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Chapter 1039 – The Thoughts of G.o.d

As the blood essence thoroughly fused into Lin Ming, it turned into a million wisps of blood that entered all the blood vessels of his body. Lin Ming felt as if his entire body was burning.

In a trance, a strong and overwhelming feeling rushed through Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, blotting out the world. This vast will was like the thoughts of heaven, unbearable and difficult to withstand.

“Is this the will left behind by the G.o.d Beast?”

Lin Ming shut his eyes. In his mind, the scene of a vast sea of flames appeared. This boundless sea of fire stretched for billions of miles. The billowing waves of heat were at an impossibly high temperature! Even when compared to the core of Fire Spirit Star, this sea of flames blazed dozens or even hundreds of times hotter!

“This is a star?”

Lin Ming was surprised and then extremely shocked. This was not just a star, but a super large star. It was a t.i.tan that towered above all blazing stars in the universe!

Within such a fiery star, the inherent energy it contained was incomparably terrifying. If the Sky Spill Continent were tossed inside, the entire continent would be instantly sublimated!

Faintly, Lin Ming was able to see that in the center of this ma.s.sive star, there was a giant golden-red bird. This bird had a body that was nearly 10,000 miles long and its entire body was covered with smoldering flames, as if it had become one with the star itself.

As the bird cried out, its clarion cry could be heard clearly across the entire star. It was like ba.s.s drums that quaked through the marrow, shaking one’s divine soul!

And the aura it exuded was vast and endless, like the infinite universe itself. In front of such a grand being, it was nearly impossible to withstand such a tremendous pressure.

This was… a phoenix?

This was the scene of a phoenix undergoing nirvana!

And it actually underwent nirvana in the center of such a great star!

Lin Ming gasped, finally understanding. After absorbing the drop of phoenix blood essence, he had also absorbed the phoenix’s life essence. Through this, he had become aware of the phoenix’s will as well as a small portion of its memories.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan had obtained its Ancient Phoenix blood from the remnants left behind after a phoenix underwent nirvana, and phoenix blood essence was the same. Thus, this drop of phoenix blood essence contained the residual thoughts of the phoenix as it underwent nirvana.

It was just that Lin Ming never imagined that this phoenix would actually choose the center of a several billion mile wide star to undergo nirvana in.


The phoenix’s entire body erupted with a golden red light. Terrifying flames soared to the heavens, reaching billions of miles high! These flames penetrated through the entire star, shooting out into the endless s.p.a.ce!

When the phoenix was truly undergoing nirvana, the entire star began to shake. Endless flames spewed outwards, forming hundreds of thousands of solar prominences, each great enough to wrap around an entire planet!

As Lin Ming watched the phoenix undergo nirvana with its body bathed in flames, he felt as if he himself had become the incarnation of the phoenix, able to pull in energy from the entire star. His vision increased yet again. Not just broadening, but ascending to another level altogether.

Lin Ming felt as if he had become the master of all between the heavens and earth, a true divine G.o.d!

From his vantage point as a divine G.o.d, he overlooked all the common people of the world, he overlooked the Laws of the universe, he overlooked the creation of all matter!

This sort of viewpoint was indifferent, ruthless, and yet n.o.ble at the same time. This was what scholars meant when they said the world was unbiased and equitable, taking all of existence as nothing more than gra.s.s and dogs. In the eyes of a true divine G.o.d of the heavens, humans were no different from ants, vast seas were no different from a drop of water, and stars were no different from motes of dust. In the eyes of a divine G.o.d, everything was equal without any difference. There was no way to describe such a feeling!

In the scene that played before Lin Ming’s eyes, in that moment, all of it changed!

He could see with his own the finest details of matter, a composition of yin and yang energies.

In the blink of an eye, he could also see the grandest macrocosmic scale of the universe. He saw countless galaxies flow about like vast rivers of liquid mercury. He could see the birth of stars within these galaxies. He could see their growth and also their destruction. He saw the changes of the primary worlds and their evolution over time!

