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Chapter 1950, Ice Cliff

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Yang Kai hadn’t had any contact with Bian Yu Qing aside from the one meeting together with Liu Xian Yun last time.

When he saw Bian Yu Qing for the first time, Yang Kai only felt that this woman was very powerful; after all, she had a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, but Yang Kai couldn’t figure out what her temperament was.

However, in this second meeting, Yang Kai realized that she was a woman who was subject to s.h.i.+fting moods!

Not someone to be trifled with!

Her casual blow had not used much force, but it was still not something Yang Kai could contend with. After smas.h.i.+ng into the wall, he felt his vitality roll and his bones creak.

When he stood up, he only heard Bian Yu Qing’s sweet laughter.

Yang Kai grabbed his chest to try to settle his roiling blood before turning to look at Bian Yu Qing intently.

The latter also stared back at Yang Kai with her pair of beautiful eyes, a hint of approval flas.h.i.+ng across them as she nodded lightly, “This Queen likes men with some spine. Good, you’ve performed well, In any case, you haven’t lost face for this Queen!”

Yang Kai frowned but did not answer.

“However…” Bian Yu Qing continued. “Today’s matter can be big or small, and this Queen doesn’t want to give Zhu Jun Shan an excuse to cause trouble; after all, you only entered the Sect a month ago yet dared to commit such an act. This could also be construed as this Queen being inadequate in her supervision, so as punishment you are to be imprisoned in the Ice Cliff for three months. That’s all.”

While she had spoken very casually, Yang Kai could not help feeling a bad premonition and asked solemnly, “Dare I ask, Lady Protector, what is this Ice Cliff…?”

He had only been in Blue Feather Sect for a month and had yet to hear of the existence of this Ice Cliff.

“The Ice Cliff is…” Bian Yu Qing smiled slightly, “En, it’s a place where disciples who committed mistakes are confined, and the environment there… hehe, you’ll know when you get there.”

Yang Kai’s expression could not help but sink.

Kou Wu also turned his head and glanced at him, his eyes full of sympathy, as if this ‘Ice Cliff’ was truly a bad place.

“Take him away!” Bian Yu Qing waved her hand carelessly before closing her beautiful eyes again.

“This disciple will obey!” Kou Wu respectfully stepped back before pulling Yang Kai along with him and leaving.

Yang Kai naturally had more questions, but seeing Bian Yu Qing’s att.i.tude, he knew it was impossible to ask her anything more so he could only turn to Kou Wu.

Once outside the palace, Kou Wu let out a sigh of relief. Every time he met with Bian Yu Qing, he felt tremendous pressure.

“Senior Brother Kou…” Yang Kai turned to look at Kou Wu.

“Ha… Junior Brother Yang!” Kou Wu sighed and patted Yang Kai on the shoulder as he spoke earnestly, “Don’t ask. You’ll know when you get there. Senior Brother can only say… Lady Protector has shown great kindness this time; after all, three months is not a long time… Just enter closed retreat and your sentence will be over in a flash. When the time comes, Senior Brother will come pick you up in person.”

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai felt even worse and became certain that Ice Cliff was a horrendous place.

However, unless he was able to cut a b.l.o.o.d.y path out of the Blue Feather Sect now, he had no choice but to follow Kou Wu.

Silently evaluating his own strength, Yang Kai could only press down his depression and obey.

Kou Wu once again summoned his flight type artifact, and after the two boarded, the s.h.i.+p flew off in a certain direction at a rapid speed.

From above, the buildings of Blue Feather Sect flew by in the blink of an eye.

As they travelled, Yang Kai began to perceive a bitter chill in the air.

After some time, Kou Wu suddenly pointed to the front and said, “Junior Brother Yang, that is the Ice Cliff. Anyone from the Sect who commits a mistake will be confined here. En, don’t even think about trying to run away; although this place isn’t close to the headquarters, being over ten thousand kilometres away, and is uninhabited, if you leave Ice Cliff without authorization, Lady Protector will know, and when the time comes…”

Kou Wu did not finish his words, but how could Yang Kai not understand his meaning? Powerless to resist, he simply nodded and stared forward.

Somewhere up ahead, hidden in a veil of white clouds, Yang Kai could make out a majestic mountain that had seemingly been split in half. The cut to this mountain was smooth and clean, like a valley in the middle of the sky, a daunting scene to behold.

As the s.h.i.+p approached, the severe cold in the air became more obvious, and Yang Kai could feel a stinging sensation on his skin even through the protective barrier.

What’s more, this icy cold seemed to be mixed with another kind of aura, one that was both familiar and unfamiliar to Yang Kai.

Frowning for a moment, Yang Kai soon understood and muttered aloud, “Emperor Pressure?”

Kou Wu turned to Yang Kai in surprise and asked in amazement, “Junior Brother Yang can detect the Emperor Pressure here? Have you met an Emperor before?”

If one had not met an Emperor Realm master, it would be impossible to know what Emperor Pressure felt like. When Kou Wu first came to this place, he had only felt the cold here was extremely uncomfortable, as if it had a suppressive effect on his cultivation, but he didn’t understand why this was and it wasn’t until he asked Bian Yu Qing some time later that he was enlightened.

