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Chapter 966 [Result of merging]

Everyone is a social creature. What is society? It is where the weak are prey to the strong, the survival of the fittest!

A strong person can occupy an absolute position in society! He can enjoy supreme power and possess incomparable privilege. And be revered by all the people!

That is why, everyone wishes to become a powerful person, become the crane in a flock of chicken. That is why they climb upwards with all their might so much so that they would step on other people’s shoulders, other people’s corpses and continue to climb upwards! The winner will be the aristocracy while the loser becomes the bandit. No one will sympathize with the lower and will only sing praises of the successful person!

In the past, Liu Yi was the loser. The girl that he liked did not look at him. Until he had known Lin Tong and took the genuine first step of his life. The door that allowed him to become a powerful person opened in front of him.

Liu Yi had a pleasant journey all the way; however, he met the Great G.o.d Sect Sect Leader! That man was basically sent by heavens to erase his spirits and is too powerful! No matter how he cultivates, he is still as weak and powerless in front of him. So much so that in the end, even Little La.s.s was s.n.a.t.c.hed away, which is the fuse for Liu Yi to fall into the devil’s path!

Qin Imperial Palace, Great G.o.d Sect Sect Leader as well as the future G.o.d-Emperor. These enemies appear in front of Liu Yi one by one.

Liu Yi’s self-confidence was destroyed repeatedly. And now Ma Yixuan’s words undoubtedly become an alluring medicine which is placed in front of him.

“Fuse with me…”

As Ma Yixuan speaks, her palm grabs Liu Yi’s lower body.

When Little Liu Yi was captured by the enemy, Liu Yi started to lose control over his defensive line.

Liu Yi wishes to push away Ma Yixuan but realizes that he seems to have turned into stone, unable to move.

d.a.m.n it… Ma Yixuan’s soul must have done something!

Liu Yi can only continue to chant Buddhist scripture in his heart silently. O Śāriputra, the material form (rūpa) is no different from the void of shapeless emptiness (śūnyatā); the material form is the same as emptiness, and emptiness the same as the material form…as he chants it over and over again, trying to make himself clear-headed. But Ma Yixuan’s soul is simply too irresistible! Liu Yi had chanted for a long time only to make that soft hand that is stroking Little Liu Yi move faster and faster.

“Fuse with me…”

Ma Yixuan’s voice continues to reverberate continuously, battering Liu Yi’s spirit together with his lower body’s feelings.

“We were one…fuse with me and become the strongest…”

While she is speaking, Liu Yi feels his body turn cold!

His clothes had suddenly disappeared!

d.a.m.n it. What is going on? In my inner world, I can no longer control my clothing?

Liu Yi is about to go mad! If this goes on, I might commit some mistake!

Liu Yi shouts anxiously, “You female rogue! What did you do to me, quickly, my clothes back!”

“This was not done by me!”

Ma Yixuan licks Liu Yi’s earlobe as she says softly, “This is your own inner world…everything is controlled by you, not me.”

This sentence of Ma Yixuan’s undoubtedly terrified Liu Yi. All of this was caused by me?

“It is you who wishes to walk to this step…it is you who took off your own clothing…don’t reject yourself.”

Liu Yi opened his eyes to see that Ma Yixuan was still wearing her clothes. Just that it had turned into a nurse attire and her stockings had holes!

d.a.m.n it…could it be that this is the reaction of my subconscious mind?

This is…too much!

Liu Yi is powerless to resist.

Isn’t this thought of mine…a bit too much?

While Liu Yi was feeling gloomy, Ma Yixuan, in nurse attire, had already snuggled up to him. She s.e.xily gives Liu Yi a teasing look before opening her small mouth and softly swallowing Little Liu Yi.

This had a.s.saulted Liu Yi’s weak spot. He lets out a moan as he subconsciously hugs Ma Yixuan’s head.

Ma Yixuan…actually knows how to lick so well…indeed a born temptress!

I don’t know how many guys worshipped under her pomegranate skirt!

I am unable to deal with this kind of girl!

Because although Liu Yi’s strength is still regarded as objective, his EQ is somewhat…appalling!

But even if Liu Yi wishes to resist, right now, he no longer has the strength anymore. He feels like his entire person was sapped of strength and is unable to control himself anymore!

This is the first time he had experienced this kind of wanting to stop but cannot feeling.

“Do you like it?”

Ma Yixuan’s voice rings out beside Liu Yi’s ear, making Liu Yi feel like his entire body is about to be transformed.

d.a.m.n it…this Ma Yixuan’s skill is too professional!

“Come on say it, do you like it?”

Ma Yixuan asks again softly, making Liu Yi’s heart fluctuate incessantly, and momentarily his heart is like a frisky monkey, while his mind is like a contouring horse!

Liu Yi uses his final rationality and berates, “Demoness… stay away from me…”

“Even if I am a demoness, it is you who turned me into one.”