Then, he also saw the power of Laws. He could make out all the changes that happened in the fire within the star, and he could also make out the endless dao diagrams on the phoenix’s bones that came in countless variations. Slowly, ever so slowly, traces of insights began to blossom in Lin Ming’s heart.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt a great many things appear in his mind, as if he had obtained the most precious memories of the universe. But when he wanted to remember them, they fell through his grasp like sand through a net. This feeling was extremely puzzling and mysterious.

“This comprehension of Laws…”

Lin Ming opened his eyes and countless images reappeared in his pupils. It was like galaxies were reflected in his eyes, slowly spinning around.

He knew that this was a memory of the phoenix. It was a memory of when it underwent nirvana as well as some of its understandings towards the Laws. How a phoenix understood the Laws was different from how humanity comprehended Laws from the Heavenly Dao. A phoenix was born with a deep comprehension of Laws. These comprehensions were a memory carved into their very bones!

The Laws inscribed into the marrow of a G.o.d Beast originated from the truths of the Heavenly Dao. These truths were not tainted by the world, nor had they ever been processed through anything; they were truths that were closest to the Source Laws of the universe.

“So from phoenix blood essence, the most precious factor is not that it can transform my bloodline and martial talent, but that the phoenix blood essence itself contains the source memories and Laws of the phoenix. I saw the entire universe from the viewpoint of a G.o.d Beast, and I used the mind of a human to understand it. This is truly a great lucky chance! No wonder the Ancient Phoenix Clan values the phoenix blood essence so much; it is truly marvelous. The Ancient Phoenix Clan likely doesn’t have much phoenix blood essence left. Perhaps a dozen drops or maybe even two dozen drops.”

After realizing all of this, Lin Ming was suddenly enlightened. To look over the source of Laws and composition of matter from the perspective of a divine G.o.d would be a tremendous advantage to his future comprehension of the Laws.

A G.o.d Beast was an existence that approached a true divine G.o.d. They possessed the so-called ‘eyes of heaven’, something that humans did not have. They were beings of a higher realm. However, their comprehension and creativity were lacking. Their great strength originated from the innate gifts they were birthed with as well as their bloodline and genes.

As for a human’s perception and creativity, that was limited by their physical restriction. If they wanted to perceive the Laws of the universe they would encounter great barriers blocking their way.

If Lin Ming was able to integrate both together, his benefits would be enormous!

“This sort of lucky chance is really too rare. I feel as if I’ve already touched the fourth level Concept of the Fire Laws. As long as I have some more time to close up, I should be able to comprehend it! Unfortunately, the time I saw from the perspective of a divine G.o.d was too short. If I were able to stay in that state for longer, my comprehensions would be much greater. In the future, if I can obtain a second or even third drop of phoenix blood essence then I will have another such chance. I have to take the greatest advantage from it that I can.”

As Lin Ming thought this, he also wondered if there was a possibility he would be able to receive the blood essence of other G.o.d Beasts or ‘divine G.o.ds’ in the future. For instance, a G.o.d Beast of the dragon race, or a G.o.d Beast like a Golden-winged Roc or Electric Violet Kirin.

If he could do so then his understandings would be even deeper and more comprehensive. After all, the phoenix only focused on the Fire Laws.

Hu – !

Lin Ming suddenly awoke from the state of sudden enlightenment he entered after absorbing the phoenix blood essence. His eyes shot open and he saw that he was in Huo Violentstone’s divine world.

Huo Violentstone was sitting cross-legged a hundred feet away from Lin Ming. As he sensed Lin Ming open his eyes, he also opened his own.

“Lin Ming, you’ve awoken!”

“Thank you Highest Elder!” Lin Ming bowed. The reason he was able to smoothly absorb the drop of phoenix blood essence was entirely Huo Violentstone’s help.

“Hehe, raising the geniuses of my clan is my duty. I also hope that you can one day create a miracle in the future and surpa.s.s Xiao Daoji or Huo Burning Heaven. I hope that you can become an extreme Holy Lord, and there may even be a slim chance that you will become a World King! However, to do so is far too difficult, far too difficult!”

