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Chapter 975 [I go with you]

“I said before; it is not that I do not wish to help, but I am unable to help, however much I would like to.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t even know their whereabouts. Even if I wish to help, I unable to find them.”

“Sect Head Liu, you possess great powers!”

Those people from the sects implore, “You have so many skills! And your cultivation is so powerful. You can find our elders!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Don’t decline already! How about this, a few days ago, we offended you. Let us apologize to you! I hope that you won’t discard us and pardon us this once! From today onwards, all of us are still good friends!”

Chen Keqing says in her heart, good friends! You, what do you all count as, you are all going whichever way the wind blows!!!

Thus she says directly, “We will not care!”

There is no meaning in speaking properly with this group! Let’s hurry and chase them away. Ma.s.sacre Shrine still has a lot of matters that are still not completed!

“Senior sister, there is no need to be so heartless.”

Liu Yi waves it off, giving the crowd who are already in despair, once again have hope in their eyes.

“Although some of these daoist friends present had indeed betrayed us before, if Ma.s.sacre Shrine wants to become a major sect which pa.s.ses on eternity foundation, we should not have a wee bit of bearing. All of us cultivators are of the same family. In the future, we must stand together and confront the Qin Imperial palace. That is why when others are in danger, Ma.s.sacre Shrine should help out.”

“Sect Head Liu Indeed is righteous!”

“You are a magnanimous person!”

When these cultivators heard this, all of them were delighted as they started praising.

Chen Keqing sighs as she says in her heart, junior brother is too softhearted. It looks like even if he cultivated a devil path, his nature still will not change.

“How about this. I shall send people as well as everyone present together to make inquiries regarding the location of those missing elders. The moment clues are discovered, I will set forth to rescue them. What does everyone think?”

“Good, good. Let’s do it like this then!”

“Thank you very much, Sect Head Liu!”

These cultivators become delighted while some really admire Liu Yi’s att.i.tude.

Indeed. This is the bearing of a major sect. No wonder Liu Yi’s sect can become number one. This is indeed related to his character.

“There is no need to thank me. After all, we still have not found out where they are. Wait till we have saved them, then it will be not too late to thank.”

“Yes, yes, yes. What Sect Head Liu says is right.”

The people below start agreeing.

“There is no need for everyone to continue asking me. Right now, the most important thing should be immediately going to find them, right?”

Although Liu Yi agrees to save them, it does not mean that he is not emotional.

These people who go whichever way the wind blows are too loathful.

Hearing Liu Yi putting it in this manner, these people hurriedly leave and start seeking the location of their elders.

Liu Yi cups his jaw and asks, “Senior sister. Why do these people want to capture the experts from the sects?”

“This…I am unable to guess…”

Chen Keqing shakes her head before giving a ‘help me’ gaze at Ai Ling, who is sitting by the side with her eyes closed.

“Miss Ai is smart. Have you thought of an answer?”


Originally thinking that Ai Ling would be able to give a somewhat useful answer but unexpectedly, Ai Ling shakes her head and said, “This group of people conduct themselves weirdly, making me unable to grasp their pattern. I am also unable to guess their thoughts.”

She thinks deeply for a while before continuing, “But I am very concerned about a point. And that is what they said earlier. These experts were enslaved by them, and it appears that they are using some kind of black pill to control them…this is what that worries me most.”

“What Ai Ling said is not wrong.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “These black pills are horrifying. If I had eaten one, wouldn’t I become their servant?”

“Saying that, it makes me a bit afraid.”

Chen Keqing shivers, “What if they make me eat this kind of pill then make me do some wicked things….junior brother, at that time, you must save me! If you are unable to save me, you must kill me!”

“Don’t worry, senior sister. When you meet them, all you need to do is to keep your mouth tightly shut.”

Liu Yi blinks as he looks at Chen Keqing, instantly making her face turn slightly red from anger.

“Hmph, you are smart! If you have the ability, then go and find the place where they are hiding at!”

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi actually gave an astonishing answer, “Actually, I know approximately where their hiding place is.”

This causes Chen Keqing and Ai Ling to both be shocked. The place where this group of people had hidden is mysterious. They come and go without leaving any trace; how did Liu Yi know of their location?

Seeing the two girls shocked look, Liu Yi smiles as he explains, “After killing two enemies, Little Jade had consumed their system. Although it is still unable to upgrade Little Jade’s system, she obtained some scattered information. In particular, I can sense the existence of their signal. Although it is weak, if I seek it carefully, I can find it.”

Ai Ling and Chen Keqing question him, “Then why did you not say it earlier?”

“How can I tell such important news to those unreliable people?”

