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Chapter 1740, Travel Together

“Since it was supposed to be a sneak attack, why didn’t Brother Yang wait for a better opportunity? For example, when old dog Li killed me and relaxed his guard? Brother Yang could have chosen to take action at that time and saved himself some effort,” Gu Jian Xin asked.

“Needing to put in more effort doesn’t mean I couldn’t kill him,” Yang Kai smiled confidently. “What Young Union Master wants to ask is why I saved you, yes?”

Gu Jian Xin nodded.

“It would be a pity for a man who is willing to sacrifice himself for his woman to die just like that,” Yang Kai replied.

Earlier, Gu Jian Xin had personally resisted Li Ming Hai’s blow for his Right Sword Servant, and Yang Kai was clear on how dangerous that was. If anything had gone wrong, Gu Jian Xin and his Right Sword Servant would have both died together.

Yang Kai had also fought side by side with Su Yan before against a master like Luo Hai, so he very much approved of Gu Jian Xin’s approach.

A man who was willing to go so far for his beloved was definitely not a cunning and sinister character.

Gu Jian Xin was stunned.

The Left and Right Sword Servants also blushed slightly as they glanced towards Gu Jian Xin with clear affection reflected in their beautiful eyes.

Soon though, Gu Jian Xin let out a hearty laugh and the last traces of vigilance in his eyes finally dissipated, saying with great heroic spirit, “It seems that Brother Yang is also a man among men. En, this Gu being able to encounter Brother Yang here is truly an honour!”

Yang Kai touched his nose and said, “The other reason is… I am acquainted with someone from your Sword Union.”

“Oh? Brother Yang knows someone from our Sword Union?” Gu Jian Xin asked with joy.

Without even mentioning that he now owed Yang Kai a live-saving grace, Gu Jian Xin felt it quite enthusiastic about Yang Kai and wanted to make friends with him. As such, hearing that Yang Kai had some contact with Sword Union already naturally made Gu Jian Xin incredibly happy.

“Who is it that Brother Yang knows?”

“They’re coming over now,” Yang Kai gestured.

Gu Jian Xin turned his head and soon found that the Yue Xi Master and Disciple trio, who had s.h.i.+ned so brightly in battle, were flying over.

“So it’s them!” Gu Jian Xin was genuinely surprised.

He thought that the one Yang Kai knew was some top master among his subordinates, but it actually turned out to be these three.

Soon after, Yue Xi, He Zao, and He Miao crossed the short distance separating them and saluted Gu Jian Xin before asking about his situation. After learning that the Young Union Master was fine, they all visibly relaxed.

“Big Brother Yang,” He Zao and He Miao turned to Yang Kai next. This time, they had relied on Yang Kai’s help to turn danger into safety, so they did not treat him as an outsider and called out to him charmingly.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, stretched out his hand, and took back a brilliant red light from He Zao’s body, sucking it into his palm.

“Thank you, Yang Kai. If not for your help, we would all have perished here. This Mistress and her Disciples are eternally grateful!” Yue Xi sincerely thanked him.

Yang Kai did not stand on ceremony and calmly accepted the other side’s grat.i.tude.

“Brother Yang is actually acquainted with Lady Yue and her disciples, it seems all of this was truly predestined,” Gu Jian Xin laughed loudly. “If Brother Yang doesn’t object, why not come aboard this Gu’s Stars.h.i.+p to rest? This Gu will offer the finest entertainment.”

Yang Kai heard this but did not immediately agree.

The reason why he stayed here was mainly because he wanted to launch a sneak attack on Li Ming Hai, so now that the latter was dead, he had no particular reason to remain.

Seeing him go silent, Gu Jian Xin did not try to urge him, but He Zao and He Miao both stared at Yang Kai pleadingly, as if hoping he would agree.

“Might I ask what Young Union Master’s destination is for this trip?” After a while, Yang Kai looked up and asked.

“Brother Yang can just call me Brother Gu, being referred to as Young Union Master seems a bit stiff,” Gu Jian Xin smiled. “As for Brother Yang’s question, this Gu is heading towards Azure Tree Star this time.”

“Azure Tree Star?”

“Yeah, it is one of the Cultivation Stars under the jurisdiction of my Sword Union and about a month’s journey away from here.”

“Is that so….” Yang Kai thought for a while before coming to a conclusion and nodding, “Since Brother Gu has made such a generous invitation, then this Yang will be imposing on you.”

Seeing Yang Kai agree, Gu Jian Xin’s eyes brightened, and he seemed to be extremely happy. Walking forward, he put his arm around Yang Kai’s shoulder and led him towards the Stars.h.i.+p, acting like old friends who had just reunited.

Under the attack of Li Ming Hai and his group, one of the three Stars.h.i.+ps had been destroyed while another had been crippled, leaving just the largest Stars.h.i.+p Gu Jian Xin was sailing aboard intact. Although this Stars.h.i.+p was also somewhat damaged, it only needed some minor repairs before it was able to get underway.

Aboard the Stars.h.i.+p, Gu Jian Xin arranged for quarters for Yang Kai before excusing himself so he could heal his injuries. Gu Jian Xin had just fought an intense battle against Li Ming Hai, and although he had not suffered any fatal injuries, he had several heavy wounds. This damage needed to be addressed quickly with pills and meditation.

Yang Kai naturally understood this and did not mind.

After a day of repairs, the Stars.h.i.+p got underway again.

Yang Kai was given an extremely luxurious room by Gu Jian Xin, one that was not only large but ornately decorated, with hundreds of luminous stones providing a soft and warm light not inferior to natural sunlight.

