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Chapter 1111 – Face Even More Swollen




The Disciplinary Elder and the Supervisory Elder glanced at each other and fell beside White Brook. One was responsible for enforcing laws and the other was responsible for supervising disciples. If someone here was needed to search souls, the task would naturally fall to them.

As for Island Master Xiao Skywhite, he was already standing beside the completely dead White Mirrorjade. His hands were up, ready to start at any time. If he waited too long then even White Mirrorjade’s soul would scatter away.

The truth was that Xiao Skywhite wasn’t proud or happy to have Mo Riverbliss appear. In truth, he actually felt as if he had failed. In the end, he had to summon Mo Riverbliss to clean up this mess. Without her, he simply wasn’t able to stabilize this situation.

“Strength&h.e.l.lip; my strength is not enough. If I had the strength of someone who steadily entered the Holy Lord realm, no one in this sect, high or low, would oppose me so greatly.” Xiao Skywhite thought to himself, making a grim determination for his future.

He turned to White Brook and said, “Elder White, if you will. If you do not start then I shall. If you cannot find the information you want yourself then don’t blame me.”

At this time, White Brook was like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. His entire body trembled with anger. “Good! Then I will search for you. Lin Ming dares to constantly impugn the honor of my White Family again and again, then I will show you today’s proof! In all these many years that Carefree Island has stood tall, my White Family has produced countless extraordinary talents! To betray Carefree Island and send the geniuses of my sect into a deathtrap is a crime that is utterly despised by all. My White Family would never disdain themselves to do such a deed!”

To a distinguished family from a sect that considered itself part of the righteous path, there wasn’t much worse than having one of their disciples collude with those of the demonic path and murder their own fellow disciples. This was a dastardly deed that would forever hang upon the family’s walls.

“Let’s get the ugly talk out of the way. If Mirrorjade is truly a traitor then I will turn his bones to ashes and wipe him away from my family tree forever. I will also apologize to everyone here. But, in turn, if you have all wronged Mirrorjade, then I want Lin Ming to die with him! Since ancient times, an eye for an eye, a life for a life, that has been a completely justified act within all of the heavens and earth!”

As White Brook spoke, he suddenly pointed at Lin Ming, his eyes containing infinite rage and hatred!

When White Brook’s vision touched Lin Ming, Lin Ming felt his scalp tingle. He was very familiar with these eyes, because he had encountered them many times before. This was a hatred that was endless, that would never give up come h.e.l.l or high water. Because of Ouyang Boyan in the past, when Lin Ming ever saw these eyes again, he would always adopt whatever drastic measures needed to completely eradicate this danger by the roots.

Whether it was White Brook now or Ouyang Boyan of the past, Lin Ming hadn’t been able to immediately eliminate them. In particular White Brook; the difference in strength was far too great.

Mo Riverbliss listened to White Brook’s words and sneered, “You want Lin Ming to die too? In my eyes, Lin Ming’s life is thousands and tens of thousands of times more precious than White Mirrorjade’s life or your White Family’s reputation, and yet you want Lin Ming to die? How ridiculous! How much do you think you are worth? Do you have the qualifications to reason with me? Even if Lin Ming wrongly killed White Mirrorjade, then so what. If he killed him then he killed him. I will simply have Lin Ming apologize to everyone here.”

White Brook now deeply realized what it meant to be caught in one’s own trap. Everything he had said to Lin Ming was now being punted back to him by Mo Riverbliss!

White Brook had lived for tens of thousands of years but he had never encountered such an aggrieving situation like today, especially since it was in front of all these people from Carefree Island!

He was used to his own position being high and untouchable. He was the one always giving orders, so when did he ever have to endure such humiliation?

“Do you want to see how much I’m worth? Good! Then let me show you just what my qualifications are! If you have the ability then meet my blade!”

