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“I am undefeatable in this world!” Pain raises his arm and shouts, “Quickly shoot me! Bring it on!”

That subordinate is stunned, “What…”

“d.a.m.n it! I said shoot me!”

“Oh, okay…”

The little brother has no choice but to pick up a pistol and shoot at his boss.

The bullet hit Pain on the chest but was deflected away.

Pain laughs in delight, “Hahaha! I am undefeatable! I am undefeatable!”

Liu Yi stood in front of Pain with a smile on his face as well.

“Right now what can you do to me?”

Pain has a perverted smile on his face, “There is no one who can harm me anymore! I am Iron Man!”

“You are guilty of terrible crimes. Nothing can save you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he clenches his right fist.

“What do you wish to do. Could it be that you wish to use your fist to defeat me?”

Pain laughs loudly, this armor of mine blocks everything! Who can harm me!

Liu Yi steps forwards as his fist punches into Pain’s stomach.

Under Pain’s shocked gaze, Liu Yi’s fist pierces through his stomach and out his back.


Disbelief filled Pain’s face as blood seeped out from his mouth.

“My…my armour…was…was…pierced…by a fist…”

“Go and find Satan to understand.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls out his fist.

Pain collapses onto the ground as the armor starts dropping off him.

The people from the Viper Gang were badly frightened. The people from Red Scarf Army are too scary!

This is no longer a syndicate storyline but a f.u.c.king sci-fi storyline!

“Pain is dead!”

Liu Yi steps on Pain’s body and says loudly, “My Red Scarf Army swears that from now on, we will kill any Viper Gang member that we see! We will not let any of them off! Who among you is from the Viper Gang?!”

When the gunmen from Viper Gang heard this, they were badly frightened and hurriedly said that they are not from Viper Gang or they are leaving Viper Gang and the likes.

This powerful gang in Washington was settled like this.

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction before recalling his weapons and armor.

Zhao Hui is filled with respect as he walks over and salutes Liu Yi.

“Brother Liu..ah not. Senior Officer! Thank you very much for your help! If it was not for you, today, the Red Scarf Army branch in Washington would have been destroyed.”

“Don’t say it like this. You are also a talent. It is our higher-ups who misjudged the situation.”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Later when I return, there will be new Scarlet Cloth Guards who will be deployed over to help you. Additionally, the Red Scarf Army will have some changes to our overseas policy. Each and every branch of Red Scarf Army that has already formed will be transferred an elite to a.s.sist with the development of the new territory. This way the lack of manpower can be resolved.”

Liu Yi feels that perhaps Red Scarf Army was too premature in the past and scattered their manpower. In the future, food must be eaten bite by bite and territory will be fought piece by piece. Only when the fingers can be clenched into a fist would it be painful with hitting others.

Zhan Hui is filled with grat.i.tude, “Thank you Senior Officer! Thank you ”

“Enough. The matter here is settled so I shall no longer stay. I still have other matters to do.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he looks in the direction of Liu Hongxian, “In the future, if you have any problems, just give the headquarters a call to request for help. You must not act blindly without thinking.”


Liu Yi leaps into the sky in the gaze of the rest and vanishes from sight.

Zhao Hui and the rest look in the direction Liu Yi left and does a military salute.

Liu Yi instantly lands on top of a faraway observation tower and appears by Liu Hongxian’s side.

The sniper in Liu Hongxian’s hands turns into black smog and disappears.

“Not bad,” Liu Hongxian pats Liu Yi on his shoulder, “You became a hero again!”

“No matter if I am a hero or a coward, you are still my Leader!”

Liu Yi smiles cheekily as he b.u.t.ters up Liu Hongxian making her snorts.

“It’s good that you remember. No matter how capable you are, it is nothing in front of me. If you really anger me, I will not let you onto my bed!”

Liu Yi instantly sweats, Liu Hongxian is too fierce. I find her a bit hard to manage…

“Enough, enough. Now that you have settled your matter, it is time to deal with the proper matter.”

“Isn’t this matter of mine also a proper matter…”

“The matters of the country are the number one priority over others!”

Liu Hongxian sneers, “Why is it that you don’t have any awareness despite being so powerful!”

“Regarding China’s safety, I naturally will treat it as a serious matter to handle.”

Liu Yi hurriedly showed his stance, “I am a patriotic youngster!!”

“That’s enough. You? I do believe that you love beauty!”

Liu Yi retorts unhappily, “Comrade Liu Hongxian! That is a naked insult towards me! This is a grave slander towards a good comrade!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes, “Less of that nonsense. You? A good comrade?”

Liu Yi pats his chest and says, “Of course! If you don’t believe you can give it a test!”


Liu Hongxian raises her eyebrow as her compet.i.tive side awakens.

This lady doesn’t believe that I still cannot uncover you!

Liu Hongxian’s gaze suddenly turns soft as she gently caresses Liu Yi’s cheek.