Ma Yixuan says softly, “Not to mention; there is no need for you to resist anymore. My soul is still pure. This soul has not been sullied by anyone before. The fusion of souls is the most sacred.”

Sacred? Can this thing be counted as sacred?

Liu Yi wishes to curse in his heart. How can you label things like that!

Liu Yi is about to be unable to continue chanting his Heart Sutra anymore, while Ma Yixuan had utterly destroyed all of his defensive lines.

He is about to erupt from Ma Yixuan’s sucking when at this moment, Ma Yixuan rides on top of Liu Yi. Aiming at Little Liu Yi, she lowers her b.u.t.t and sits down.

Soul integration!

Liu Yi felt an unprecedented pleasure that surpa.s.ses all of his previous feelings while having s.e.x!

He felt an uncontrollable pleasure that is going to rise to the sky! He is unable to clearly identify what feeling is this, but it is a kind of pleasure that a.s.saulted his entire body!

The nine golden suns suddenly rise from the lake waters and float around Liu Yi like 9 most devoted protectors.

Among the nine suns, five of them glow brightly. One of them is slightly dimmer, while the other three are completely murky without light.

The light from the slightly dimmer sun slowly starts changing while the power in Liu Yi’s body also starts to grow rapidly.

Liu Yi did not expect that with the copulation of souls, it would actually promote his cultivation so quickly.

This…is too heaven-defying!

Liu Yi feels that it is inconceivable. What is my const.i.tution? Why did I always rely on having s.e.x to promote? Didn’t all of the other people rely on fighting monsters to promote themselves…why is my Golden Finger for promoting…yin medicine?

Should I rejoice or cry?

Liu Yi himself is unclear.

The surrounding lake water is no longer calm and starts rippling like it is boiling.

As the two of them f.u.c.k faster, the lake water boils even faster.

Liu Yi says in his heart, other people have car s.e.x while the two of us are having boat s.e.x!

Growing up so big, this is the first time I experienced such things!

Liu Yi does not know what to say and can only silently feel his cultivation grow swiftly!

As the sixth sun became brighter and brighter, just as Liu Yi thought that his sixth sun jade was about to be filled, a weird thing happened!

That sixth sun jade lets out black sunlight as the originally golden sun jade gradually becomes dark gold!

While one of Liu Yi’s eyes also starts to be filled with red light. He feels like something in his body was contaminated and is very stifling!

Additionally, a kind of brutal feeling keeps sprouting out, making Liu Yi grab hold of Ma Yixuan’s b.u.t.t and start taking the initiative to f.u.c.k her!


Ma Yixuan lets out a moan, “Indeed, I like you taking the initiative! Treat me well…punish me…”

Her voice is equal to a kind of catalyst, which makes Liu Yi even more frantic!

Slowly an enormous devil figure reflects on the lake water. A woman is being dominated under the devil’s crotch, and it is none other than Ma Yixuan, who is on the boat.

Other than the sixth sun jade, the rest of the other sun jades also slowly started to turn dark gold.


Liu Yi suddenly let out a roar and did his final spurt.

The devil in the lake water reveals his body and breakthroughs the lake water surge revealing its enormous figure!

The spear on its crotch is standing erect and upright!

“Come…vent it all…”


Liu Yi lets out another yell before suddenly sitting up from the bed.

His body is dripping sweat as he gasps.

“Sect Head?”

Chen Keqing, who was dizzily sleeping by the side, was shocked away at this moment. Looking at Liu Yi, who is covered with cold sweat, she asks, “Sect Head; you have awakened?”

Liu Yi, who is sitting on the bed, looks at his regrown palm.

In the center of the palm are some black marks that are gradually vanishing.

Liu Yi is panicking in his heart as he hurriedly summons out his nine sun jades!

The nine sun jades immediately floated out around Liu Yi, but among them, one of them had clearly become golden black.

“d.a.m.n it…”

Liu Yi understood that what had happened earlier was all real.

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l..this matter has turned serious! I was unable to restrain myself and copulated with Ma Yixuan’s soul!

The devil path is the darkest path! It is even more ugly than the Asura path! Even more unbearable!

Chen Keqing suddenly exclaims, “Sect Head! Your right hand!”

Liu Yi immediately looks at his right hand, and his expression instantly changes greatly!

That originally human hand had now turned into a black devil claw!


Liu Yi slaps the bed and breaks off a corner of this solid engraved black ice bed.

“Sect Head, calm down, calm down!”

Chen Keqing hurriedly steps forward to comfort him, but one of Liu Yi’s eyes starts turning red as savageness fills it.

“Why would this happen…I….still fell into the devil path?”

He grabs his right claw as his body trembles.

“Sect head…it is alright…I am here…”

Chen Keqing also does not know how to comfort Liu Yi. She can only gently caress and stroke Liu Yi’s shoulder as she attempts to calm him down.

But Liu Yi roars in anger, “You know nothing!”

One of his pupils turns completely red as he grabs hold of Chen Keqing and presses her down on top of the icy bed!


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