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Chapter 1301 – Hang Chi

“Little witch, you dare!?”

As the two World Kings from the monster race heard the Monster Prince scream in pain, it was only then that they realized what was happening. They simply didn’t recognize the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art from the start.

The two World Kings moved at the same time.

But at this moment, Vast Cosmos’s figure flashed as he arrived between them and Xiao Moxian. With a wave of his sleeves, the two monster race World Kings were swept away by a surge of wind.

At the same time, Vast Cosmos turned around and struck out his palm. A fierce and strong palm wind shut down the energy connection between Xiao Moxian and the Monster Prince.

As the referee of this match he naturally couldn’t sit around idly and allow this sort of matter to continue. Xiao Moxian absorbing the Monster Prince’s energy and blood vitality was simply going too far.

Xiu xiu xiu!

The Dragon Tendon Whip instantly withdrew. With a loud thud, the Monster Prince fell to the ground.

Xiao Moxian fluttered backwards like a black b.u.t.terfly, lightly landing on the ground. She looked at the pale Monster Prince and a diabolical smile bloomed on her beautiful face, revealing a pair of cute white canines.

As the audience saw this, all of the martial artists felt a chill crawl down their spines. This Xiao Moxian was definitely not easy to deal with. She was sufficiently cruel in her actions. Just because the Monster Prince had hara.s.sed her with some words, she used the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art to deal with him.

Moreover, from the very start, there wasn’t the least bit of anger or killing intent coming from Xiao Moxian. All she did was smile as if this were all an enjoyable little game to her.

Even some heroic young elites who took Xiao Moxian as their heart’s love shrank their necks backwards. They began to wonder whether or not their cheap lives were enough for Xiao Moxian to toss about like that.

Without sufficient ability, if anyone dared to provoke this sorceress then they would have no idea how they would die.

“You little witch, you – !” The two monster race World Kings fumed with anger.

“What did I do wrong?” Xiao Moxian coquettishly blinked her large black eyes, her face one of pure innocence.

“What did you do wrong? You know just what good deeds you have committed! This matter will absolutely not end like this!” The two monster race World Kings had already examined the Monster Prince. He had lost 15% of his total true essence in that attack just now.

This was permanent loss. Even his inner world and the Laws he had comprehended had been swallowed up by the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. If he were to make up for this loss it would take one or two years of hard work and effort.

This loss was far too great for a genius! It would delay their growth!

Xiao Moxian pointed at the pale-faced and nearly unconscious Monster Prince. She began to speak as if she were the one being wronged, “How can you blame me for this? Didn’t you hear him brag about how fierce he was just now? He said he was more powerful than the top master in the Divine Realm and he would become the Monster Emperor in the future. Moreover, he even refers to himself as Lord Monster, an Empyrean of the monster race! I’m just a weak little girl, I was very nervous going on stage!

“I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to beat him so I had to go all-out… my most powerful move is the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, and I thought that someone like him would be able to easily block it, but who knew that this would be the result…”

Xiao Moxian shrugged, her cute mouth curved upwards. Her night-black eyes seemed to speak the truth, appearing innocent to the extreme. Just looking at her made one feel as if she was really telling the truth, and that because she was far too naïve to the world she hadn’t been able to determine the Monster Prince’s true strength thus her attacks had been too heavy-handed.

The two monster race World Kings almost choked on themselves as they heard Xiao Moxian’s explanation.

As for the heroic young elites present, they were dazed for a moment before suddenly bursting into laughter.

Although they were all aware that this Xiao Moxian was a cruel and ruthless little witch, her cute appearance and coy words combined with her movements made everyone feel she was extremely lovable.

Even Fairy Frost Dream was smiling. This Xiao Moxian was absolutely a little imp who loved to court disaster. But with Empyrean Demondawn standing behind her, no one would dare to move against her no matter what she did.

“You… very well, this old man doesn’t care whether what you say is true or false. Now hurry up and return the true essence you stole from our young master!” One of the two World Kings roared.


“I can’t give it back.” Xiao Moxian shook her head. “I also want to return it but I just don’t have that ability. Once I absorb someone’s energy, it will press into a specific location of my inner world and become my own demonic energy that others cannot use.”

The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art could swallow the cultivation of others in order to strengthen oneself. But, it couldn’t increase one’s power infinitely. Within the inner world of a martial artist that cultivated the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, their world power was separated from the world power of others. This was to ensure stability in their foundation.

The two World Kings found it hard to give up like this. But at this time, Vast Cosmos’s icy cold true essence sound transmission echoed in their ears, “I advise you both to stop where you are. Xiao Moxian’s grandfather, Empyrean Demondawn, is also watching everything that is happening from deep within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. That senior has a fickle temperament that can change at a whim and the number of people he has killed is countless. As for whatever war between humans and the monsters, you can simply forget about trying to use something like that to scare him, because he doesn’t care at all. If you both wish to return alive, then you had best know when to give up.”

Vast Cosmos’s words were like a bucket of cold water that poured over the two World Kings, immediately sobering them.

They were used to being arrogant, but today they had really kicked a wall.

This Xiao Moxian’s background was extremely tough!

“That monster is nothing but an idiot, nothing but a toad wanting to eat swan meat. He needs to tuck his tail between his legs and scurry back to where he came from!”

“Hahaha, this is awesome! First Lin Ming beat that idiot to a pulp and now Xiao Moxian has sucked away his strength. This feels too great!”

All of the young heroic elites were ecstatic. They were long sick of seeing this Monster Prince. Since the First Martial Meeting finals started, this was the most enjoyable battle by far.

“Xiao Moxian’s strength is terrifying…”

During this battle, what Lin Ming cared about was not how Xiao Moxian happily ruined the Monster Prince, but how strong she was.