Yang Kai was a mere Second-Order Origin King from a lower Star Field, but he had quickly noticed the Emperor Pressure which permeated the cold in this place, which was not something just sharp eyes could detect. The only possibility was that Yang Kai had experienced Emperor Pressure before and was hence able to recognize it.

“En, there is a Restricted Area in the Grand Desolation Star Field where a faint Emperor Pressure still remains, that is where I felt it before!” Yang Kai replied casually.

“So that’s how it is!” Kou Wu did not doubt him, instead just nodding and saying, “Each Star Field supposedly has a Guardian that is a high-level Emperor, perhaps your Grand Desolation Star Field’s Guardian left traces of their power in that Restricted Area.”

“But how can there be Emperor Pressure here?” Yang Kai questioned.

Kou Wu smiled lightly, “This is related to the origin of Ice Cliff. It is rumoured that Ice Cliff was created by an Emperor who controlled Ice Principles. With a single swing of their sword, that Emperor cleaved apart Ice Cliff, causing their Emperor Pressure to remain behind. That was thousands of years ago, yet the Emperor Pressure has not dissipated. Why else would this place be used as a place of confinement for our Blue Feather Sect disciples?”

“So this place was created by an Emperor’s sword strike?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he listened.

“That’s what everyone in the Sect says, but whether or not this story is true is uncertain,” Kou Wu chuckled, “Junior Brother, when we arrive, just stay at the top of the valley and as far away as possible. Whatever you do, do not descend into the valley. The further one goes down, the stronger the ambient Emperor Pressure becomes. Even the Sect Master and the four Protectors cannot reach the bottom of the valley, so with just your strength, you will surely be crushed by the Emperor Pressure if you act recklessly here.”

“I see. Many thanks for the reminder, Senior Brother Kou!” Yang Kai nodded.

“In addition, Lady Protector confining you here is not just to punish you. Although the environment in Ice Cliff is terrible and one cannot remain here for long, if they are able to perceive anything from this place, they will benefit infinitely! Don’t disappoint Lady Protector’s good intentions,” Kou Wu spoke solemnly.

“Is that so?” Yang Kai grinned, “If that’s the case, why doesn’t Senior Brother come down with me and we can spy on the depths of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao together?”

“No thanks!” Kou Wu trembled as a light of fear flashed across his eyes, “I’ve been stuck in this d.a.m.ned place once before, and after just one month I nearly couldn’t return.”

“What was Senior Brother’s cultivation at that time?”

“Third-Order Origin King!” Kou Wu replied.

Yang Kai curled his lips hearing this, “It seems Lady Protector thinks quite highly of me.”

“This shows that Lady Protector believes your potential is greater than mine!” Kou Wu chuckled before he tapped his foot and stopped the s.h.i.+p. Turning to Yang Kai, he said, “Senior Brother will drop you off here, go the rest of the way by yourself. I will return in three months to bring you back!”

Yang Kai nodded before turning around, jumping off the boat, and rus.h.i.+ng towards the top of the Ice Cliff.

After Yang Kai left, Kou Wu immediately turned his s.h.i.+p around and flew off at high speed, as if trying to flee from this accursed place.


The biting cold seemed to be able to penetrate all the way to one’s soul and not only hindered the circulation of one’s strength but even slowed down their thinking, giving people the illusion that their thoughts themselves were being frozen.

Breathing out, Yang Kai saw his breath turn to mist as he landed at the top of the Ice Cliff and involuntarily circulated his Qi to ward off the ubiquitous cold.

The expanse above the Ice Cliff was s.p.a.cious, like flat ground, and in the nearby rock walls were some big and small caves.

Obviously, these were crude cave mansions that had been excavated by the Blue Feather Sect disciples who had been confined here over the years.

Yang Kai stood there and looked around.

He found that there was not a single blade of gra.s.s growing here, causing it to appear extremely desolate. Even the rocks seemed to be frozen into ice blocks.

Although there was indeed a faint Emperor Pressure in the air here, one that contained very profound Ice Principles, it was not overbearing at all and was relatively easy for Yang Kai to resist with his current strength.

“If Su Yan were here…” Su Yan’s beautiful image suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s mind.

If she were here, then this Ice Cliff would not be an unbearable Restricted Area, but instead a cultivation paradise. This place contained an Emperor’s comprehension of Ice Principles, which would allow Su Yan to cultivate at a remarkable speed. As long as she could comprehend something from the ambient aura here, it would greatly a.s.sist her growth.

Unfortunately, Su Yan was still back on Shadowed Star.

As for Yang Kai himself, he did not comprehend anything related to Ice Principles, so he could only sigh.

Shaking his head, Yang Kai dispelled these distracting thoughts before taking some time to get acquainted with the desolate environment. The first thing Yang Kai did was go to the rock walls and inspect the cave mansions.

Since he would be staying here for three months, naturally, he first needed to determine if there was anyone else living here. If there were others in this place, before entering seclusion, Yang Kai felt it best to at least offer some greetings.

After some investigation though, Yang Kai determined that there was no one living here except for himself!

There were, however, a dozen or so frozen corpses.

These people had all died inside different cave mansions in a cross-legged meditative posture, their expressions all incredibly peaceful, as if they experienced no pain or suffering when they pa.s.sed away, simply losing all their vitality as they gently slept.


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