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Chapter 2483 , Battle Between Great Emperors’ Daughters

Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

The Martial Beast Great Emperor was one of the current Ten Great Emperors. He tamed ten thousand beasts, possessed superb strength, and was exceptionally crafty.

It was just that he was a relatively low-key person, so his deeds were rarely known, and he did not build a grand Sect like the Bright Moon Great Emperor or the Serene Soul Great Emperor, instead choosing to live a life of seclusion on Spirit Beast Island.

Mo Xiao Qi had an extraordinary ident.i.ty, the daughter of the Martial Beast Great Emperor. No one dared to fight with her here as no one could bear the consequences of doing so.

Even a guy like Feng Xuan could use Soul Descent on his own son, so no one would risk putting Mo Xiao Qi’s life at stake as it might anger Martial Beast Great Emperor and cause him to perform Soul Descent too. No one could stand against the rage of a Great Emperor.

Therefore, Yang Kai was anxious seeing Mo Xiao Qi fighting with someone, and asked in a distressed tone, “Why don’t you go up and help?”

Liu Yan replied faintly, “I can’t help.”

Yang Kai was stunned. Turning back though, he finally saw clearly who was fighting with Mo Xiao Qi.

It was a young, extremely beautiful woman who was fighting blow for blow with Mo Xiao Qi in an intense battle.

Yang Kai knew this woman too.

She was the daughter of the Bright Moon Great Emperor of the Southern Territory’s Star Soul Palace, Princess Lan Xun!

Yang Kai was speechless.

Both of them had similarly high-profile ident.i.ties, both were daughters of Great Emperors, only they would dare fight one another.

“Why did they start fighting?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“No idea, they just started fighting after their eyes met,” Liu Yan answered.

“Such a thing occurred?” Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat.

However, that meant these two women recognized each other and knew each other’s ident.i.ty. Perhaps due to their youthfulness and desire to excel, the two women, who had not much of a gap between their status, decided to compete for the t.i.tle of superiority.

But even if they wanted to compete, they should look for a more proper time and place. This was the Shattered Star Sea, not a place to settle petty grievances.

After not seeing them for a few years, both Mo Xiao Qi and Lan Xun had reached the Third-Order Dao Source Realm. The apt.i.tude of two daughters of Great Emperors was obviously unquestionable seeing how they could obtain such a great achievement in such a short time. Yang Kai knew that Lan Xun inherited the Bright Moon Ethereal Body of the Bright Moon Great Emperor, while even though Mo Xiao Qi did not have any Special Const.i.tution, she was born able to control various Monster Beasts to fight for her, and as the daughter of the Martial Beast Great Emperor, she had learned extremely profound and mysterious Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities since childhood.

At this moment, the two women were fighting a heated battle. In comparison with Lan Xun’s elegance and calmness, Mo Xiao Qi was much feistier. She seemed to have performed some kind of Secret Technique and now her whole body was agile like a leopard, with traces of beast markings apparent on her face, giving her an extremely wild aura.

Neither of them used their artifacts and were just competing with their honed techniques.

With just a few glances, Yang Kai knew that the two of them were equal. Lan Xun’s Bright Moon Ethereal Body somehow made her figure s.h.i.+ft strangely and unpredictably so Mo Xiao Qi could not break through her defences with her frenzied attacks. When Mo Xiao Qi was exhausted and switched from offence to defence, Lan Xun would take the opportunity to strike back, and so this cycle went round and round.

Somewhere not too far away was a man watching nervously, yelling from time to time, “Princess, be careful! Don’t get yourself hurt!”

Xiao Chen!

As a loyal admirer of Princess Lan Xun, this guy would definitely appear wherever Lan Xun was.

His anxiety made him break out in a cold sweat. If others dared to attack Lan Xun, he would have gone up to teach them a severe lesson without hesitation, but Mo Xiao Qi was no ordinary person, so even though Xiao Chen had broken through to the Emperor Realm, he still could not interfere and could only watch from the side.

Just when Xiao Chen was worried, he sensed someone flying towards him. He turned his head and saw Yang Kai faintly smiling in front of him.

He swept his eyes over Yang Kai and snorted coldly, “It’s you!”

He obviously remembered Yang Kai. During the time in the Four Seasons Realm, Yang Kai refined the Extraordinary Treasure Pill which caused a great storm. Xiao Chen would certainly have a deep impression of such a person.

Yang Kai chuckled, “Brother Xiao, I haven’t seen you for many years. Congratulations on breaking through to the Emperor Realm.”

Xiao Chen replied proudly, “It’s nothing worth being congratulated for. With the gifted apt.i.tude of this Young Master, breaking through to the Emperor Realm was only a matter of time.”

Yang Kai was exasperated at his shameless boast.

However, despite his arrogant att.i.tude, Xiao Chen was indeed talented, otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to reach the Emperor Realm so quickly.

Xiao Chen continued, “I remember that you consumed an Extraordinary Treasure Pill in the Four Seasons Realm back then, so why are you still in Dao Source Realm? Tsk tsk, looks like your apt.i.tude is inadequate, what a waste of such a good pill!”

Yang Kai smiled indifferently, “Yes, if the Extraordinary Treasure Pill was given to Brother Xiao back then, perhaps Brother Xiao would have broken through to the Emperor Realm sooner.”

