the ninth stage of Life Destruction?”

“There shouldn’t be a problem. He’s someone who’s favored by Saint Artifact Pavilion’s artifact spirit and the Phoenix Blood Spear which hung in the sky for 36 years was also taken by him. If he can’t cross the ninth stage of Life Destruction then that would truly be a joke.”

“Heh, I’m not too sure about that. Lin Ming has entered Phoenix Hall for only a month but he’s ignored every challenge that has come his way. Perhaps his strength is only a façade. Saint Artifact Pavilion’s artifact spirit might have made a biased judgment. It’s also a life with a consciousness of its own, so that means it can also be selfish in its thoughts!”

As the disciples spoke, the origin energy clouds in the sky had already completely contracted in on themselves. A golden phoenix phantom formed in the sky, unfurling its great wings!

This was an image formed from Huo Yanguang’s life blood essence. Such a rich Ancient Phoenix bloodline was not what Lin Ming could compare with.

“This bloodline…” Lin Ming gazed at the golden phoenix soaring through the air. Compared to his own Ancient Phoenix bloodline, it was simply impossible to compare. Huo Yanguang might have at least several thousand drops of Ancient Phoenix blood within him, and the quality of that Ancient Phoenix blood was also higher. This was the advantage of coming from a distinguished n.o.ble family.

“Good! Very good!” Huo Yanguang’s booming voice carried out into the world. “Four layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction! I’ve finally achieved the baptism of the Heavenly Dao from crossing to the ninth stage of Life Destruction! I’ve heard of this experience countless times before, but this is the first time I’ve personally experienced the Heavenly Dao so closely. My body, dantian, and soul were completely turned into the tiniest of particles and enlightened within the Heavenly Dao! The effects this will have on my future cultivation are incalculable! The phoenix plume blood is truly a wonderful treasure. If I didn’t have it, I fear I would only have been able to form a 10 mile origin energy cloud. Wonderful! Too amazing!”

“Phoenix plume blood! So this was due to the support of phoenix plume blood!”

The surrounding disciples all sighed, many with envy. How could they ever have a chance to enjoy such a high quality type of Ancient Phoenix blood?

“Lin Ming, I already reached the ninth stage of Life Destruction, but why are you still only at the fifth stage? Your training speed is far too slow! Before, you said that if I can put out a sufficient gambling stake, you will fight me. Do you still remember? Now, I will put forth my gambling stake, and that is phoenix plume blood, 10 drops of phoenix plume blood! I will use that to bet against your Phoenix Blood Spear!”

“But I guess that you won’t dare to fight. Even if you have the Phoenix Blood Spear to make up for the difference, you will still lose to the suppressing momentum of my four layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation. You’ll just drop down at the first strike! If you’re too afraid to accept my challenge then that’s fine, but get down on your knees and apologize to me. I won’t bother you over breaking the promises you made!”

A ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist fighting a fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist was simply overwhelming someone with unfair power; even victory wouldn’t be the true martial path. But Huo Yanguang was different. Lin Ming said that as long as Huo Yanguang could put forth a sufficient gambling stake. he’d accept the challenger, and he even shamed Huo Yanguang for it. But now that Huo Yanguang had made his breakthrough and issued a challenge; he even put forth a sufficient gambling stake. Everything he did was logical!

To a proud and arrogant genius, the words one spoke was spilled water that couldn’t be taken back. Reneging on words that were publically spoken wasn’t a glorious matter at all.


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