White Brook angrily shouted. He suddenly flourished a sharp blue sword from his spatial ring. This sword was simple and l.u.s.terless. The sword blade was humble, just like a large leaf. But once the sword was brought into the world, its aura was vast and boundless, overwhelming the world!

This was a spirit artifact blade!

Although White Brook was angry, he wasn’t maddened to the point of losing all reasoning. He knew that there was a 99% chance he was not the opponent of this mysterious woman. Thus, he carefully spoke about exchanging a single sword strike with this woman, and directly at that. If this woman was goaded to move, then he would have the advantage. Moreover, this was a single strike. Even if he wasn’t her match, he wouldn’t suffer too much. At the same time, he could also probe just how strong this mysterious woman was. Currently he could only feel that this woman’s aura was terrifying, but as for how overruling she actually was, he had no idea at all. If she was weaker than what he imagined, then he would engage her in a battle to the death even at the cost of his life!

He could not understand why such a mysterious person would appear at Carefree Palace, and why Xiao Skywhite seemed to clearly know of her.

“Sword Setting the Universe!”

White Brook shouted out loud and the power of the world contained within the great dimension in his dantian erupted forth. For a moment, the entire Carefree Palace trembled. As White Brook attacked, an incredible scene occurred. White Brook and Mo Riverbliss seemed to fall into a completely different s.p.a.ce and time, thoroughly isolated from the outside world!

Lin Ming was surprised. He wasn’t sure if this was because of some sort of force field interaction or because these two people’s inner worlds were coming into conflict. At this time, their fight was equal to occurring in a separate dimension. Like this, no matter how terrifying the shock waves and explosions of their battle were, they wouldn’t affect the surroundings. Otherwise, if two Holy Lord level powerhouses fought, this mystic realm where the Council of Elders had convened would likely collapse and be destroyed.

An infinitely extending distortion instantly appeared in the s.p.a.ce around them. Lin Ming saw that all around Mo Riverbliss, brilliant white light began to gather. Then, the heavens filled with endless fields of falling snow. Snow fluttered, drifting down in a radius of over 80,000 miles. The entire separate s.p.a.ce-time was filled with a vast blinding whiteness!

Lin Ming’s eyes widened. From when he first chose the path of martial arts, this battle involved the highest level powerhouses fighting that he had yet to witness. If he could only understand a thousandth of their Concepts or techniques then the advantages would be tremendous.


In that different s.p.a.ce-time, an incomparably t.i.tanic amount of ice energy gathered into a single endless stretch, forming a river of stars that flowed forth for 10,000 miles, completely pa.s.sing through White Brook’s azure sword light!

In that moment, countless cracks appeared in White Brook’s world. Lin Ming could no longer see what was happening. All he saw was white, endless white flooding his field of vision, masking all, burying all.

Then, with a faint blasting sound, the white light suddenly gathered backwards, revealing a pale White Brook. White Brook fell onto his knees. His hair, beard, body, all of it was covered with ice crystals. These ice crystals cut into his skin, piercing through his body, making him tremble as if he were heaving.

“You&h.e.l.lip; you&h.e.l.lip;” White Brook’s voice s.h.i.+vered. The ice energy had sunk into his body, making him feel as if he had been submerged into a freezing sea.  In front of this woman, he felt as if he were a little baby facing an adult, without any strength to resist. If she wanted to, she could likely instantly kill him. The disparity was too great. It was far greater than what he had imagined it would be like!

All of the surrounding Elders were silenced. White Brook was the number one master of Carefree Island, and yet he had been so easily defeated. That meant that if this mysterious woman wanted to, she could kill everyone present!

“Someone like you should not appear in an influence on the level of Carefree Island. Just who are you?” White Brook couldn’t see Mo Riverbliss’ appearance. But, he could faintly feel that she was a peak Holy Lord level existence, or even someone that neared a World King. How could this sort of person appear in Carefree Island, a sect that hadn’t even become a Holy Land yet?

