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Chapter 2134 , Wu Chang

Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation QC: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Time pa.s.sed slowly, and smaller groups of cultivators from somewhere else gradually arrived at the place.

They were not many in number and were obviously the cultivators from small Sects or families from far away.

After they arrived, they were clever enough to find an empty spot to settle down. The cultivators who knew each other would gather together, prepared to join forces in the Four Seasons Realm in case a big fight broke out.

Those who could enter the Four Seasons Realm were cultivators of the Dao Source Realm level. Origin King Realm cultivators did not qualify for the Four Seasons Realm at all, because they would only be seeking their own death.

But this did not mean that Emperor Realm Masters could not enter the Four Seasons Realm too.

In fact, Emperor Realm cultivators could also enter, but every entry of an Emperor Realm expert would cause some unstable turbulence to the entrance, and once more than three Emperor Realm cultivators entered, the entrance would shut down.

As a result, the few slots for Emperor Realm cultivators could not be distributed at all, so under the proposal of Star Soul Palace, cultivators of Emperor Realm level were forbidden from entering the Four Seasons Realm to avoid the early closing of the entrance.

Yang Kai learned this information from the jade slip that was given by Murong Xiao Xiao.

While Yang Kai was recalling the data recorded in the jade slip, trying to memorize all of it, he was also strengthening the connection between him and Myriads Sword.

Even though this Emperor Artifact had to be returned to the Qin Family in the end, he believed that it might be useful to him in the Four Seasons Realm.

“What are you doing!?”

All of a sudden, a woman’s angry shout reached his ears, while in that instance, an extremely strong force burst out in a certain place.

The woman who yelled immediately gave a loud exclamation, then started to groan like she had suffered from a heavy blow.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the sound source with a frown.

Because he recognized the voice was Murong Xiao Xiao, who gave him the information about the Four Seasons Realm.

He found it strange, Murong Xiao Xiao was an elite disciple of Azure Sun Temple and her cultivation level was not low, so who would dare to trouble her in such a place?

Looking there, Murong Xiao Xiao was biting her red lips and looking in one direction with fear and anger. Beside her, was another Azure Sun Temple female disciple supporting her by her arms, and she nervously asked, “Xiao Xiao, are you alright?”

Murong Xiao Xiao nodded, indicating that she was fine.

However, in perceiving her slightly disordered aura, it was obvious that she had experienced a dangerous encounter just now.

Her sight was set on a group of Dao Source Realm, and there was one man among these cultivators who looked exceptionally weird.

It was a man, but there was an invisible demarcation line on the centre of his body that split him into left and right. The skin and hair of the left side were fiery red, but the right side of the body was snowy white. The two contrasting colours appearing on the same person created a strong visual impact, portraying Yang, the masculinity, on the right side, whilst Yin, the femininity, on the left.

The person Murong Xiao Xiao glared at was this man!

The hand that he raised high also indicated that he was the culprit, and there was still a trace of undissipated power at his fingertips.

A figure flashed past and stood in front of Murong Xiao Xiao, guarding her while staring quietly at the monstrous cultivator.

It was Xia Sheng!

Xia Sheng did not really have a tall figure, but when he stood in front of Murong Xiao Xiao, he was as dependable as a huge mountain.

Yang Kai frowned, stood up and walked towards that side unhurriedly.

“Xiao Xiao, what happened?” Xia Seng asked calmly.

Murong Xiao Xiao replied, “I have no idea, this person just suddenly attacked me!”

“Oh?” Xia Sheng squinted his eyes and said faintly, “Interesting. Someone just challenged us, the Azure Sun Temple disciples. It’s impossible to let this go!”

As he spoke, there was a dangerous light in his eyes.

The odd-looking cultivator on the opposite side also cast his eyes on Xia Sheng. The two gazes collided in the void, as if there were sparks in it.

The atmosphere immediately turned intense.

Both the disciples of Azure Sun Temple and the cultivators who had gathered opposite looked stern and secretly urged their Source Qi.

It seemed that a clash was about to happen.

The scene alarmed the rest of the cultivators who were waiting there too, like a stone thrown into a calm lake, and the ripple from it was rapidly noticed by everyone. All of them surrounded and watched with curiosity.

“Xia Sheng?” the odd-looking cultivator lifted the corner of his mouth and asked with a sinister smile. It seemed that he knew the name Xia Sheng, but this was just the first time they met.

“Wu Chang?” Xia Sheng’s eyebrows raised.

Yang Kai frowned when he heard it. He had never heard the name Wu Chang before, but judging from Xia Sheng’s expression as if he was facing a formidable enemy, he knew that this man was certainly not easy to deal with.

Given his strange body, this man most likely possessed a special kind of physique!

“Is he the Xia Sheng from Azure Sun Temple? It is said that he won first place in the last Sect’s martial arts challenge!”

Someone among the crowd of cultivators exclaimed. Xia Sheng appeared to be having quite a high reputation.

