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Chapter 740: The Return Of The Wolf Cub


Huge Divine’s flags were waving in the sky; the Divine Legion was domineering. There were at least tens of thousands of people. Under the first Divine Lord’s leaders.h.i.+p, the Divine Legion had developed into this scale albeit it was destroyed by Ye Xiwen at True Martial School in the past. It was much more powerful than how it initially was.

Undeniably, the first Divine Lord could rank first among the five Divine Lord. His means and strength were indeed incomparable to the average person.

These were the elites, not less than the army that Ye Xiwen met on the extraterrestrial battlefield previously. One could imagine what kind of scene it would be when such an army invaded Yi Yuan Sect collectively. The arrays of Yi Yuan Sect were broken apart one by one. They were as wavering as bamboo sticks, despite Ye Xiwen playing a role in setting up those arrays. If only based on the arrays of Yi Yuan Sect itself, it would probably be destroyed with no remnants left behind.

However, Ye Xiwen was a little baffled. Based on the strength and level of Yi Yuan Sect, they could not even sustain themselves for even half an hour if they encountered a legion in this scale.

However, this legion was unable to penetrate into the Yi Yuan Sect but stuck on the periphery. Although they were still advancing, there was still a big gap from the state of destruction.

“Motherf.u.c.ker, shame on you, the first Divine Lord? You’re really a gutless rat. You can only bully your opponent’s family member. Do you dare to go against Ye Xiwen head to head? Come out and fight me if you’re so capable!” Suddenly, there was a familiar sound coming from Yi Yuan Sect.

Then, a dark ray flew out of Yi Yuan Sect, but it was pitch-black. It was a two-foot-long Wolf Cub who looked like a native dog that jumped out.

It directly rushed into the Divine Legion. Strands of Divine Light spattered from his body wherever he pa.s.sed. Those members of the Divine Legion were bombarded on the spot. The Wolf Cub was just like a prehistoric vicious beast.

Ye Xiwen was speechless. Oh my G.o.d, a creature like a native dog is none other than Wolf Cub. This Wolf Cub did not even grow bigger, but shrunk in size. But, it is still like a ruffian. I can recognize it at first glance.

Most importantly, Ye Xiwen was annoyed… If it wasn’t for the fact that the Divine Legion were outside, Ye Xiwen would like to rush in to slap the Wolf Cub.

Sure enough, it was the same as it was a few decades ago with not much difference!

However, although Ye Xiwen was speechless, he was still very surprised when he saw the Wolf Cub. Although he and the Wolf Cub often played and quarreled with each other, it was still in fact the closest one to Ye Xiwen in the world. The Wolf Cub rescued him in many disasters.

Only a few decades ago, the Wolf Cub of secretive origins was brought back by the people on Thousands Demon Beasts Island, saying that it would come back after close cultivation to Sage Realm. However, until Ye Xiwen himself entered Sage Realm, he didn’t receive any news from the Wolf Cub. So, Ye Xiwen gave up the thoughts gradually. He was still clear about Thousands Demon Beasts Island’s background. It was said to be Beast Clan’s heaven. Ye Xiwen could still not forget the Beast King’s grandeur. They said Beast King was someone who could compete with Demon King. Since Thousand Demon Beast island was their home, G.o.d knows what dangers lay within it for Ye Xiwen.

What Ye Xiwen saw last time was just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, hazards were not the stronger deterrence. The most crucial issue was that even Ye Xiwen couldn’t find the location of Thousands Demon Beasts Island. Thousands Demon Beasts Island’s entrance was only available every fifty years. Last time was Ye Xiwen’s first visit to Thousands Demon Beasts Island.

Ye Xiwen was not sure whether Thousands Demon Beasts Island would open again or not.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Ye Xiwen laughed and scolded. His eyes were sparkling and translucent. Then, he became solemn the next moment.

Among the Divine Legion, a majestic aura rose through the sky.

A terrifying Great Sage aura swept through the world. The first move was extremely fierce. It was a terrifying gray saber aura falling from the sky, slas.h.i.+ng straight on Wolf Cub. It was an apparent attempt to split the Wolf Cub into half. The scene appeared as though heaven and earth was cut in half in an instant.

Ye Xiwen just wanted to give warning, but the Wolf Club gave off a howl. His figure dashed forward leaving a residual image behind. The sabre aura only slashed on the residual image, thus did not hurt its physical body.

But after this saber aura broke through the sky, it fell on the gate of Yi Yuan Sect. The vast mountains of Yi Yuan Sect were cut in half in an instant.

Countless arrays were cut off by this saber aura in an instant. After all, although Ye Xiwen helped to strengthen these arrays in the past, the Ye Xiwen in the past was just a Sage Realm. At that time, the arrays arranged were better than Yi Yuan Sect. But, they still couldn’t resist the attack of a Great Sage Realm.

The entire array was completely obliterated under this saber.

The Great Sage Realm’s strength was terrible.