Liu Yi says, “In their eyes, there is only their own interest. If I let them know, wouldn’t it cause a large group of them to rally together to force me to go and find them? At that time, with a great number of people involved, news will leak out. Wouldn’t that be beating the gra.s.s to scare the snake? I might as well not inform them and go on my own to find them. The more people there are, the more troublesome it will be instead.”

“You have so much consideration.”

Ai Ling has a whole new level of respect towards Liu Yi. She thought that although Liu Yi is very powerful, his brains would be simpler.

“After being together with you, even if I do not have considerations, I would be tempered until I have considerations.”

With that, Liu Yi stands up, “Let’s not delay it anymore. I’ll go over and take a look now. You stay here and look after the place.”

With that, he prepares to leave.

“It will be fine with them watching the place. I will accompany you.”

Ai Ling follows behind Liu Yi. She has a feeling that if she does not go with Liu Yi, then her memories will r never be restored.

This kind of feeling is very mysterious. Ai Ling did not suspect her own feelings; thus, she followed Liu Yi. This causes Liu Yi to give her a strange look. Why has she taken so much initiative recently? I go do my things, and she wishes to follow me?

Noticing Liu Yi’s gaze towards her, her face instantly turns red as she snorts, “Hmph, there is no meaning if I stay here. Can’t I go out and take a stroll along with you? Don’t you think wrongly! It is not because I cannot bear to part with you and follow after you!”

“So that is the case. You made me delighted for nothing.”

Liu Yi sighs before turning around and leaves.

Ai Ling hurriedly follows behind as she mutters in her heart, why is Liu Yi so strange today? Could it be that he had taken the wrong medicine?

What she does not know is that Liu Yi’s current mood is heavy. Because Liu Yi had realized the ident.i.ty of these enemies through that scattered information.

If the information that Little Jade had obtained is not wrong, they should be people who called themselves super hunters. They were born during the terrible end of the world. That is why these people, through some peculiar method, attempted to prevent the birth of doomsday.

But why did they want to take action against me? Could it be that I am related to the doomsday?

This is what makes Liu Yi’s mood the heaviest. No matter what, he will definitely find these superhunters to question them.

After the two of them flew into the sky on their flying swords, Ai Ling finally breaks the impa.s.se and asks, “You really know where they are?”

“Mm. I already know their rough location.”

Liu Yi points to the east. “As long as we continue flying in this direction, we will find their tracks.”


At the same time, in a private research laboratory room in the USA.

A high tech laboratory that develops medicine for the rich is actually now occupied by the superhunters by force.

The staff of the laboratory were all kidnaped and locked up to prevent them from being a hindrance.

Black Cavalry crosses her arms as she looks at the large pile of bottles in front of her.

“Dragon-mouth Scorpion. How is the infant plan progressing?”

“Still need a bit more samples.”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion is wearing a white gown and mask as he fiddles with those reagents giving off a professional appearance.

“Those people who were sent back previously were too weak. If we wish to control the Black Devil King of this era, we still need an even stronger sample.”

“Even stronger samples…”

Black Cavalry frowns as she ponders for a candidate.

“That’s right, hehehe…furthermore, right now, there is the best person to choose!”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion laughs evilly as desire flickers in his eyes.

“If it is him…it will be okay…”

Black Cavalry seems to think of something and questions, “Oh? Who is the person that you are talking about?”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion licks his lips and says, “Hehehe…this person is Liu Yi.”

“Liu Yi? He has already achieved G.o.d Race Undying Body? Are you still able to capture him?”

“Capturing him is your business.” Drago-mouth Scorpion says, “The infant that I am researching is the crucial point to save the world. You all are the physical laborer while I, Dragon-mouth Scorpion, am the mental laborer.”

Black Cavalry knit her brows and instructed her daughter, “Got it. Lian’er, prepare to take action.”

“I’m starting to dislike you more and more.”

Liu Yuelian, who is standing by the side, glares at Dragon-mouth Scorpion in disastification, “To order me to go and capture that scary fellow!”

“If you learn how to use your strength, you might have the chance of controlling him.”

Dragon-mouth Scorpion immediately says, “Your time skill can control everything. If you become adept at using it, you might have some odds of defeating Black Devil King!”

“What a joke, how can I defeat the Black Devil King.”

Liu Yuelian rolls her eyes, “If it was that simple, we would not have sacrificed so many people and went through so much effort to come back to the past!”

Black Cavalry says, “Lian’er, don’t talk so much. Your still not going?!”

“Fine…I’m going…”

Liu Yuelian is very afraid of her mother and can only pout as she prepares to leave.

But at this moment, an alarm starts ringing in the room.

They look at each other; an enemy has come!


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