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Chapter 2189, Mature

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“Hmph, Xia Sheng, although your words sound cheap, I at least agree with your sentiment. This Wu Chang owes nothing to anyone, not even to Heaven!” Wu Chang also expressed his agreement.

Zhuang Bu Fan smiled, “Your Highness, you should boldly claim what is yours, there is no need to refuse!”

Lan Xun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a while.

Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat from his brow as he commented, “Listening to all of you, it’s as if the furnace of Extraordinary Treasure Pills will certainly succeed. If it does not, wouldn’t that disappoint all the Princess’ pains?”

“Why are you not confident?” Lan Xun raised her brow and asked.

“It’s not a matter of confidence,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “It’s just… no Alchemist can guarantee that he will succeed a hundred percent of the time. Just in case, I should ask… if the refinement fails, what will happen?”

“We’ll kill you!” Wu Chang looked at him coldly.

“The pressure is big,” Yang Kai wiped his forehead again.

Lan Xun smiled and said, “Put your best into it.”

As she spoke, she flew over and handed over her own Jade Blood Mushroom to Yang Kai. Yang Kai accepted it and nodded after a brief inspection, “Princess is right, this Jade Blood Mushroom has a medicinal age of at least eight thousand years, plenty for this purpose. What’s more… from the slight traces on it, it appears it was not picked here in the Four Seasons Realm.”

“En, I found this a few years ago and it has been sitting in my s.p.a.ce Ring ever since,” Lan Xun replied.

“Alright then, now all the materials have been gathered,” Yang Kai quickly stored the Jade Blood Mushroom into his s.p.a.ce Ring before glancing around and asking, “Do you still want me to refine a furnace of Dao Source Grade Spirit Pills to prove my abilities?” Pausing here, he soon said, “I shall say this first, I have no problem proving myself, but as all of you know, Alchemy consumes a lot of energy. If I were to not be at my peak when the time comes to refine the Extraordinary Treasure Pill, and the refining fails as a result, I won’t take responsibility!”

After saying this, everyone frowned.

Because what Yang Kai said was indeed correct.

If everyone insisted on him proving himself, he would need to refine a furnace of Dao Source Grade Spirit Pills right now! But doing so would undoubtedly consume a lot of his Source Qi and Spiritual Energy. There was less than a day until the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus matured, at that point Yang Kai would need to refine another furnace of Dao Source Grade Spirit Pills. In other words, he would need to perform two very difficult refinements within a single day. This kind of high-intensity Alchemy would be quite taxing on any Dao Source Grade Alchemist.

If Yang Kai was already exhausted when the time came, it would definitely have an impact on refining the Extraordinary Treasure Pill.

“In my opinion, there’s no need for that anymore…” Lan Xun smiled lightly, “The reason for the prior proposal was simply because we could not be certain Brother Yang was really an Alchemist; but now, I believe that is no longer in doubt. If Brother Yang was not an Alchemist, how could you have known the pill recipe for the Extraordinary Treasure Pill or be able to distinguish the medicinal age of Jade Blood Mushrooms so quickly and accurately?”

“What her Highness says makes sense!” Zhuang Bu Fan nodded, “Just from the fact that Brother Yang had already begun preparing the appropriate Alchemy materials before we arrived, there should be no doubt he is a Dao Source Grade Alchemist. Brother Yang, take a good rest. When the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus matures tomorrow, act with a free hand!”

“Since you’ve said so, I will focus on adjusting my condition!” Yang Kai immediately took advantage of the situation and sat down, shutting his eyes tight!

Although there were still some suspicious people, with Lan Xun and Zhuang Bu Fan speaking up for Yang Kai, even if they had doubts in their hearts, they dared not speak them. Everyone could only wait for tomorrow to come, at which point everything would become clear.

The scene suddenly quieted down.

The cultivators who had gathered around looked for good spots before sitting down cross-legged to meditate while trying to restore their states to their peak.

Because everyone understood clearly that if Yang Kai failed in his Alchemy, he would be the only one to suffer everyone’s anger and disappointment, but if he succeeded, aside from the one which would be reserved for Lan Xun, the remaining Extraordinary Treasure Pills would need to be fought over!

In front of such a huge opportunity, even if characters like Wu Chang, Xia Sheng, Zhuang Bu Fan, and Xiao Chen were present, no one would shrink back!

If they missed this chance, many of them would never have an opportunity to break through to the Emperor Realm for the rest of their lives! However, if they could just s.n.a.t.c.h one of the Spirit Pills, their chances of breaking through would increase dramatically.

Therefore, everyone was resting and building up their strength. This caused the whole place to become oddly quiet. At the same time, a kind of blockade was set up all around Yang Kai and the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, preventing him from escaping.

Wu Chang was particularly vigilant as he didn’t even seem to rest, instead just sat cross-legged and staring straight at Yang Kai, making sure he could react immediately should Yang Kai try anything!

The invisible stalemate was the most important reason that everyone agreed to let Yang Kai refine the Extraordinary Treasure Pill instead of just trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus!

There was only one Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, and no one, not even Wu Chang, was confident they could obtain it.

Rather than fight a battle they weren’t certain they could win, it was better to let Yang Kai try to refine this lotus into pills, which if successful, would multiply the number of opportunities they had to gain something. As for Yang Kai with his pitiful First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, under the gaze of so many people, he couldn’t run away after he finished his refinement.

