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“So talkative!”

Murong Die glares at w.a.n.g Lele fiercely and appears to be very dissatisfied.

“Lele is also doing it for your good. Why become so mad.”

Liu Yi hurriedly placates Murong Die seeing that she seems to be angered.

“Hmph, I shall forget it this time, there better not be the next time.”

Murong Die also cannot bear to really be angry at w.a.n.g Lele. After all, ever since she was in dire straits, the only one who keeps accompanying by her side is w.a.n.g Lele.

As for the rest of the friends…they immediately flip over their face in just a night.

In the past they hold hands together laughing and right now, they wish that they are able to distance themselves from her.

Either that or they be like Chen Jianbo and wish to do a money transaction with her or directly suggest that he want to provide for her!

What a joke! Even if I Murong Die had turned into a beggar, I will also rely on my own hands to gather rubbish to sell for money, why should I wait for others to give alms?

Murong Die is proud and arrogant but she had never discriminated against those who use their own hands and hard work to obtain their wages. Even if it was an aunty who is sweeping the streets, Murong Die will look at them directly in the eyes.

While those that Murong Die look down on, it is those on the streets who have hands and legs and still want to beg for alms. Since they have hands and legs then they have the ability to work! If a person gives up on himself already, then they can forever be a beggar.

Thus Murong Die, a smart girl very quickly thought of a method.

Make use of Blood Emperor’s fame! Anyways Blood Emperor is my own man, not using it is a waste. Furthermore, it will not involve property rights ah, image rights, portrait rights, how nice ah!

While Murong Die’s pride also makes her unwilling to tell Liu Yi this kind of matter. If she told him, he will definitely think of a method to solve for him.

She does not wish to borrow’s Liu Yi’s power. Could it be that without Liu Yi, Murong Hong, she, Murong Die does not have any method to survive?

Hmph, it is not the case!

Relying on myself is my pride!

Liu Yi seems to understand this point. After placating the two of them, he says, “After busting for a day the two of you must be thirsty right. I’ll go and buy milk tea for you.”

Liu Yi also know their taste clearly thus he did not ask anymore and turns around and leave the booth.

w.a.n.g Lele is still apologizing to Murong Die, “Big sister Xiao Die….sorry lah….don’t be angry anymore…”

“Forget it. Next time don’t be so mouthy again. I do not wish to let him know this kind of matter.”

Murong Die also cools her temper down. As she tidies up the things that the guest had messed up, she says to w.a.n.g Lele, “You have been with me for so many years, are you still not familiar with my temper?”

“Mm, definitely will not have another time, I swear!”

w.a.n.g Lele swears as she raises up three fingers and says, “If there is another time, let me go bigger by another cup!”

“What the, why does it sound like it is beneficial for you!”

“How is that so! Big sister Xiao Die, big b.r.e.a.s.t.s are very painful one…aiyah…I forgot that you do not understand this suffering …”

“d.a.m.n la.s.s! Do you believe if I squeeze I’ll burst your b.r.e.a.s.t.s!”

“Then don’t want. Being grabbed by Big sister Xiao Die is not comfortable at all. If want to be grabbed let our Big brother Xiao Yi grab, hehehe…”


“I am not perverted. It is Big sister Xiao Die who wished to grab my b.r.e.a.s.t.s!”

“Watch me rip your mouth!”

“Ah! Save me ah!”

The two la.s.ses start messing around again while currently, Liu Yi had walked out of the auditorium and makes Little Jade call Chen Dahai.

“Commander, what instructions do you have?”

Chen Dahai is comparatively idle. Everything about Hongxin is already on the right track. Almost all of the cities have a company established by Hongxing. All kind of style, aspects, diversity, to an ordinary conglomerate, spring up all over the place policy is too harmful to the wealth, furthermore, this is scattering the manpower and perhaps they might go bankrupt!