“Dear…I want…”

Liu Hongxian’s voice is very soft like a small warm hand gently caressing Liu Yi’s ear before drilling into his soul.

d.a.m.n it…Liu Hongxian actually played this move on me…This is turning on hacks!

Amitabha, amitabha…I definitely must persevere!

Liu Yi chants buddhist verses in his heart while Liu Hongxian had fallen into Liu Yi’s embrace, breathing gently into his ear.

“Don’t you wish…to satisfy me…”

“Leader…we cannot be like this…”

Liu Yi is about to cry. This Liu Hongxian also received training from the organization! Towards luring men, she has it easy!

Female demon!

Liu Yi instantly has this thought in his heart.

Indeed my leader. This skill is indeed strong! If I am careless, perhaps I might fall for it!

Liu Yi feels that it is not like he is fortunate but receiving suffering!

Liu Hongxian taking the initiative to throw herself into another’s embrace who can take it?

Liu Yi says in his heart, could it be that I am going to give in just like this?

All of this is Liu Hongxian’s trap…Liu Yi, you must hold strong!

“Could it be that…you are not attracted…to this body?”

Liu Hongxian exhales, breathing into Liu Yi’s ear, making him feel itchy and about to lose his mind.

Liu Hongxian grabs her chest as she says silkily, “My heart is beating very fast…if you don’t believe why don’t you touch…”

“Did Comrade Liu have a heart attack?”

Liu Yi’s eyes instantly brighten up as he grabs Liu Hongxian’s waist and says hurriedly, “I am very good at dealing with heart disease! Comrade Liu! Let me help you do a heart resuscitation! By all means, don’t misunderstand our pure revolutionary relation!”

As he speaks, Liu Yi’s big hand stretches under Liu Hongxian’s blouse and kneads one of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Liu Hongxian instantly lets out a startled cry and rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

Liu Hongxian did not expect that she would let Liu Yi take advantage of her. She wants to be angry but is unable to get angry. “You…you sc.u.mbag… ”

“You…stop…stop messing around…it will be bad if other people see it…”

“Hehe, there is no need for Comrade Liu to be shy. Everything for the revolution!”

“Revolution your sister…”

Liu Hongxian finally gathers her strength and pushes Liu Yi away.

“Stop messing around…we still have a task to do…”

Liu Hognxian restrained Liu Yi’s dishonest hand, “The task is more important…after the task, you can do whatever you want.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily as he looks at Liu Hongxian, “Really?”

“Keep that wicked grin of yours. Aren’t I already your women?”

“Yes, yes, yes. It is still our Leader who has a high awareness!”

Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes again at Liu Yi. “Move to the side. Stop flattering.”

“Where shall we go now?”

“Return to the organization with me. Let’s take advantage that no one has noticed that Bullate has died, we must hurry up and plan the next step. This time around, we must lure the snake out of its hole!”


At the same time at Great G.o.d Sect.

“Unexpectedly died in the end…”

A guy wearing a nine dragon fire robes sits there as he props his jaw.

“Originally thought that everything should have broken away from the track but unexpectedly…the one who should die still did not remain… didn’t expect ….the 5 Spirit Body…in the end, it was still gathered together.”

He stretched out his palm as a flame suddenly rose from his palm.

That flame’s appearance slowly transforms and in a while, it transforms into the appearance of a woman.

“Silly woman…silly woman…”

He looks at the woman transformed from flames as his gaze turns slightly sentimental, “If you did not have over your G.o.d Race True Blood, this would not have happened…”

At this moment, he suddenly extinguishes the flames in his hand.

A guy in black robes walks in and kneels down.

“Sect Head. There are people outside seeking a meeting!”

“A person from Solo Sect right?”

“Sect Head has divine strategy and wonderful planning!”

“Tell them that this seat is not feeling well today and will not meet guests.”

“As you command!”

That guy turns around and walks out of the room. He then walks through a long pa.s.sageway until he comes outside.

Li Heqiang is standing outside with worry all over his face.

Seeing the emissary of Great G.o.d Sect walking out, he hurriedly walks up and inquires, “Lord Emissary, how is it?”

The emissary turned him down coldly, “Apologies, our Head says that his mood today is bad and does not want to meet guests.”

Li Heqing feels grief and indignation in his heart. f.u.c.king Great G.o.d Sect Sect Head! Such a huge show of extravagance!

Right now, Solo Sect is very weak thus they can only find Great G.o.d Sect to be under them!

Li Heqiang did not seek other things. He only wishes to find a slightly stronger backing to rely on, otherwise, their Solo Sect will find it hard to exist anymore!

Finally, he thought of Great G.o.d Sect and did not expect that he would be refused at the entrance.

Li Heqiang is unresigned as he questions closely, “Lord Emissary, did you say that it is the Sect Head of Solo Sect is seeking a meeting?”

“Rubbish. Our Sect Head can know 500 years into the future as well as 500 years into the past! He already knows that it is you who came! He does not wish to meet you!”

The emissary turns into flames and disappears in front of Li Heqiang.


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