In this regard, everyone was confident, so they settled in and waited for the arrival of tomorrow, when Yang Kai would refine the Extraordinary Treasure Pill!

“Senior Brother, this situation is not good,” after a break, Xiao Bai Yi suddenly sent a Divine Sense message to Xia Sheng.

“I know!” Xia Sheng responded calmly, “Don’t worry, I’ve made arrangements. When Brother Yang succeeds in his refinement tomorrow, we’ll cooperate with him to cut open an escape route. The rest of our Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters will a.s.sist us from the outside.”

“No wonder I didn’t see anyone else coming, are they all waiting at the exit?” Xiao Bai Yi asked without changing his expression.

Xia Sheng grinned and replied, “How can we allow a treasure like the Extraordinary Treasure Pills fall into the hands of other Sects? All we need to do now is get Brother Yang to cooperate.”

“And what if he doesn’t cooperate?” Xiao Bai Yi asked.

“Then knock him out and carry him off,” Xia Sheng replied.

Xiao Bai Yi’s face twitched as he lowered his head in shame, “I’m not his opponent!”

“Huh?” Xia Sheng turned his head and stared at Xiao Bai Yi in amazement, asking in surprise, “Xiao Bai, since when did you become so unconfident? Brother Yang has indeed beat Xue Yi, which is already quite amazing. Even if it was you or I, I doubt we would have been able to achieve the same with just his current cultivation, but right now, there should still be a big difference between us.”

“If I didn’t have a good reason, I wouldn’t have made such an embarra.s.sing statement!” Xiao Bai Yi suddenly turned serious.


“In the Flowing Time Temple, I fought him,” Xiao Bai Yi said, “And the result was… my defeat.”

“Are you cracking a joke with me?” Xia Sheng’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“How can I make such a shameful joke now?” Xiao Bai Yi said with a solemn face, “Moreover, if I’m not mistaken, it’s not just me who is not his opponent, Zhuang Bu Fan also isn’t.”

“Huh… you mean!” After Xia Sheng asked, he immediately sent a thoughtful glance towards where Zhuang Bu Fan was and asked in amazement, “You mean… before we arrived here, when those two fought… Zhuang Bu Fan was the one who lost?”


“How could that be?”

Xiao Bai Yi sneered, “Nothing is impossible. Why else do you think Zhuang Bu Fan spoke up for Yang Kai so fervently?”

Xia Sheng frowned and said, “You mean, Yang Kai showed mercy in their battle, so Zhuang Bu Fan…”

“Could there be any other reason?” Xiao Bai Yi asked with a faint glance.


Xia Sheng finally couldn’t help drawing a sharp breath as he muttered, “I knew those two fought, but I thought it was Yang Kai who was defeated… He’s only a First-Order Dao Source Realm, how could he possibly be that strong?”

“How should I know? Would you have believed he was a Dao Source Grade Alchemist before? Do you even believe it now?”

Xia Sheng’s face twitched as he shut his mouth.

After a long silence, he focused his gaze and said, “It’s alright, I’ll negotiate with Brother Yang, and I believe he’ll cooperate. If he wants to survive, he shouldn’t have any other choice.”

“I hope…” Xiao Bai Yi responded, uncertain.

As the pair from Azure Sun Temple secretly communicated, most of the other cultivators gathered were having similar exchanges. People who knew one another here were secretly forming alliances, preparing to confront the many powerful enemies around them. As for how to divvy up the Extraordinary Treasure Pills after they succeeded, they could discuss that later.

For most cultivators, the most important matter to consider was how to obtain the Extraordinary Treasure Pills.

Time pa.s.sed slowly.

Yang Kai focused on restoring himself.

Refining the Extraordinary Treasure Pill would be a real test for him, so regardless of anything else he wanted to be in peak condition. Even the slightest weakness may cause the refining to fail.

Once the refining failed, he would become the target of everyone’s anger, and even if he had great confidence in his abilities, escaping from such a siege would not be easy.

The movements around him, the Divine Sense messages being pa.s.sed back and forth, even Wu Chang’s constant glares were unable to affect him though as his mood gradually calmed down and he entered a type of ethereal state.

Under such great pressure, he actually became unprecedentedly tranquil.

A rich medicinal fragrance filled the air as halos of light continued to blossom.

The Heavenly Manifestation became more and more apparent, filling the sky with colourful clouds that appeared and disappeared mysteriously.

As for the white petals of the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, they bloomed gradually…

At a certain moment, the world shook as the World Energy in the surrounding region trembled. The Heavenly Manifestation contracted fiercely, sucking in a vast and terrifying amount of energy before it poured down from the sky like a funnel cloud into the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus.

The seemingly fragile spirit flower not only survived this intense infusion unscathed, but it also became even more radiant and vibrant as it did.

Tiny runes suddenly appeared around the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, seemingly containing untold mysteries.

Between the Heavens and Earth, faint celestial music resounded like morning bells and evening drums, shocking everyone present. Next, under all of the gathered eyes, the petals of the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus finally bloom completely!

A far richer medicinal fragrance filled the air, making all who sniffed it refreshed. This enticing scent caused many people to grow restless as well, and many couldn’t wait to rush up and stuff this Extraordinary Treasure Lotus into their bellies!

As if their instincts were slowly consuming them, many cultivators showed greedy eyes as they stared towards the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, with a few even beginning to inch their way towards it!


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