Among the Divine Legion, there was suddenly a jubilant battlecry. From the content of their cheering, Ye Xiwen knew it was the first Divine Legion who made the move.

“Some of my brothers died because of this native dog. Just cut it into half to pay tribute to my brothers!” A cold voice rushed out among the clouds, “As for that Ye Xiwen, he definitely will die. When all these remaining dregs are killed, I will naturally go to True Martial School and behead him!”

“You are the dreg. Your whole family is dreg, even your sect too. Fool, you only dare to boast. But, do you really dare to face off him? True Martial School is already in war. If a person like you goes there, you can only be regarded as a cannon fodder. Stop talking big!” Wolf Cub scolded as he evaded the attacks.

Wolf claws composed of Divine Light kept spreading from Wolf Cub’s body. Everyplace it pa.s.sed by, the Divine Legion would suffer a crus.h.i.+ng defeat. The Wolf Cub’s movement technique granted it haste. Despite being unmatched to Ye Xiwen’s Demon Wings, it was still an extraordinary movement technique.

“Hmph, I don’t need to explain myself to anyone else. It wasn’t easy to find you, stupid dog. Since you come to the door, I’m going to stew a pot of dog meat tonight!” Another sneer of the first Divine Lord came from the sky. The Divine Lord’s cold voice was filled with arrogance. He did not put the Wolf Cub’s words in his eyes. Divine Lord being a person fluent in conspiracy made him a difficult opponent to be dealt with.

Saber aura kept bombarding from the sky. However, for the Wolf Cub with the extremely fast movement technique, the saber aura couldn’t catch up at all. Every time, the Wolf Cub dodged the attack with a narrow gap.

On the contrary, wherever he went, those members of the Divine Legion were startled.

This made the first Divine Lord to be a bit irritable. He directly appeared in the sky. It was a man in iron plated armor. This iron plated armor emitted series of Divine Light. The Divine Light fluctuating on his body made him appear like an imposing G.o.d. His face was completely covered in the iron helmet, making it impossible for people to see through.

“After I eradicate this Yi Yuan Sect, I will slaughter this dog!” The first Divine Lord was impatient for being unable to kill the Wolf Cub. He quickly moved his gaze to Yi Yuan Sect, which was also the main purpose of him coming this time.

Sinister vibe kept seeping out from his iron helmet. I can finally take my revenge. For many years, after all my brothers were slaughtered one-by-one by Ye Xiwen, I had been planning this for a long time. I must eradicate Yi Yuan Sect from the roots without leaving any trace. I will let Ye Xiwen taste the pain of losing loved ones.

Although the five of them were not blood-related brothers, they had fought together side by side for many years. They were closer than blood-related brothers. Finally, they established the Divine Legion. They thought they could come to True Martial School. Who knows before they could make a fame, they were destroyed by Ye Xiwen first. Not only did Ye Xiwen plummeted the brothers’ dreams, even his four younger brothers all died in the hands of Ye Xiwen.

For him, it was a deep hatred, terrible bad blood. Holding this bad blood in mind, he turned to Southern Dipper and practiced martial arts.

Unlike Ye Xiwen, who was Big Dipper’s outer member, he really turned to Southern Dipper fully to achieve his revenge and became a Southern Dipper’s member.

Under the Southern Dipper’s resources, his martial arts rapidly improved. Coupled with his extraordinary martial arts talents, his strength was the strongest among the five Divine G.o.d. When he was on the ancient road, he was already a Sage Realm master. Due to this, the Divine Legion expanded so fast. He had escalated into the Great Sage more than twenty years ago. Since that time, he had recruited troops again to rebuild his Divine Legion. All of it was to return and wipe out Yi Yuan Sect. He could only vent his hatred when he eradicated Ye Xiwen.

Originally, this plan had to be put on hold. After all, Ye Xiwen’s strength was also very strong. Although Ye Xiwen’s progress in cultivation was not as good as him, he did not dare to underestimate Ye Xiwen. Of course, the most important thing was that the Southeast Region composed of ten empires were under the ruling of True Martial School. If the situation inexplicably develops into slaughtering an empire, it would definitely attract the intervention of the True Martial School’s masters. By that time, he would fail his revenge and potentially be stuck in a dead end.

Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries. He finally got the opportunity. It was Emergence School’s invasion at True Martial School.

With the invasion of Emergence School, True Martial School was fundamentally struggling to protect itself, let alone want to maintain order in its sovereign territory. Hence, this was the best time for him to take revenge. He came in majesty with his Divine Legion to wipe out all forces related to Ye Xiwen. Even though he did not dare to lay his hand on True Martial School, it was still easy to deal with such small forces as Yi Yuan Sect.

This was a G.o.d given opportunity. How would he antic.i.p.ate that there would be a native dog coming out of nowhere? Even though this dog was inexplicably the accomplices of the person who killed his brother, the irritation coming from the trouble brought by the dog was more annoying than the death of his brothers.


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