The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art that Xiao Moxian had used had the ability to absorb the Monster Prince’s true essence and blood vitality. That was already terrifying enough, but the true strength of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art was clearly not limited to this alone. The absorbed strength was not wasted, but stored in a certain part of Xian Moxian’s body. It was likely that this strength could be used. It might even be able to be used to directly attack an opponent – that would probably be the strongest attack of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art.

Then, the third match of the second round began.

Jun Bluemoon against Hua Xuan.

This was a match without tension. Hua Xuan simply came up on stage and admitted defeat.

The fourth match: White King against Frost Dream.

White King didn’t hesitate either. He also came up and admitted defeat.

The two matches had far too great a disparity. There wasn’t really any reason to right.

The audience members that wanted to see Frost Dream fight were disappointed.

Before this, Frost Dream had never met a worthy opponent thus she hadn’t revealed any of her strength. No one in the audience knew what Frost Dream’s Laws were or what techniques she used.

Even though Jun Bluemoon and Lin Ming also gave off an unfathomable feeling, at least their general abilities were known.

Those that hoped that White King would be able to force Frost Dream to display some of her abilities were disappointed. The battle didn’t even occur.

“This White King’s luck is really poor…”

Mo Eversnow commented from within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. This should have been the year that Vast Universe Heavenly Palace was able to blossom into wondrous glory. Vast Universe Heavenly Palace wasn’t considered to be amongst the top Empyrean influences, and it was extremely difficult for them to produce a genius like White King. The reason that Empyrean Vast Universe stepped forwards to help conduct the First Martial Meeting was likely because he thought his Heavenly Palace could obtain the limelight.

But now, far too many geniuses had appeared. Every time White King went on stage he would lose. Moreover, it was likely that he would continue losing. Chances were he would even lose to the Monster Prince.

After losing so much on his own home grounds, even though White King had a good mentality and a positive outlook, he would likely feel somewhat embarra.s.sed.

The second round, last match: Hang Chi against s.h.i.+ku!

This s.h.i.+ku was a man of much character; he wasn’t willing to admit defeat.

“Hang Chi! Everyone says you are strong, but I believe that I am also strong. Admitting defeat without fighting it out isn’t my style at all!”

s.h.i.+ku extracted his staff and aimed it towards Hang Chi.

Hang Chi’s 10 fingers and two palms were touching in prayer. He respectfully bowed and slowly said, “Benefactor must be joking. Although Mount Potala’s inheritance is deep, my skeletal age is less than 40 years. The amount I have learned is still limited.”

As Hang Chi said this, many people in the audience also felt this was true. Mount Potala had inheritances gathered over 3.6 billion years, and the number of cultivation methods and rare techniques had long been countless. However, having many cultivation methods didn’t mean that one’s descendants would be strong. Even though there were endless cultivation methods to choose from, one would still only choose a few. Where would they have the time to study more?

Hang Chi said, “Mount Potala possesses six transcendent divine mights and 108 extraordinary skills. I began studying martial arts when I was six years old, but my martial talent is low and I am dull-minded. Until now, I’ve only learnt a tiny bit of a transcendent divine might and of the 108 extraordinary skills, I have only practiced two to a barely adequate level – Backboxing Fist and Leopard Climbing the Wall.”

As Hang Chi said these words, s.h.i.+ku was a bit dumbfounded. Even the audience was left speechless.

The names of these cultivation methods were… too basic!

No matter how one listened to it, it seemed like the most low level martial arts of the mortal world. It didn’t seem at all similar to the mainstream cultivation methods of the Divine Realm.

For instance, hearing about Xiao Moxian’s Heaven Absorbing Demon Art or Dragon Fang’s Three Lives Pupils, they had extremely domineering and mysterious names, as if they were packed with world-shaking powers.

Compared to them, Backboxing Fist seemed as if it would fall apart at any moment.

“Backboxing Fist? Good! Then let me experience it!”

As s.h.i.+ku spoke he immediately attacked, instantly opening all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and combining that with Earth Laws, bringing about his peak combat state. Facing Hang Chi, he simply didn’t dare to underestimate him.

Facing the menacing threat of s.h.i.+ku, Hang Chi unfolded his arms as his entire body emitted crackling sounds.

“Universe Staff!”

s.h.i.+ku smashed out with his staff as the phantom of a Dragon Turtle appeared behind him.

But facing this staff, Hang Chi only used his bare hands.

His moves were electric, not giving enough time for anyone to react. His hand simply grabbed s.h.i.+ku’s staff and spun it around. Although this move seemed simple and plain, it actually touched upon one of the staff’s greatest weaknesses.

This staff was pushed away by Hang Chi!


s.h.i.+ku was shocked. But before he could respond, Hang Chi had already punched out a fist, smas.h.i.+ng into s.h.i.+ku’s protective earth essence barrier.

Ka ka ka!

s.h.i.+ku’s earth essence barrier began to crack apart after a single fist from Hang Chi!

s.h.i.+ku began to panic and fear at the same time. The way his battle unfolded with Hang Chi had completely surpa.s.sed his imagination!

s.h.i.+ku swept out his staff towards Hang Chi’s waist, but Hang Chi suddenly floated away like a piece of cotton, as if he were blown away by the wind around s.h.i.+ku’s staff. He moved like ghosts and G.o.ds as he appeared right behind s.h.i.+ku, his fist pounding out once more.


s.h.i.+ku’s protective earth essence barrier completely shattered! Then, one of Hang Chi’s fingers gently poked a spot on s.h.i.+ku’s back.

This single poke caused s.h.i.+ku’s entire body to go numb. Even the staff in his hands fell to the ground!

“You let me win.”

Hang Chi’s figure flashed and he returned to the point where he stood at the start, as if he had never moved to begin with.


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