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Chapter 4059 – Lanfu Longping’s Condition

When they’d thought up to this point, Lanfu Longping, and Wuming Doutian immediately turned their gazes towards the direction of the screaming.

Upon doing so, their expressions changed enormously.

They had thought of all sorts of bad outcomes. Yet, never had they imagined that they’d be seeing what they were seeing.

Lanfu Jianpeng lay on the ground, with dozens of transparent rods inserted into his body.

At that moment, the transparent rods were extracting his bloodline and soul.

That was the reason why he was screaming in such agony.

‘But, didn’t Lanfu Jianpeng come here to unleash a ma.s.sacre on the Chu Heavenly Clan?’

‘Why would he end up like this instead?’

Because of the situation, Lanfu Longping and Wuming Doutian had simultaneously moved their gazes to look at another individual.

That individual was the person standing before Lanfu Jianpeng; Bai Liluo.

Bai Liluo was currently looking at the screaming Lanfu Jianpeng.

Seeing his misery, Bai Liluo had a smile on her face; it was such a joyous smile.

It was simply too abnormal.

Seeing Bai Liluo behaving like that, both Wuming Doutian, and Lanfu Longping were shocked.

“Lord Longping, is this situation caused by that little girl?” asked Wuming Doutian.

“Mn, that little girl is no ordinary martial cultivator. She possesses the cultivation of a rank six Utmost Exalted,” said Lanfu Longping.

“There’s actually such a monster in the Chu Heavenly Clan?!”

Wuming Doutian’s expression became extremely complicated upon hearing Lanfu Longping’s words.

He had heard of Chu Feng having a friend by the name of Bai Liluo, who looked like a little girl.

But, according to the rumors he had heard, although the little girl was powerful, she was not a threat to him.

Never had he expected her to be so powerful.

Even the remote and aloof Lanfu Jianpeng had been no match for her.

Furthermore, he had been been tortured to such a state.

Even though Lanfu Longping and Wuming Doutian had entered the Chu Heavenly Clan and were nearby, the two of them remained concealed using Lanfu Longping’s abilities.

Thus, neither Bai Liluo nor Chu Feng had detected them.

“Little brother Chu Feng, this is truly unexpected; this guy possesses quite an unyielding spirit.”

“Since he’s unwilling to speak, I think I should just kill him,” Bai Liluo suddenly said to Chu Feng.

“He attempted to wipe out my clan. He is naturally not someone that can be kept alive. Big sister Liluo, please help me kill him,” said Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, the killing intent in Bai Liluo’s eyes sprang forth.

She raised her hand with the intention to kill.

“Young lady, please stay your hand!”

Right at that moment, before Bai Liluo could even attack, a voice in the sky.

Then, a strange power appeared out of thin air.

That region had actually been sealed off.

Chu Feng, Bai Liluo and Lanfu Jianpeng were all sealed inside.

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and others were all left outside.

Then, Lanfu Longping and Wuming Doutian appeared.

They descended from the sky and landed before Bai Liluo.

Seeing them, Chu Feng immediately stood before Bai Liluo and looked at Wuming Doutian with alertness.

“Sure enough, it’s you…”

Seeing Wuming Doutian and then seeing Lanfu Longping’s outfit, Chu Feng knew that his guess was correct.

The man who had come with the intention of wiping out his clan, was someone who supported the Wuming Clan.

Whilst Chu Feng appeared calm on the surface, he was slightly panicking in his heart.

Neither he nor Bai Liluo had detected them before they’d appeared.

This meant that the person with Wuming Doutian possessed extraordinary strength.

However, a surprising scene then occurred.

“Young friend, I am Lanfu Longping. I am from the Nine Souls Galaxy’s Blue Talisman Clan,” said Lanfu Longping.

His tone was extremely friendly, and very courteous.

Neither Chu Feng or Bai Liluo had antic.i.p.ated this.

Lanfu Longping’s att.i.tude was completely different from the man lying on the ground.

One was vicious and tyrannical, whereas the other was good-natured and polite.

Inevitably, a sort of doubt appeared in Chu Feng’s mind.

Were the two of them truly accomplices?

In fact, Chu Feng and Bai Liluo were not the only ones confused. The seriously injured Lanfu Jianpeng was even more confused.

He’d thought that Lanfu Longping had come to rescue him. Yet, to his enormous surprise, Lanfu Longping had actually clasped his fist and bowed to Chu Feng and the little witch that had tortured him.

This throughly enraged Lanfu Jianpeng, so much so that he actually shouted at Lanfu Longping to question him.

“Lord Longping, how cou…”

“How could you reveal our ident.i.ties to these lowly beings?! They’re not qualified to know who we are!”

However, after hearing those words, the courteous and good-natured Lanfu Longping’s expression changed enormously. He turned to Lanfu Jianpeng and shouted angrily, “You shut up!”

“You impetuous fool! Who told you to come here to attack the Chu Heavenly Clan?! How did our Blue Talisman Clan manage to produce a fool like you?!”

“I…” Lanfu Jianpeng was completely baffled by Lanfu Longping’s denouncement.

There were too many things he was confused about. But, he was afraid of Lanfu Longping, especially when he was angry.

Thus, seeing that Lanfu Longping was furious, he immediately shut his mouth and said no more.

“Young friend, I know that you have many things you’re confused about.”

“But, it’s actually all a misunderstanding.”

“If there’s anything you wish to know, you can ask this old man. I will answer all your questions.”

Lanfu Longping looked to Chu Feng again. His att.i.tude was still as courteous as before.

The att.i.tude he displayed towards Chu Feng was simply a heaven and earth difference, a clear cut contrast, from the one he displayed towards Lanfu Jianpeng.

As the saying went, ‘one does not attack someone who smiles at them’.

Besides, Lanfu Longping did not seem to intend to make things difficult for them.

Thus, Chu Feng’s tone softened somewhat, and he began speaking to Lanfu Longping.

Chu Feng then learned of the relations.h.i.+p between the Blue Talisman Clan and the Wuming Clan.

He learned that the Wuming Clan was a puppet of the Blue Talisman Clan.

Lanfu Longping even told him that the Wuming Clan’s purpose for ruling over the Ancestral Martial Starfield, was so that they could extract the blue ores from the Starfield Master Realm.

He expressed that their Blue Talisman Clan could allow the Chu Heavenly Clan to govern over the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

But, he also expressed his hope that the Wuming Clan would be allowed to remain in the Starfield Master Realm so that they could continue to extract the blue ores.

Lanfu Longping also gave his guarantee that the Wuming Clan would no longer act without regard for regulations. He even said that if the Chu Heavenly Clan needed them for anything, they could dispatch them.

That was the authority he had given Chu Feng.

Of course, Lanfu Longping did not mention the matter of Chu Xuanyuan appearing in the Nine Souls Galaxy and possibly ma.s.sacring the entire Bloodline Granting Heavenly Sect to Chu Feng.

What he told Chu Feng was that their Blue Talisman Clan was very powerful, but did not wish to make things difficult for the Chu Heavenly Clan; that they did not hold any malice towards them.

As long as Chu Feng did not prevent the Wuming Clan from continuing their mining operations, the Blue Talisman Clan would definitely not attack the Chu Heavenly Clan either.


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