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With such dramatic changes within High Heaven Pavilion, it was naturally impossible to conceal it from the nearby Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall’s eyes and ears.

Over the past days, the Hu Sisters had visited High Heaven Pavilion many times to see Su Yan and offer words of condolences, but also to inquire about Yang Kai.

However, others within the Blood Battle Gang were not as sympathetic. During the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave incident, Meng Wu Ya had fought the Blood Battle Gang’s ten strongest Immortal Ascension Boundary masters single handedly, which caused the Blood Battle Gang to lose a great deal of face. Additionally, many involved in that conflict, especially Long Zai Tian, had been seriously injured, and even until now were not able to completely recover, so now that it was High Heaven Pavilion’s turn, Long Zai Tian and several other Elders took the opportunity to add as much insult to injury as possible.

As this was happening, Sect Master Hu Man also took a policy of opening one eye and closing the other, letting Long Zai Tian act as he pleased.

The Storm Hall was also the same and actively recruited the displaced High Heaven Pavilion disciples while not so subtly coveting High Heaven Pavilion’s hundreds of years worth of heritage.

Of course, no one was more aware of the dire straits they were in than those within High Heaven Pavilion.

“Once the Sect’s dissolution is complete, where will we go?” Su Yan faintly sighed. She had grown up inside High Heaven Pavilion for so many years, and it had been her home, but now that this tragedy had suddenly struck. Even if she had a firm and steady temperament, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat sad and confused.

Hearing her words, Yang Kai smiled gently, squeezed her hands slightly as he brought her into his embrace. Then he intertwined their fingers and brought her face close to his own, and the depressed mood gradually became calm.

“If it comes to that, we can go to Medicine King’s Valley Hidden Cloud Peak and join up with Treasurer Meng and Little Senior Sister.” Yang Kai whispered.

Given Xiao Fu Sheng’s immense prestige, protecting a small group of people would be no problem.

Although he was a direct descendant of the Yang Family, he was forbidden to return right now, so naturally he couldn’t bring Su Yan there.

Su Yan nodded slightly and suddenly smiled sweetly as she said, “It has been a long time since I spoke with Junior Sister Xia. Are you two now…”

“Not yet,” Yang Kai said with an awkward laugh.

“You have to do your best, Junior Sister Xia is has a pure innocent and naive demeanor, on top of that she is incredibly cute, don’t let her fall into the hands of some other man.” Su Yan smiled meaningfully.

(Silavin: Official wife has given her stamp of approval. Hazzar!)

To which Yang Kai could only nod awkwardly.

At that time.

Suddenly, feeling a Divine Sense swept over them, Yang Kai’s expression slightly changed, and he gazed seriously in the direction the probe had come from, “A master cultivator has arrived!”

Su Yan quickly sat up, and a worried expression flashed across her cold and beautiful face flashed, and she quietly asked, “Where are they?”

“Ah… no need to be nervous, it’s an acquaintance.” Yang Kai frowned slightly in confusion.

He could clearly sense the arrival of this Immortal Ascension Boundary master. It was not that he had received some kind of information from the previous Divine Sense wave, but the other party had so blatantly used his Divine Sense that all of the High Heaven Pavilion Immortal Ascension Boundary masters should have felt it.

Mover, this person’s Divine Sense fluctuations were very familiar. At the very least, Yang Kai should have met him face to face before, it was just that he could not tell exactly whose Divine Sense it was.

“We should go take a look!” Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before saying when he detected many guards rus.h.i.+ng over along with Ling Tai Xu and the remaining Elders, so he had Su Yan quickly left her house and flew over to join the others.

Before they had closed the distance, Yang Kai heard Ling Tai Xu call out, “Which friend has come to visit my High Hall Pavilion?”

From the distance, a somewhat old and plain voice responded, “Sect Master Ling!”

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai frowned even more and accelerated a bit before soon arriving at Ling Tai Xu and the four Elder’s side, and he took up a position behind Ling Tai Xu.