“Naturally!” Xiao Chen was flattered, but soon he questioned suspiciously, “Why are you looking for me?”

Yang Kai’s face turned solemn as he looked over towards the battlefield of the two women and said, “Brother Xiao, why are you just standing here? How can Princess Lan Xun, with such honourable status, be allowed to fight with someone here? If this news reached the ears of the Bright Moon Emperor. I believe that Sir would not forgive you easily, and it would be even more serious if something happened to her. It would be best to hurry up and separate them.”

Xiao Chen revealed a bitter face as his previous pride and arrogance vanished at once as he complained, “I would have separated them if I could without you telling me. Do you know who that woman battling with the princess is?”

“Who?” Yang Kai turned and asked innocently.

“What a b.u.mpkin, you don’t even know her background?” Xiao Chen curled his lip in disdain, “But it also makes sense that a mediocre person doesn’t know about the ident.i.ty of that girl. Fine, today this Young Master will open your eyes. Listen, that girl is the daughter of the Martial Beast Great Emperor!”

“Martial Beast Great Emperor?” Yang Kai showed a surprised face.

Xiao Chen snorted, “Are you scared now? Now you know why this Young Master can only watch, but not intervene. These two are basically both Princesses, whoever offends one of them would definitely suffer… It’s really hard to be a man…”

He sighed deeply with a miserable expression.

Yang Kai persuaded, “But we also can’t just let them fight like this anymore. Even though the two of them seem to be exchanging pointers right now, once a fire has been sparked, it can quickly grow out of control, and the consequences will be unimaginable! You know that women are always more compet.i.tive when faced with other women, so if neither side backs down, this may even turn into a battle to the death!”

Xiao Chen shuddered with his face turning pale, as if he could foresee such a horrible scene and he nervously asked, “Will it really end up like that? Don’t make it seem worse than it is.”

Yang Kai sternly answered, “Anything is possible, it’s important to separate them now.”

Xiao Chen gulped, “How can I do so? The Princess doesn’t even listen to me. Unless I go up and intervene directly… “

“Then just go up and intervene directly to separate them!” Yang Kai responded solemnly, “Brother Xiao, you are an Emperor Realm Master now, how hard could it be for you to separate two little girls?”

“I guess so…” Xiao Chen muttered, staring at Yang Kai with a meaningful glare, “But why do I feel like… you are trying to get me into trouble. Boy, are you jealous of me being more handsome than you?”

“Why would I!?” Yang Kai responded with a strong sense of righteousness, “I’m just considering the safety of the Princess. I’m also a cultivator from the Southern Territory and I do not wish to see the Princess get hurt. Any harm to such a perfect being is blasphemy!”

Xiao Chen nodded in agreement and replied with a fiery look in his eyes, “You are right. Her Highness cannot be allowed to get hurt! They must be separated immediately!”

“Brother Xiao, go forth!” Yang Kai urged.

But Xiao Chen suddenly grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and said, “Since you are so enthusiastic and loyal, then you join me. I will be in charge of stopping Princess Lan Xun, while you will be in charge of stopping the other Princess. Okay?”

Without waiting for Yang Kai’s affirmation, he dragged him forward at lightning speed.

Yang Kai looked completely stunned, secretly scolding Xiao Chen in his heart.

At first, he was planning to con Xiao Chen into interfering to cease this meaningless battle, but despite Xiao Chen’s wanton arrogance and stupid att.i.tude, he was actually quite sharp-witted and dragged Yang Kai into the mud together with him.

But under the current circ.u.mstances, Yang Kai did not have the time to worry that much and could only cooperate with Xiao Chen.

When they got closer, Xiao Chen suddenly threw Yang Kai directly into the centre of the two women’s fight and shouted, “Princesses, please stop. Let’s talk about this, we don’t need to fight.”

[Xiao Chen, I hope all your Ancestors rot in h.e.l.l!]

Yang Kai cursed Xiao Chen in his heart. He did not expect this guy to be so sinister and insidious, throwing him like a stone into the battlefield. Obviously, he was using him as a distraction, so that it would be easier for him to intervene in the fight.

While still flying through the air, Yang Kai forcibly adjusted his posture to stabilize his stance. He did not dare to make any rash moves and only pushed his Source Qi to protect himself.

He was then thrown into the middle of a disaster.

Several bangs were heard, followed by a groan from Yang Kai.

Both Lan Xun and Mo Xiao ceased their actions and withdrew a few dozen metres, staring at Yang Kai in a daze.

The two women were not mindless butchers who slaughtered the innocent, so they instantly stopped as soon as they noticed someone broke into their battlefield and was accidentally injured by them.

Mo Xiao Qi looked at the visitor anxiously and worried if his injuries would be fatal; however, her beautiful eyes lit up in the next moment and the beast patterns on her face faded rapidly.

“Big Brother Yang!” She called out to Yang Kai in surprise and joy.

Yang Kai grinned at her then rushed forward to keep her separated from Lan Xun with a hug.

On the other side, Xiao Chen, who followed after Yang Kai closely, could not help but gasp at this scene, secretly feeling amazed by the latter’s boldness.

He actually just wanted to sacrifice Yang Kai to help separate the two princesses, but he did not expect this little brat to actually go so far as to lay hands on Mo Xiao Qi.

[This, this, this little brat really has some nerve being rude to a Princess like her!]


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