“Wu Chang? Isn’t he the rising star of Heavenly Martial Holy Land? Yes, it must be him because rumour has it that Wu Chang has a Yin-Yang Dual Body. So that’s what it looks like, it is really an eye-opener for me!”

“Shhhh… Keep your voice down. I heard that Wu Chang is bipolar and cruel, it would be bad if he heard you.”

“What are you afraid of? There are so many people here, how can he hear…”

He suddenly held his tongue before finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, because he realized the Wu Chang, who was facing Xia Sheng over there, turned his head suddenly and stared at him coldly.

A mysterious power radiated from Wu Chang’s heterochromatic pupils, which then manifested in front of him, turning into a ma.s.sive red and white vortex. The vortex spun towards the person, with an exaggerated noise of strangling power coming from it.

The man shouted in shock and wanted to back off hurriedly.

But what horrified him, was that his body had been stiffened instantly, and became immobilized. He could only stand still with his pale face and trembling eyes, as he watched the vortex continue to spin and shroud him in it.



With a deafening bang, the head of the person burst into pieces, like a watermelon that was smashed by someone, splas.h.i.+ng the blood and brain all around. Seeing this, the cultivators beside him quickly retreated in fear.

The headless corpse slowly fell and hit the ground, raising a cloud of dust and painting the ground with blood. The scene was horrible to watch.

The other cultivator who previously spoke to this person witnessed the whole tragic incident. Instead of avenging his companion’s death, he was utterly dumbfounded in fear and fell to the ground like he had lost his soul. He could not speak a word, the only sound that could be heard from him was the clicks from the grinding of his teeth.

No one knew which small Sect and family the two of them were from. It was not easy for them to finally obtain slots in the Four Seasons Realm, and it was unfortunate that one of them suffered from a catastrophe just because of his own blunder.

In the place where the Orthodoxy Temple was stationed, a handsome man in green stood and watched this horrible scene. He could not help but snort coldly, then said to his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters beside him, “Remember, if you b.u.mp into Wu Chang in the Four Seasons Realm, run as far as you can and never confront him head-on!”

“Yes, Senior Brother Zhuang!” Everyone responded with sorrow.

None of them thought of contesting Wu Chang after seeing his s.a.d.i.s.tic killing method. In their minds, Zhuan Bu Fan, the Eldest Senior, was the only one who could stand a chance in fighting Wu Chang.

“Is that Wu Chang from Heavenly Martial Holy Land?”

In the station of Star Soul Palace, Lan Xun, who looked like an elf dressed in blue, hovered in mid-air with an attractive fair-skinned youngster guarding closely on her left.

Lan Xun frowned slightly at the moment and asked, upset.

She was a woman after all and she felt uncomfortable and downhearted by witnessing what just happened.

“Yes,” The fair-skinned man nodded. While speaking, his eyes never left her charming face and he was undoubtedly madly in love with her. He said, “I have fought against this guy several times before, and he’s difficult to deal with.”

“Even Brother Xiao can’t deal with him?” Lan Xun was surprised.

Xiao Chen continued, “I can beat him if I use the Emperor Artifact bestowed by Lord Father, but the cost of it is too great!”

“I see…” Lan Xun was unimpressed. Although Xiao Chen was the son of Xiao Yu Yang and possessed the Emperor Artifact bestowed by him, Wu Chang might have an Emperor Artifact too.

The Heavenly Martial Holy Land he was born in was not an ordinary great force. As the first of Heavenly Martial Holy Land rising stars, having an Emperor Artifact in his hand to defend himself was only natural.

“Princess doesn’t believe me?” Xiao Chen vaguely sensed something and raised his eyebrows, “If Princess wants to see it, I will go now.”

“No need!” Lan Xun waved her hand and frowned, “I did not mean that.”

Xiao Chen said, “But Wu Chang really did not have any respect for the Star Soul Palace by killing someone in public. After all, the Southern Territory is not a place for their Heavenly Martial Holy Land to do whatever they want!”

Lan Xun did not express an opinion. While she was looking around, she suddenly shouted and looked at a figure in the distance with her beautiful eyes filled with surprise.

“It’s you!” Lan Xun secretly whispered in her heart.

She still remembered that during the last time she was breaking through the Dao Source Realm Level, in the Third Stage of the Five Colored Treasure PaG.o.da, he sneaked into the Third Stage too and robbed a lot of shattered Principle Fragments from her.

However, it was fortunate for her that he showed up too. Otherwise, judging from the situation during that time, even if she could successfully clear the stage, she would still have gotten hurt, or maybe worse, it could have severely damaged her foundation.

Lan Xun was very interested in this man and wanted to know the method he used to sneak into the Third Stage like a shadow when it was supposed to be closed. She also wondered what kind of Divine Ability tricks he had performed, resulting in s.n.a.t.c.hing so much of her shattered Principle Fragments!

It was just that after she came out of the Five Colored Treasure PaG.o.da, she was too eager to consolidate her cultivation in isolation, so she didn’t think much about this man.

But she did not expect to see him again in this mountain valley, and this time, he was also promoted to Dao Source Realm.


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