Seeing Yang Kai and Su Yan arrive side by side, a few of the Elder’s faces suddenly cramped up, especially Su Xuan Wu. Although he had already known that his granddaughter and Yang Kai certainly had something more than just a fellow disciple relations.h.i.+p between them, seeing it with his eyes, especially the lingering blush still present on Su Yan’s cold face, the Second Elder couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

At that moment the Second Elder couldn’t help glaring at Yang Kai, as he seethed in anger!

Yang Kai just laughed and said nothing.

From the distance, a silhouette quickly approached and came to a stop in front of everyone.

After seeing this man’s appearance, Ling Tai Xu asked curiously, “Aren’t you the Dong Family’s… Wind Guardian?”

Chuckling lightly, the old man cupped his fists and said, “This old man is indeed who you say. I have taken the liberty to visit you, I hope you can forgive me for not sending prior notice.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, and he quickly asked, “Senior, what exactly has happened?”

The Dong Family’s two Wind and Cloud Guards had always been accompanying Dong Qing Han in order to protect him, but now, all of sudden, at this critical time, the Wind Guard had made a trip to High Heaven Pavilion; apparently Dong Qing Han had a very important message to deliver to him.

Otherwise he would not have sent such an important figure to convey it.

The Wind Guard glanced over and nodded slightly before saying, “Young Master Yang, my Young Lord ordered me to inform you to leave High Heaven Pavilion as quickly as possible or you will encounter great danger.”

“Because of the Demon Lord?” Yang Kai frowned, as he realized the problem.

The Wind Guard was slightly surprised but quickly collected himself, “It seems you are already prepared.”

He now understood why, when he had swept High Heaven Pavilion with his Divine Sense, he had not noticed many people around, which was quite different from when he had last visited.

Ling Tai Xu nodded, “Naturally, we have prepared.”

The Wind Guard hastily followed up, “Then why are you all still here? You must leave quickly, the force on their way now is not one High Heaven Pavilion can resist.”

“Who is coming?” Su Xuan Wu hearing how seriously this old man was speaking couldn’t help but frown.

“It is… the Qiu Family!” The Wind Guard exclaimed.

“One of the Eight Great Families?” Wei Xi Tong and all the others were stunned.

“Correct, the Qiu Family is leading them. The Bai Family is also coming, along with members of the Purple Fern Valley. Against the combined might of these three forces, even my Dong Family will not be able to resist.” The Wind Guard sincerely entreated, “You should not try to act brave here, find somewhere to hide in the wilderness. So long as you preserve your life, there is still hope.”

The Demon Lord having come from High Heaven Pavilion was such a big deal that the Eight Great Families getting involved was something Yang Kai could understand, after all, in the war to come all of them would be involved, but the Bai Family and the Purple Fern Valley tagging along was unexpected.

Them joining this punitive force was likely because of Yang Kai defeating Bai Yun Feng last time, which caused him to lose face, so they had come specially to add insult to injury.

“They will be here soon; this Old Master had to hurry all the way here in order to arrive first, but I estimate that they will catch up within half a day.” The Wind Guard hurriedly explained before once more urging, “I have delivered the message, so I shall take my leave!”

Obviously he could not remain here. If the Qiu Family people discovered him, explaining his presence would be very troublesome.

As soon as the Wind Guard finished speaking he quickly turned and left, leaving behind a group of shocked people.

Wei Xi Tong hesitated, “Why did he come here to deliver such a warning, is he perhaps trying to deceive us?”

However, Ling Tai Xu shook his head lightly, “No, Yang Kai and his Young Master have some friends.h.i.+p; this warning was sent purely out of good intentions, there is no reason to doubt it.”

Hearing this, the four Elders looked towards Yang Kai in surprise, not understanding how he had become friends with someone of Dong Qing Han’s stature.

“Spread the word, all remaining High Heaven Pavilion members are to quickly pack their belongings and gather beside the Coiling Dragon Stream within an incense stick!” Ling Tai Xu ordered decisively.

Finished, he quickly redirected his sight, “Yang Kai, you stay.”

“Yes, Sect Master!”

The Four Elders having received their orders hurriedly left, leaving only Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu behind.

“Do you remember the position of the Void Corridor we used last time?” Ling Tai Xu suddenly asked.

“Disciple remembers.”

