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Volume 11.5 Chapter 34

“What is it specifically that you want to do??”

Ming Feizhen crossed his arms. “Hm… One thing in Kongcang’s story doesn’t add up for me. If he suspects Zhuo Fengru is responsible for killing Shaolin’s disciples, why did he go to Shennong? At a surface level, the two aren’t remotely related.”

“Are you saying that he’s withholding information?”

“I trust Shaolin Temple’s monks far, far more than other sects. Don’t ask me why because I won’t tell you. He might have his reasons for not telling us everything; however, it suggests that Zhuo Fengru and Miguo Branch aren’t likely connected.” Ming Feizhen jerked his head up. “My initial guess was that Zhuo Fengru was the only person who knew Xu Clan had the item in their possession. Let’s ignore the reason for that and how unbelievable it may sound. As long as he disclosed the secret, Miguo Branch could make end Xu Clan. Slice it how you like it, but n.o.body knows more about Xu Clan than he does.”

If the case didn’t have an effect on his guilt or innocence, Hua Qing would’ve blindly argued otherwise. It wasn’t the first time Ming Feizhen a.s.serted Zhuo Fengru was the most likely culprit, but there was one point that Hua Qing had yet to understand. “… If we don’t know the reason, let’s find out what the reason is.”

“You must have too much time to kill, or do you have a crush on him? I promised to help you, not to help you for the rest of your life. Now I’m helping Xu Yanran, La.s.s Su and your shifu. That’s four people. I’m raising my price.”

“The deal was that you clear my name, and I give you Repository Jade… By the way, is it really worth a hundred thousand? Are you sure you can sell it for a hundred thousand?”

Ming Feizhen shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know for sure what price it’d fetch.”

“Doesn’t Zhuo Clan have a hundred thousand? What would he harm his best friend for?”

Ming Feizhen didn’t reply.

“He’s famous, accomplished, filthy rich and a notch above you at fighting.”

“Scratch that last one out. I was taking it easy on him.”

“Isn’t it weird? You think it’s weird for Liu Shan Men to investigate me. You think it’s weird for Venerable Kongcang to be on guard around him, too. Has it every crossed your mind that it’s weird for him to do what you’re suggesting he did? He has done many good deeds for many years.”

After a long silence, Ming Feizhen raised his hand. “We’ll roll with what you say.”

Hua Qing ducked under the table. “Don’t hurt me! Do what you want! I won’t say anything s-, huh? What did you just say?” Jumping up instinctively led to him hitting his head on the table. “Ah, that hurt! Did you say we’re going with what I say?”

Ming Feizhen nodded. “You make sense.”

“… Didn’t expect to hear you agreeing with my viewpoint.”

“I’m a newbie to this world, so I probably don’t know that much more than you. I merely act on my thoughts. If you don’t share your opinion, I’ll just do things my way. That’s all there is to it.”

Ming Feizhen had a lot of peculiar traits, but perchance he was similar to any other fourteen year old deep down, making blunders, needing friends and reminders to rein him in. Based on the things he said and did, it was quite likely that he didn’t have anyone who could fill those roles around him all this time. Mayhap he was the outlier in this world because he was always progressing along a path that went against “normal”.

Hua Qing took a seat beside Ming Feizhen, then slapped the latter’s shoulder. “Bro.”


Hua Qing, bearing with the sting in his hand, smiled. “Let’s become sworn brothers.”

That day, Hua Qing learnt what was called “spitting profanity without uttering a word” from the look on Ming Feizhen’s face.

“… All right.”

“That’s not what your expression says!”

“What can I do when I don’t think highly of you?”

“You just spoke your mind! Take that back!”

“What a waste of energy. After this drink, remember to die on the same day as I die.”

“Aren’t you being too casual about it?! Kowtow with me. My knees are itchy! By the way, you stopped paying attention to me after you insulted me! I still haven’t paid you back for looking down on me!” Thirsty due to his rant, Hua Qing knocked back a cup of tea.

“Okay, brotherhood established. Let’s head to bed.”

“Do you not have a single ounce of respect for me?!”

“Your fault for being a Zhuo Fengru fanboy.” Ming Feizhen paused to wait for two familiar, pretty faces to pop in, then finished, “I respect your love for old men.”

Su Li and Xu Yanran fossilised.

“That’s not it. It’s a form of resp-, oi! Ming Feizhen, you set me up again! Miss Su, Yanran, don’t go! I’m not some sick freak of nature! Don’t just walk out! He’s spouting nonsense! Wait for me! Ming Feizhen!”

“Glad to see you’re all happy. Night,” Ming Feizhen stopped at the door to turn around and give Hua Qing a smile, “Brother Hua.”


Knock, knock.

“Come in.” Zhuo Fengru gently shut his book.

Anyone who a.s.sumed Zhuo Fengru was illiterate because he was a.s.sociated with bandits wa wrong. While true that he was purely invested in martial arts early in his life, once people started hailing him as Hero Zhuo, he decided it was time to live up to the name. Thus, he took up the pen, developing a habit of reading every night.

“Dad, I am not interrupting you, am I?”

“Not at all, my young master. Since you are paying your old man a visit late at night, is it safe to a.s.sume you need more spending money?”

Zhuo Yupin went red in the face. “I do have money, but I do not have enough to buy Yanran some jewellery… But I am not here to talk about this.”

“I know.” Zhuo Fengru gestured to the chair in front of him. “Sit.”

Zhuo Yupin kept fidgeting with his hands once he was seated.

“How much did Miguo Branch pay you for your father?”

Zhuo Yupin’s fidgeting came to an immediate halt.



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