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Chapter 439: Everyone is Shocked

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

Several people were still struggling to figure out what kind of a fortuitous adventure Ye Xiwen must’ve met with… that had helped him become a heaven’s pride level expert from an ordinary Houtian expert in mere 10 years.

Ye Xiwen should’ve reached the peak of the Houtian realm in these ten years if his cultivation had been good. He could’ve reached Xiantian realm at best. In fact, that would’ve been considered a huge achievement.

However, Ye Xiwen’s current strength was far more tyrannical than a Xiantian expert. In fact, there was no limit to his tyranny.

Ye Xiwen must’ve obtained some astonis.h.i.+ng inheritance as per the guess of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’.

Ye Xiwen curled-up the corners of his mouth. It seemed like the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ wasn’t omniscient after all. He had been anxious that the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ might reveal the entirety of his secrets. However, it suddenly seemed like his fears were baseless in reality.

“I wish to know what kind of physique Ye Xiwen possesses. I also wish to know about his bloodline. Does he possess the blood of some ancient devil or G.o.d?” Chi Tian asked in a more direct manner. He was mostly concerned about these things. He had also made some inquiries before he had come here. Only he and Ye Xiwen used same method of body strengthening among all heaven’s pride experts. They both possessed tyrannical physique and invincible bodies. Therefore, he mostly cared about this information. However, he hadn’t been able to get sufficient information on Ye Xiwen’s physique until now. After all, no such information had been openly available so far.

The spectators held their breaths. They also wanted to know how many disciples with special blood had risen to surface. After all, it was hard to tell how many disciples with special blood had appeared in the history of the True Martial University. But, people recognized the bloodline quite quickly whenever one such disciple did appear. They would even find the respective allusion regarding that particular disciple’s bloodline. People with special blood had been appearing for generations. So, it wasn’t a rare occurrence. And, it wasn’t hard to find the corresponding records.

However, there was no information on what kind of blood Ye Xiwen possessed for some reason. So, n.o.body knew what kind of blood and physique he possessed.

However, there was a possibility that his bloodline might not be from some world-shaking inheritance.

“He possesses an ordinary body!” the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ insipidly replied. “He doesn’t possess any special blood!”

“What? How’s it possible?” Chi Tian’s eyes turned wide open as he shouted. His beastly imposing aura overflowed, and swept towards the ‘All Knowing Scholar’… as if to crush him. “You’re lying to me!”

Many spectators also went in shock. They couldn’t believe this… especially the disciples of the True Martial University.

They had personally witnessed the entirety of Ye Xiwen’s expedition to this date. Particularly, that battle with the t.i.tan Body. It had been a dreadful collision between two top-notch individuals with extraordinary physiques. That fight had genuinely been earth-shattering. They had seen with their own eyes that Ye Xiwen hadn’t fallen into a disadvantageous position while facing the t.i.tan Body.

That t.i.tan Body’s death would be futile if Ye Xiwen genuinely possessed an ordinary body!

“I’m not lying. He has an ordinary body!” the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ replied indifferently. It seemed as if Chi Tian’s imposing aura had no influence on him, “I suspect he practices a very ancient body tempering technique – the ‘Tyrant Body Technique’!”

These words shocked everyone. Even Ye Xiwen was so startled that he stood up. He hadn’t antic.i.p.ated that they had investigated about his ‘Tyrant Body Technique’. He had never made any mentioned to anyone about the power techniques he had practiced.

Then, Ye Xiwen sat down again. He didn’t find it strange after he had given it a thought. After all, he had obtained the ‘Tyrant Body Technique’ from an auction. So, it shouldn’t be surprising if someone knew about it.

“Tyrant Body Technique? What kind of a power technique is this? How come I’ve never heard about such a power technique that simply goes against the heaven’s will? And, how has he practiced it to such an extent that he’s able to contend against those with special physique?”

“There’s indeed such kind of a power technique. It was made in the ancient mythological era. Some mighty ancestor had created this world-shaking power technique so that they could rival the devils and G.o.ds. However, we antic.i.p.ated that these were mere legends. We hadn’t expected to see it with our own eyes!”

A power technique like the ‘Tyrant Body Technique’ was even rarer than the special physiques. This revelation made people even more terrified!

“This is a very high-handed power technique. Ye Xiwen had once s.n.a.t.c.hed it from the hands of a clan at an auction house!” the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ added with a calm look in his eyes.

Suddenly, several people began to think. Ye Xiwen had s.n.a.t.c.hed this power technique from the hands of a clan. This meant that could they do the same. They believed that they should be able to get hold of this power technique with their strength, and with the backing of their forces.

And, they would advance by leaps and bounds if they got hold of it. After all, this invincible power technique could help one temper one’s body to contend against G.o.ds and devils.

The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ sensed everyone’s greed. So, he sneered and added, “The ‘Tyrant Body Technique’ had only one layer at that time according to the information we possess. And, it was only suited for a Houtian expert. There were no further layers. We speculate that he mended the entire power technique by himself as time progressed!”

