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Chapter 2094, Blood Transforming Source Pill

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“I’ve naturally a.n.a.lysed it. So, what about it?” The middle-aged man shot a displeased look at Hua Qing Si.

He looked down upon everyone else here, even the Maplewood City City Lord, Duan Yuan Shan. The only exception was Hua Qing Si; he somewhat dreaded her as, after all, her cultivation realm was not much different from his own.

Her sudden question subconsciously caused him to raise his guard.

“Looks like you, sir, did not a.n.a.lyse it properly,” Hua Qing Si smiled.

“What do you mean?” The middle-aged man asked in shock. For some unknown reason, he felt that he had overlooked some part of the array.

“If sir had a.n.a.lysed it properly, you should know that when the Seven Points Black Tortoise Spirit Array is fully deployed, the formation members’ Source Qi are fused together as one. In other words, the Spirit Array will consume the same amount of Source Qi from everyone. If anyone exhausts their Source Qi, the Spirit Array will collapse.”

“Exactly what are you trying to say?” The middle-aged man frowned.

“Can’t you understand such a simple concept, sir?” Hua Qing Si giggled as she looked at him. “The Spirit Array does not draw the same amount of Source Qi from each of us. Instead, it draws in the same ratio to maintain equilibrium… yes, the higher your cultivation, the more Source Qi it will pull from you, and the opposite is true. Therefore, everyone’s rate of Source Qi consumption is the same. I wonder if sir understands what I’m trying to say?”

“What?” The middle-aged man’s expression instantly changed upon hearing her words.

He hastily sent his Divine Sense for a detailed check and discovered that, as Hua Qing Si had just described, the rate of consumption for his and her Source Qi was much higher than the others. Duan Yuan Shan came in second place, and the rest of the Dao Source Realm cultivators basically had the same load.

This discovery instantly caused his face to turn incomparably gloomy and filled with unhappiness.

“Is that really the case? Lady Hua’s eyesight is sharp indeed,” After being reminded by Hua Qing Si, Du Li Shen and Zhuang Pan also noticed it. Exchanging glances, they could see the delight hidden in each other’s eyes.

After all, if this was the case, that truly meant that all seven people would suffer as one, and prosper as one. This Spirit Array bound everyone — weak or strong — together, and did not differentiate between people!

Therefore, they did not have to worry about their Source Qi being sucked dry, as the middle-aged man was still able to handle the current situation with ease.

“This king is being burdened by all you useless tras.h.!.+” The middle-aged man shouted out, an expression of incomparable rage appearing on his face.

“This sir, please do not forget that you’ve already sworn on your heart demon,” Hua Qing Si added fuel to the flames, causing the middle-aged man’s mood to burn even hotter with anger.

Being dragged down by someone else would never fail to make anyone unhappy.

Raging with fury, he shot a furious glare at Qin Zhao Yang, as though he was placing all of the blame on him.

Qin Zhao Yang mumbled, “I thought that everyone understood the basis behind this Spirit Array’s operations…”

Hua Qing Si giggled and added, “Since this sir hails from the Flying Saint Palace, I would a.s.sume that you would definitely carry the pill famous in the Southern Territory, the Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill, right? I wonder if you sir would be willing to spare a single pill for each one of us.”

“You wretch… you even dare to target this king’s pills?” The middle-aged man’s anger had reached his boiling point, and his face started to twist, teetering on the brink of cursing out loud.

“Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill?” Zhuang Pan’s eyes immediately lit up upon hearing this name, as he shot a look of longing towards the middle-aged man.

A similar expression also appeared on Du Li Shen’s face.

It seemed as though that Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill would be extremely beneficial in this current situation.

A chilling glint flashed within Hua Qing Si’s eyes, though she quickly restrained it. Continuing to purse her lips and give an alluring smile, she said, “There’s no need to be so stingy, sir. Although the Flying Saint Palace’s Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill has some negative side effects, its efficacy is incomparably powerful, making it famous throughout the Southern Territory. Sir, with your powerful cultivation, you should hold an important position within the Flying Saint Palace. Could it be that you don’t even have a single Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill with you right now?”