Huo Violentstone sighed. The birth of a World King level powerhouse was often the c.u.mulative progress of 100 million years. For instance, it was already considered excellent if a World King Family was able to produce a World King every 100 million years! Compared to this, Lin Ming’s reputation as the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s greatest talent for the last several tens of thousands of years wasn’t anything at all.

Huo Violentstone said, “Lin Ming, when I helped transplant the phoenix blood essence into your body, I discovered that you have some ancient Azure Dragon bloodline within you; is that correct?”

“Yes.” Lin Ming nodded. “It is reverse scale blood. When this disciple was in the lower realms world I accidentally stumbled upon an ancient relic left behind by a supreme elder, obtaining this drop of reverse scale blood. It was all because of this drop of reverse scale blood that I was able to increase my martial talent. Otherwise, I would never have had my current achievements.”

In the past, Lin Ming had entered the Sorcerer PaG.o.da in the Southern Wilderness and obtained the drop of reverse scale blood left behind by the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness. The drop of reverse scale blood had nearly been absorbed by the Magic Cube before he managed to fuse together with it. The greatest benefit from this was his improved martial talent. Lin Ming’s martial talent was originally not that great. Without the drop of reverse scale blood, then even with the ethereal martial intent supporting him, he would never have stepped into Life Destruction in his twenties.

“Mm… what a pity. This reverse scale blood is of an extremely high quality; it is no inferior to phoenix marrow or phoenix coronet blood. However, you didn’t have any special bloodline inheritance or technique so you were forced to crudely absorb it. That was truly a waste of heaven’s gifts.”

Huo Violentstone shook his head. Reverse scale blood, dragon marrow blood, dragon horn blood – all of them were extremely high quality types of dragon blood. Every drop was incomparably precious.

The best method would have been for Lin Ming to first absorb a thousand drops of ordinary dragon blood to create a bloodline foundation for him. Then, the reverse scale blood would have been absorbed using a special technique of the Ancient Dragon Clan to improve the overall quality of the dragon bloodline. This would have had the effect of adding the last finis.h.i.+ng touch. Unfortunately, Lin Ming didn’t have such conditions. He had crudely absorbed the drop of reverse scale blood and also diluted it with his own bloodline. The effect was reduced to the equivalent of absorbing some ordinary dragon blood.

“Lin Ming, out of the Divine Realm G.o.d Beast Families, the Ancient Dragon Clan is the most formidable one. This is because there are many different types of Dragon G.o.d Beasts. There is an Azure Dragon, Blood Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Fire Dragon, Black Dragon, Five-clawed Gold Dragon, and Cerulean Dragon. There are even those lesser dragons with fainter bloodlines, such as hornless dragons, winged rain dragons, and others. Even the suanni and chimera can be considered part of the dragon race. They are different from my Ancient Phoenix Clan that only has the Fire Phoenix and Ice Phoenix. The Ancient Dragon Clan have extremely rich bloodline resources. There have been a few World Kings born into their clan. A World King can control a great world of their own, thus their resources are naturally much richer.

“As for my Ancient Phoenix Clan, the Kirin Clan, and the Roc Clan, we are all a great deal worse. The Ancient Dragon Clan is the leader of the four G.o.d Beast Families. On the outside, our four G.o.d Beast Families are all cooperative and mixed up together. Added up, we comprise a World King level influence. You will inevitably become an important figure in my Ancient Phoenix Clan, thus you will one day have to deal with the Ancient Dragon Clan. You must be more attentive to such matters.”

The Ancient Phoenix Clan was inferior to the Ancient Dragon Clan. However, this was not because a phoenix was weaker than a dragon, but because dragons were highly s.e.xual creatures by nature. Their bloodlines multiplied at a far higher rate than a phoenix’s did. If a dragon had nine children, their dragon bloodline would multiply by 10 times. Moreover, there were far more types of dragons to begin with.


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