“Good, proceed to that place and begin injecting your True Qi into it, the Spirit Array at that position will automatically activate once it has been charged. Once the Void Corridor is open, lead everyone away from here so that our pursuers cannot catch up. After leaving, destroyed the Spirit Array then find a place to settle down; remember, before the situation becomes clear, do not come out of hiding…”

“Grand Master are you not coming as well?” Yang Kai vaguely understood from the tone of his voice and couldn’t help looking surprised.

“My High Heaven Pavilion has not done anything wrong; it was just that this old master had not been decisive enough, so why must all of you suffer for that?” Ling Tai Xu chuckled lightly, “If this Old Master comes along with all of you, he will only make things more difficult for the survivors of High Heaven Pavilion. I will stay behind to confront the punitive force and explain everything to them, that it was my fault and mine alone that this new Demon Lord came into existence, and then ask them if it is necessary to destroy my Sect because of that. Their forces had all given rise to evil people, did they all have to suffer punishment because of that?”

“They have come all this way with such aggressive intent, will they really be willing to listen to reason?” Yang Kai asked anxiously.

“It matters not, I have made my decision!” Ling Tai Xu’s will was firm, suddenly showing a confident smile, “In any case, even if it turns into a fight, whether or not they are worthy to be my opponent… heh!”

Yang Kai was startled, staring for a moment, “Grand Master, you…”

“Indeed, it is all thanks to your a.s.sistance!” Ling Tai Xu nodded firmly.

Above Immortal Ascension Boundary! After spending ten long years shackled by his past, he had finally had a breakthrough; it was the only joyous event in the past few months for High Heaven Pavilion.

Knowing that his Grand Master had reached the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, the worries within Yang Kai’s heart diminished greatly, and he no longer attempted to persuade him otherwise and instead quickly set off.

All those who had remained in High Heaven Pavilion had quickly a.s.sembled beside the Coiling Dragon Stream.

Yang Kai once again saw many familiar faces, including Su Mu whom he had not spoken with in over a year. What was more surprising was that Su Mu has also managed to raise his cultivation to the Separation and Reunion Boundary Ninth Stage.

“Senior Brother Yang…” Su Mu shouted out in excitement, followed closely behind by Li Yun Tian and the others.

“Long time no see!” Yang Kai smiled as he swept his eyes over the crowd. In addition to Su Mu, the others gathered here had also grown a lot. All of them had reached at least the Qi Transformation Stage.

“Heh heh… should I call you Senior Brother, or brother-in-law?” Su Mu looked at Yang Kai with a big grin on his face, apparently he already knew what had happened between Yang Kai and Su Yan.

“Up to you!” Yang Kai brushed his nose.

“Brother-in-law, you are too awesome!” Su Mu looked at Yang Kai and gave him a big thumbs up and quietly whispered “I’ve always thought that Elder Sister would end up all alone, I never expected that she would be conquered by you, astonis.h.i.+ng! Quickly, tell me how you did it.”

However, just as those words slipped out, Su Yan glared towards them with an especially cold look, causing Su Mu’s neck to shrink up and his body to quiver, immediately silencing him.

“Is this everyone?” Wei Xi Tong, Su Xuan Wu and the other Elders glanced back and forth, loudly asking.

“Where is Sect Master?” He Bei Shui suddenly asked.

“Sect Master has decided to stay behind!” Yang Kai declared.

“What?” Wei Xi Tong and everyone else were stunned.

The four Elders all looked at each other, their eyes flas.h.i.+ng a resolute light.

Wei Xi Tong quickly said, “Heh heh, if Sect Master has decided not to leave, then I will as well, Second Junior Brother, you escort everyone else out of here right now.”

But in response Su Xuan Wu just proudly laughed, “First Senior Brother must be joking, I also wish to follow Sect Master; Third Junior Brother, you should be the one to escort everyone here out!”

He Bei Shui also laughed and turned towards You Zi Zai, “Fifth Junior Brother, you’re the youngest of us, this responsibility falls to you.”

You Zi Zai glanced around, but since there was no Elder younger than he, all he could do was scratch his cheek and say, “I also will not leave.”


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