The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ had shocked everyone even further. It wouldn’t sound strange if he had said that Ye Xiwen had obtained this power technique from some clan. After all, who didn’t come across adventures? The only difference was that Ye Xiwen’s adventure had gone against the heaven’s will since it was revealed that he had mended this entire power technique on his own. This was actually ‘him’ going against the heaven’s will. What kind of incredible talent did he possess that had helped him in mending an entire power technique… and that too a technique which went against the heaven’s will.

One must know that the ancient sages possessed world-shaking skills in the mythological ages. And, they would use these skills to create such power techniques. These techniques were mighty enough to slaughter even the G.o.ds and devils. The understanding of the world principles used to be on a whole different level in those times. The ancients knew enough about life and the universe to be able to comprehend the martial arts to such astonis.h.i.+ng proportions. So, it wasn’t strange for them to be able to create such world-shaking power techniques. However, Ye Xiwen was very young at the moment. He had been cultivating only for a few years, and was merely at the semi-sage realm. However, he had secretly mended an entire power technique without letting other people know about it. This was indeed the definition of going against the heaven’s will.

Even Qi Feifan, Shuiyan Luo, and the others who were sitting beside Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but look at him. However, they didn’t expect him to lay out any explanation. In fact, there was nothing to explain. But, they were exceptionally amazed to see the reach of the information network of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. The ‘All Knowing Scholar’ had lived up to its name. They had inquired about a lot of stuff on Ye Xiwen… baring the top-secret info. Therefore, everyone was terrified to see the reach of the hidden tentacles of this organization.

The most terrifying thing wasn’t their ability to gather the information. The most terrifying thing was that anyone could get information on their enemies if they wanted to… as long as they had enough money to pay.

This fact was so dreadful that Ye Xiwen already had an urge to destroy the entire ‘All Knowing Scholar’ even though he had barely heard the secret information about himself. It wasn’t surprising that many forces were afraid of the existence of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. They didn’t dare to stand against the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ organization, but it was the mutual enemy of all the forces.

The forces of the True Martial World had joined hands to besiege and annihilate the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ in the past. However, they weren’t able to succeed. In fact, they had to face the counterattack of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ thereafter. And, they had to suffer heavy losses as a result. They eventually had no choice but to angrily approve of the existence of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’.

“How’s this possible?” Chi Tian couldn’t believe this. People with special physiques are invincible. This has been said for millions of years. It was indeed somewhat of an exaggeration, and wasn’t an absolute truth. However, this notion about the special physique had acquired the minds of the people of the True Martial World. So, they believed that people with special physique were extremely formidable.

However, they had now heard that Ye Xiwen had fully mended a power technique – which could contend against G.o.ds and devils – on his own. Moreover, he had then practiced it enough to be able to compete with those who possessed special physiques. This whole action was in defiance of the natural order.

n.o.body would’ve believed this if it had been said by a bully. However, these were the words of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’. And, everyone knew that 99% of the information of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ was correct. They wouldn’t reveal any information without verifying it first. Even this news had been revealed after verification. n.o.body had the guts to exchange fake information with the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ for making a profit because such courageous people were already dead.

Even the complexions of those arrogant Twin Star Brothers had turned serious by now. They hadn’t taken any note of Ye Xiwen in the past. They didn’t care even if he had killed Fan Ming. After all, Fan Ming was merely their subordinate. So, Ye Xiwen had merely defeated one of their subordinates. This wasn’t enough to make them afraid.

Moreover, they had never even considered that someone could deal with their joint attack. They had only been a bit cautious of Emperor Chen. And, they had only wanted to get information on Emperor Chen because of their slightly cautious nature. They weren’t afraid of him in reality.

However, they felt that they might’ve overlooked a very th.o.r.n.y person after they listened to these things about Ye Xiwen.

It wasn’t like their morale and courage had been shattered by this. However, the feeling that not everything was in their control annoyed them very much.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chi Tian broke into a mad laughter, “This is interesting. This is very interesting. I think everyone here is somewhat effeminate. I had no idea about such a man’s existence. A real man faces his opponent head-on. That’s how a clash between two tough men should take place. They must engage in a hand-to-hand combat!”

Ye Xiwen curled-up the corners of his mouth. He was almost unable to control his laughter. This Chi Tian was more interesting than he had expected!

The Twin Star Brothers were standing beside Chi Tian. But, they looked rather restless all of a sudden. Was he referring to them when he had said ‘effeminate’?

However, they became speechless, and their bodies went numb when they saw Chi Tian’s 10 feet tall stature. [You muscle-brain should go and fight hand-to-hand with a monster. We are civilized people!]

The Twin Star Brothers weren’t the only ones who looked restless. Everyone present there was in the same state as them… apart from Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if they would explode with anger at any moment now.

“This is so funny. Who can be my — Chi Tian’s opponent here?” Chi Tian’s facial expression was calm as he spoke-up. But, his scary aura swept across wantonly like a ‘ferocious tiger coming down from a mountain’, and scared everyone off.

Everyone realized that this tall man was extremely aggressive and ferocious. He considered everyone beneath him. This guy was incomparably domineering. Could it be that none of the heaven’s pride experts were a match for him? And, perhaps Ye Xiwen was the only one who could match him?

The Twin Star Brothers began to feel very bad when they saw his proud expression. As the wolf cub had once said… arrogant people mostly dislike the ones who are more arrogant than them.


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