“None!” The middle-aged man’s cheek twitched slightly as he immediately refuted her claim.

Hua Qing Si could not help but let off a puff, while a look of contempt appeared on her face.

“What is a Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill?” Yang Kai quietly whispered to the nearby Qin Zhao Yang.

“Haven’t you heard about it, Little Brother Yang?” Qin Zhao Yang shot a flabbergasted look at Yang Kai, appearing to be extremely shocked by his question.

Yang Kai made a blank look, before shaking his head slowly.

“The Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill is a unique product of the Flying Saint Palace, and it seems to have harsh requirements regarding the location where it is refined. Therefore, even Spirit Alchemists from powerful places like the Start Soul Palace aren’t able to refine this Spirit Pill. The greatest effect of this Spirit Pill is its ability to restore one’s Source Qi at an extremely rapid speed. Furthermore, it has a very powerful efficacy. However…”

“However?” Yang Kai gawked before asking.

“However, after consuming this Spirit Pill, one would expend a portion of their Blood Essence. This is its minor side effect. However, how can this blemish affect its true worth? Compared to its efficacy, would some Blood Essence matter at all? A Spirit Pill like this is sufficient to let anyone keep their life during critical moments. Nevertheless, due to the extremely low production rate of this Spirit Pill, it has an extremely shocking price. A single Spirit Pill is valued at several hundred thousand Source Crystals at the very least!”

“You know quite a lot, Old Thing!” Hearing Qin Zhao Yong’s words, the middle-aged man gave a haughty laugh, “That’s right, our palace’s Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill is indeed the hallmark of the Southern Territory. Even a great sect like the Star Soul Palace isn’t able to refine it. The only way to refine it would be to enter our palace’s restricted area. Since the number of Spirit Pills refined isn’t even able to satisfy the needs of our palace’s disciples, how can this king have any spare to give you all?”

“If you don’t want to, then don’t. What’s the use of talking so much?” Hua Qing Si snorted, “In any case, when everyone’s Source Qi dries up, everyone will die here, and this mistress won’t be left alone.”

“There’s no need to say something so demoralizing. We can definitely hold on through this crisis.” Zhuang Pan rea.s.sured himself as his face grew paler.

“That Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill… what does it look like?” asked Yang Kai.

Qin Zhao Yang replied, “It’s blood-red in colour, has a fishy smell, and it’s around the size of a broad bean…”

An odd look appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he retrieved a jade bottle from his s.p.a.ce Ring, before saying in a dazed tone, “Could this be it?”

“What?” Everyone was shocked by his words, prompting all of them to look his way.

Yang Kai leisurely removed the bottle stopper and removed a single Spirit Pill. It was just as Qin Zhao Yang had described, blood-red in colour with a faint fishy smell and the size of a broad bean…

“Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill!” The middle-aged man exclaimed in astonishment, before revealing a chilling glare at Yang Kai and roaring, “How do you have this pill?”

“Haha, so this is really the Blood Burning Source Restoring Pill, right?” Yang Kai gave a hearty chuckle, appearing as though he was also surprised by this discovery.

“Little brother Yang, how is it that you have…” Qin Zhao Yang’s expression changed drastically, turning deathly pale in an instant. As he asked the question in a trembling voice, he shot a fierce look at Yang Kai, signalling him to hurry up and put his Spirit Pills away.

The faces of Duan Yuan Shan and the rest also changed, as they proceeded to keep their silence.

“Little brat, this king is asking you a question. Where did you obtain those Spirit Pills from!” The middle-aged man’s face sank as he emphasized every single word in his question.

“I picked them up.” Yang Kai replied.

“Picked them up…” Everyone’s face turned black after hearing his response.