Mo Riverbliss didn’t even bother answering. The situation was now deadlocked. At this time, Xiao Skywhite gave White Brook an exit and said, “Elder White, search his soul. White Mirrorjade’s soul is beginning to fade away.”

“Search his soul&h.e.l.lip;” White Brook’s eyes blurred for a moment before regaining clarity. He deeply looked at Mo Riverbliss for a moment and then walked over to the Supervisory Elder and the Disciplinary Elder, facing White Mirrorjade’s corpse that had been dead for less than half an incense stick of time.

As White Brook saw White Mirrorjade’s gruesome corpse, he felt sadness seep into his heart. He looked up at Lin Ming, gritting his teeth and saying, “I am weaker than others. White Mirrorjade was killed by you and yet I cannot take revenge for him. But remember this. In this world there exists karma. Blood will have blood. You will eventually pay the price for your actions.”

Lin Ming sneered, “Investigate first before you speak again.”

Blood will have blood. To a martial artist, that was indeed an undeniable truth. The world of martial artists was constantly filled with slaughter. If you could kill others, then naturally a stronger person could kill you too. But, for things like karma, that was simply nonsense. In the world of martial artists, it was impossible for completely pure-hearted people to live for thousands of years. Lin Ming had killed many people, but he had also done so with reason, or because his enemies had chosen to walk the road of death to begin with. He did not touch himself with such karma. Even though he had killed countless people, he never worried about this.

White Brook coldly snorted as he saw Lin Ming’s att.i.tude. He resented Lin Ming, but there was nothing he could do.

He poured his soul force into the rapidly-cooling body of White Mirrorjade. At the same time, Xiao Skywhite, the Disciplinary Elder, and the Supervisory Elder also joined in. With the four of them investigating together, the accuracy of their results would be beyond doubt.

The soul searching technique was not some complex or profound ability. But at the same time, the information it could investigate was also on the vague side. As the four people rummaged through White Mirrorjade’s memories, they soon found the memories related to geniuses of other sects.

These memories were filled with suspicion, filled with hate&h.e.l.lip;

After that, they went even deeper. They saw White Mirrorjade obtain the inheritance of a dead Holy Lord, and also the puppets that this Holy Lord level character had left behind in a hidden cave dwelling. White Mirrorjade had used these puppets as tools to communicate with the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain. After every correspondence, the puppet would self-destruct, leaving behind no evidence.

He had joined forces with the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain to murder geniuses of his own sect. He had done this three times already. Of course, this also included his attempt on Lin Ming and Ye Rosewater.

“This&h.e.l.lip; this&h.e.l.lip;” As White Brook saw these memories, his entire body turned to stone. He stood there paralyzed, his hands faintly shaking.

White Mirrorjade had betrayed Carefree Island! This was without a doubt the truth!

When Lin Ming killed White Mirrorjade, he had fully occupied the moral position!

White Brook took a step back, his complexion becoming increasingly pale. His lips opened and closed, but no words came out.

Near him, Xiao Skywhite let out a long sigh and shook his head. As for the Disciplinary Elder and Supervisory Elder, they wisely remained silent.

However, their att.i.tude and response already made the results clear.

All of the Elders present gulped, unable to speak.

Lin Ming’s speculations were true. White Mirrorjade had truly betrayed him and Ye Rosewater!

In the war within the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, Carefree Island could have been said to have burned their bridges and left no avenue for retreat. This was a mission that related to the destiny of Carefree Island as a sect. And yet, because of mere personal grudges and benefits, White Mirrorjade didn’t hesitate at all to betray Ye Rosewater, Lin Ming, and all the others, just to strengthen his own position!

Without a doubt, the reason White Mirrorjade dared to do so was that he relied on his outstanding strength. Even if he was encircled by a number of late Divine Sea geniuses, he would still be able to retreat with his life. But, the other disciples weren’t the same!

Just what sort of evil and wicked act was this!


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