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Volume 11 Chapter 109 The Oriole Behind the Mantis (Part 7)

The blood trickling off Ming Suwen’s clothing formed a trail behind her hobble. n.o.body could explain how someone who seemingly came from above the clouds could still stand after absorbing the power of Shadow Lady. Even she might’ve been astonished if she was to watch herself from a third-party perspective. After all, she had never tasted defeat in the pugilistic world – save for Yu Feiyun – and she put on a masterpiece each time.

Her skills and background were her foundations for winning. Her innovations and unpredictability underneath her sweet smile were her secrets to winning. There was no way to count how many men lowered their guard because of her smile, burying themselves obliviously. Her attention to detail that she inherited from the man who imparted mental cultivation techniques didn’t receive enough credit.

Bullies may just bully their target, but she would lock on, research, observe, a.n.a.lyse their desires to compare to her capabilities, then go straight for the jugular. With so many resources at her fingertips, it only made sense for her to have her way with them. No plan could ever account for every variable; however, in Ming Suwen’s case, she would always save a card up her sleeve to turn the tables once she had lured her target into a false sense of security. Contrary to Ming Feizhen’s style, fighting a fight she wasn’t confident she couldn’t win wasn’t her style.

Yu Feiyuan was the only one immune to Ming Suwen’s tricks, and much to her chagrin, Yu Feiyuan really was too innocent to comprehend the intricate mind of Ming Suwen. Henceforth, another name would be added to the list along with Yu Feiyuan.

“You two really are alike… Even the way you look when you win miffs me.” Ming Suwen chuckled to herself as though it would be the last time.

Shadow Lady just couldn’t understand. Initially, she couldn’t understand why Ming Suwen sought death. Now, she couldn’t understand why Ming Suwen was fearless. Why was she fearless when no psychological or physical strategies bore fruit?

“Why are you trying to stop me? They’re not related to Mount Daluo in any capacity. You’ve killed the dragon’s sons in Nieyao. Mount Daluo has fulfilled their duty. I’m not here for revenge. I’m only here to kill, and your name isn’t on the list.”

Shadow Lady turned around, tentatively giving up on subduing Moyan Luohou as fighting Moyan Luohou as well as Ming Suwen simultaneously was beyond her abilities. The reason she chose to give Ming Suwen priority was their unfinished deal. Until she had put Ming Suwen down, she had to honour her word to not kill anyone else.

The deal was a ploy from the beginning. Shadow Lady overlooked Ming Suwen’s foresight for she was focused on removing the threat of League of a.s.sa.s.sins’ involvement. Had she thought about the bigger picture, she wouldn’t have overlooked the fact that League of a.s.sa.s.sins’ duty was to protect Ming Suwen; they wouldn’t stay on the sidelines if her life was in peril. Thus, Ming Suwen fought with reckless abandon.

“Why are you sacrificing yourself for people not a.s.sociated with you in any shape or form?”

A white light flickered in Ming Suwen’s eyes.

Ming Suwen was always confident she’d eventually rise to the realm every martial artist dreamt of reaching. Mount Daluo provided her with the skills that could prolong her lifespan and all sorts of other manuals that people would kill for. She could waltz off with Overarching Heaven, and the worst punishment would only be a lecture. Howbeit, her reluctance to train was extreme. The only reason she learnt painting, calligraphy and music was for her own entertainment. She never had a goal she could dedicate herself to. Thing was, despite learning things with the mindset of “just for fun”, she’d still excel.

“… Quasi-Divine Realm,” Shadow Lady uttered. “People who think Quasi-Divine Realm is a sign they can challenge Divine Realm warriors are awfully misinformed. Unless your single opportunity has been polished, you will only last one exchange. Divine Realm adepts, on the other hand, are not limited to one strike. Are you aware there are levels to Enlightenment, as well?”

Shadow Lady had already cast a freezing golden energy over her left arm before she was done talking. As she mentioned, how p.r.o.nounced the colour of one’s Enlightenment was could be used to distinguish who had the stronger Enlightenment. The difference between hers and Ming Suwen’s left nothing to the imagination.

“How will you beat me? I have figured out your specialty. Your boxing is inferior to Hong Er (Hong Jiu). Your footwork is inferior to Sima San (Sima Huai). Your knowledge pales in comparison to Lian Liu (Lian Zhuiyue). The only thing you have going for you is your swordplay, but I dismantled it. What else do you have in your a.r.s.enal?”

Speaking through her teeth, Ming Suwen a.s.serted, “Don’t need new techniques to kill someone.”

Ming Suwen utilised Moon Weaver Palms again as it was the one personally taught to her. In contrast to before, however, she did away with her embellished version, focusing solely on getting the job done. Without Enlightenment, this version of it wouldn’t be as dangerous.

Shadow Lady simply knife handed, defusing Ming Suwen’s white energy, her power and her last ounce of strength. Ming Suwen fell forward.

Ming Suwen: d.a.m.n, I’m useless without my hands and sword. When did I start taking training serious?

The question Ming Suwen asked of herself conjured an image of Ming Feizhen accompanying each answer.

First time: Ming Feizhen ate the Fengpeng and almost died.

Second time: Ming Feizhen lost to the Fengpeng and went on a rampage in the pugilistic world.

Third time: Ming Feizhen decided to retire from his involvement in the pugilistic world’s affairs.

She was never there for him. At first, she a.s.sumed she couldn’t be there for him owing to her lack of growth. Later on, it dawned on her that she wasn’t developing too slow but that he bore too much too soon.

When he fell victim to depression three years ago and departed for Shaolin, she thought she lost him forever. She was sick and tired of the taste of regret and powerlessness. Every time he was in trouble, all she could do was figuratively bite her nails whilst going to him. He would never change unless she told him to. That very same year, she began to try as though her life depended on it.

Who cares about Yu Feiyuan? If I want success, n.o.body can deny me.

Shadow Lady looked away once she dropped Ming Suwen. For some reason, though, the feeling of ecstasy didn’t succeed her victory as it usually would. Something abstract, something she couldn’t put into words, had tangled itself to her. Nonetheless, the thinking could wait until she was done with her primary objective.

Abels set up to meet Shadow Lady. Like Moyan Luohou, he didn’t take the chance to recuperate or ready himself to fight. Neither Abels nor Moyan Luohou wanted to miss the moment. Shadow Lady couldn’t make sense of their breath holds.

“I suggest you turn around,” voiced Moyan Luohou, “or you’ll regret missing the moment for the rest of your life.”

Shadow Lady first dithered for a second, then armoured herself in qi as she spun around a second too late. The luminous light was akin to regret washing over her.

Shadow Lady: She’s… smiling.

“You… got careless.”

Winds winnowed her hair. Two fingers were her sword. Her technique was the same. Her qi was identical to when she gashed open Wazi, except its radius was now gigantic – relatively speaking. The moment Abels and Moyan Luohou didn’t want to miss was the advent of a new adept in the realm of men.

Whilst resisting the pain cutting deep, Shadow Lady uttered, “You’ve reached… Divine Realm?”

The undefeated trickster cracked a grin as if everything up until now was a ruse, then poked her tongue out. “Reached it a year ago.”

Sphhhlt! The finger sword pierced through Shadow Lady.


Hong Er, Sima San and Lian Liu – Shadow Lady is referring to them by their seniority (i.e. Hong Second, Sima Third and Lian Sixth, respectively).


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