There was also an incense burner in the room which a calming fragrance wafted from.

Yang Kai also had his reasons for accepting Gu Jian Xin’s invitation.

He had travelled quite a distance on his own while arranging s.p.a.ce Arrays on a few Dead Stars as transfer points. Now, he needed to connect this network to a real Cultivation Star, otherwise, the cultivators from Shadowed Star would have no end destination.

According to Yang Kai’s own observations from his Star Chart, this Azure Tree Star was quite a good Cultivation Star.

If Ye Xi Yun and the others could travel through the s.p.a.ce Array network to Azure Tree Star, they could take advantage of the World Energy and World Principles there to attempt to break through to the Origin King Realm.

Another reason was that he did not have many s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals left.

Although Ye Xi Yun and the others had collected almost the entire supply of s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals available on Shadowed Star for him before he left, the amount required to arrange a Cross-Cultivation Star s.p.a.ce Array was simply too great.

The s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystal he had on hand was only enough to arrange one more s.p.a.ce Array!

He needed to find a way to acquire more.

Azure Tree Star was a Cultivation Star under the jurisdiction of Sword Union, and Yang Kai now had a friendly relations.h.i.+p with Gu Jian Xin, the Young Union Master, so he could use this opportunity to acquire more s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystals.

Before doing so though, Yang Kai could take a trip back to the Ore Star to see if Qian Tong, Ye Xi Yun and the others had found a s.p.a.ce Spirit Crystal mineral lode. If so, it would save him some trouble.

Sitting down in his room, Yang Kai took inventory of his gains.

He had not actually acquired much though; after all, he had only killed three people in the conflict. Needless to say, Zhang Fu and Liu Dong’s s.p.a.ce Ring basically had nothing of interest to Yang Kai, all of their items would likely wind up in High Heaven Sect’s storehouse.

As for Li Ming Hai’s s.p.a.ce Ring, there was a lot of wealth stored inside.

Of note was the Origin King Grade Soul Breaker Spear artifact which had now fallen into Yang Kai’s hands.

Even considering the entire Star Field, Origin King Grade artifacts were rare things that could not be purchased at will! However, Yang Kai was not too excited about this artifact as among the people he knew, there wasn’t anyone suited to using it.

For now, he could only set it aside.

While taking inventory, a knock suddenly came from his door and after a moment of surprise, Yang Kai called out casually, “Come in.”

The door opened and two beautiful figures walked in one after the other.

“Big Brother Yang!” He Miao greeted him crisply before setting down a few trays on a nearby table together with He Zao.

Yang Kai glanced over and found that these trays were filled with exquisite delicacies and wine, but he did not pay these things too much mind. At his level of strength, even the finest of foods and wines were nothing but luxuries to stimulate the palate without much practical purpose. Only some special dishes were capable of improving his strength directly.

“Are we disturbing you?” He Zao was a little more mature and when she saw Yang Kai wearing such a casual appearance, she asked worriedly.

“No,” Yang Kai smiled lightly before motioning, “Have a seat.”

“We couldn’t,” He Zao waved her hands, “We are here to serve you, standing is more appropriate. If you have any instructions, please don’t hesitate to tell us.”

“Gu Jian Xin asked you to come?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“En,” He Zao lowered her eyes respectfully, while on the other hand, He Miao looked around curiously.

Obviously, she had never entered this type of luxurious room before.

“Then first sit down, this is an order,” Yang Kai smiled.

He Zao hesitated for a moment before nodding lightly and taking a seat with her sister. After a.s.suming an extremely respectful posture, however, He Zao saw He Miao’s restless appearance and shot her a vicious glance.

He Miao spat out her delicate tongue before finally settling down as well.

“It seems that every time I meet you, your situation is quite bad,” Yang Kai said with a smile.

The first time he met these two sisters in the Star Field, they were being chased by Purple Star’s cultivator. Just now, they had been ambushed by Li Ming Hai here. Although the situation was different, the circ.u.mstances were quite similar.

Hearing Yang Kai’s joke, He Zao’s face flushed while He Miao muttered, “We should be the ones saying that.”

“He Miao!” He Zao glared at her little sister immediately, causing He Miao to pout in dissatisfaction, “What’s wrong, Big Brother Yang won’t care.”

He Zao’s expression became helpless as she looked at Yang Kai apologetically, “Please forgive my little sister, Big Brother Yang, she grew up a bit spoiled.”

“It’s fine, there’s no need to be so nervous,” Yang Kai waved his hand. When he met the two sisters back then, because everyone had similar strength, with their cultivation being higher than his own, they were able to interact as members of the same generation. Now though, with such a ma.s.sive gap in strength appearing between them, He Zao was having some difficulty adapting.

After all, even their Honoured Master was only a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, while Yang Kai had become a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master and was even on good terms with their Young Union Master.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai could only change the subject and promptly asked about how they had been these past years.

With nothing to hide, He Zao immediately explained.

After escaping from the floating continent all those years ago, they had gone their separate ways. Yue Xi took the two sisters back to Sword Union, but because such ma.s.sive losses were incurred during this operation, with a Stars.h.i.+p destroyed and many Sword Union cultivators dying, as the leader at the time, Yue Xi almost suffered a disaster. In the end, though, a high-level Elder from Sword Union stepped forward to put in a good word for her, allowing Yue Xi to escape heavy sanction.

For this reason, Yue Xi and her two disciples began to follow Gu Jian Xin, because that Senior who spoke for them was one of the Young Union Master’s supporters.


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