There were at least several dozen Blood Burning Source Restoring Pills in that jade bottle, with a total worth of a few million Source Crystals! How could something like this be casually picked up like that?

One had to know that very few Blood Burning Source Restoring Pills were ever circulated in the open market. Only important figures from the Flying Saint Palace would carry a few with them. Yang Kai’s sudden revelation of having so many Blood Burning Source Restoring Pills inevitably led the others into thinking that he had done something bad to some important figure from the Flying Saint Palace… for example, something cruel like killing them and repossessing their belongings.

This was the reason why Qin Zhao Yang had shot a fierce glare at Yang Kai.

A year ago, there was indeed an important figure from the Flying Saint Palace that had come to Maplewood City, and that person was precisely the Flying Saint Palace’s Young Master: Ning Yuan Cheng!

However, after the auction fair that year, Ning Yuan Cheng disappeared without a trace while the Flying Saint Palace had a new young master.

This wasn’t really a secret. Therefore, paired with the appearance of those Spirit Pills in Yang Kai’s hands, people couldn’t help but to have such thoughts.

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” With a fierce roar, the aura radiating from the middle-aged man suddenly turned dangerous. Glaring coldly at Yang Kai, he said, “Little brat, if you don’t give this king a proper explanation today, this king will make sure that you’ll regret being born in this world!”

“Sir, what a bad temper you have.” Yang Kai gave a faint smile in response, appearing as though he was not one bit afraid of the man, causing everyone looking at him to be shocked by his courage. “You became so overbearingly aggressive after I said that I picked up this bottle of Spirit Pills, as though I’ve killed your parents. Even if this bottle of Blood Burning Source Restoring Pills came out of your Flying Saint Palace, there isn’t a need to be like that, right?”

After saying that, he did not wait for the middle-aged man to give his reply before he continued, “However, it’s true that I picked this thing up, and I even obtained a s.h.i.+p artifact.”

The middle-aged man gawked in response to Yang Kai’s words and seemed to have recalled something, suddenly suppressing his fury, before replying in a cold voice. “Explain in detail how you came into possession of these items!

“Is there anything good to say?’ Yang Kai chuckled, “At that time, two people were fighting against each other, ending up with both losing their lives at the same time. I hid in a corner and watched the fight until it ended, before looting these things from the battlefield.

“Is that even possible?” Qin Zhao Yang’s eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to pop out from their sockets.

A fight between a sandpiper and a clam resulted in the fisherman’s win; but in the end, this was just a quote from cla.s.sical literature. It would be incredibly different to encounter such a scenario in the cultivation world.

“At that time, my cultivation was only at the Third-Order Origin King realm, but that was a fight between Dao Source Realm masters. How would I dare to get involved?” Yang Kai explained.

“Indeed, Little Brother Yang has just been promoted to the Dao Source Realm a short period of time ago. Last year, he was a Third-Order Origin King.” Qin Zhao Yang nodded his head and added.

A frown appeared on the middle-aged man’s face before a shade of understanding flashed across his face. He proceeded to speak out sternly, yet his earlier fury seemed to have abated. “Since it’s a fight, other than the person from my Flying Saint Palace, who was the other party?”

“There was only one other person, and he was called Han Leng!”

“Han Leng?” Everyone exclaimed in shock upon hearing that name.

A burst of radiance flashed across Hua Qing Si’s beautiful eyes, while she shot a complicated, yet pleasantly surprised look at Yang Kai.

“So, it’s the Star Soul Palace’s traitor!” The middle-aged man seemed to believe Yang Kai’s words.

“Does this mean that the two parties managed to form some grievances against each other during the auction fair?” Du Li Shen pondered with a pensive look.

Basically all of the Dao Source Realm masters present here had partic.i.p.ated in the auction fair, where they had all witnessed Ning Yuan Cheng and Han Leng competing for the auctioned goods. After discovering this matter from Yang Kai, everyone immediately guessed what had resulted in the conflict.


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