But Hongxing Conglomerate is different. Because they had always been able to obtain the support of the government! With this, even if Hongxing Conglomerate does not wish to do it big, it is impossible!

But everything had just been set up thus if they really wish to develop into a national big conglomerate, they still need a few years to settle down and acc.u.mulate.

“Nothing important, I just wish to understand a bit about the matter of Murong Hong. What happens to Murong Financial Group?”

This kind of matter, inquiring from Chen Dahai is the fastest.

“Murong Hong ah! Alas, Commander that old fellow can be considered to be out of luck.”

Chen Dahai is very sloppy and does not know that Murong Hong is basically Liu Yi’s father-in-law. He opens his mouth and says, “That old fellow was too ambitious already. He had already taken the leading role in the north and now he wishes to develop in the south! A while back, he had finally provoked an economic big shot in the south. It seems like behind him are some bigwigs! They set up a trap and let Murong Hong who kept thinking of advancing into the south market fall into it. Thus Murong Hong had to pay a disastrous price….his fund chain had directly broken and is unable to deal with the expenditures of an enormous financial group. Furthermore, he owes the bank a lot of money. Right now the bank had already gone up to their door to ask for money making the entire Murong Financial Group fall apart.”

“So it is like this…”

Liu Yi sighs in his heart, did not expect that Murong Hong this kind of old fox would also be unable to defend himself and got frauded a large amount by others in the business market.

The business market is like this. In an instant myriad change occur, furthermore, great dangers were concealed within. The moment you are not careful, you will lose your entire family fortunes.

Liu Yi asks, “Dahai, do you have any methods to help Murong Hong?”

“What is the matter ah boss. Why do you wish to help that old fox? With him falling, it is very beneficial to us ah. A lot of markets in the south immediately became empty which allow us to be able to have an opportunity to get involve and go in! Earlier Murong Hong protected them very tenaciously making our Hongxing unable to enter at all ah!”

“He can be considered as my father-in-law.”

Liu Yi’s single sentence frightened Chen Dahai into nearly falling off his chair as he immediately said, “Ah! Boss, I was wrong, I was wrong. I had followed you for so long and I actually did not notice this…..eh boss you say then how do you wish to help? Since it is our own people then it is not a problem anymore…but, boss I must say something first. Murong Hong problem is that his funding had been cut. Originally although he owes the bank a lot of money, he has creditworthiness thus the bank is also not in a hurry to get after the money from him. Right now the bank got urged by other people and start using all kind of method to get back the loan. A large amount of his capital was stuck firmly and are unable to be taken out to pay, thus he started to fall apart. If you wish to help Murong Financial Group, what we really need is money ah boss….”

Liu Yi asks, “Around how much money?”

“A rough estimate is around 2 billion RMB ah.”

“What the f.u.c.k!”

Liu Yi nearly bit off his tongue. Bulls.h.i.t what kind of transaction is Murong Hong doing to actually came out with a 2 billion debt!

Is this just teasing me, where to find so much money ah!

“How much can Hongxing help?”

“We can barely gather out 300 million. Boss….”

Chen Dahai is very apprehensive, “After all Hongxing had just walked onto the proper path. We do not have much funds….but with us stepping forward, we will be able to preserve those small businesses of his. But as for the enormous Murong Financial Group….really is not something that we will be able to protect now! Give us 5 more years and it will not be a problem.”

“Alas, my Xiao Die is unable to wait for 5 years.”

Liu Yi cannot bear to let Murong Die to be continuously bullied by other people like this. From a rich missy to Cinderella in just a night, perhaps Murong Die had received quite a bit of supercilious look from others.

“But boss, I heard that there is a large financial group from the north that wishes to offer Murong Hong a.s.sistance but was rejected by him.”

“Oh? Why would Murong Hong unable to take a lighter view?”

“It seems like….it touches upon the marriage of Miss Murong….”

“f.u.c.k! Where is Murong Hong currently?”

Liu Yi feels that what he should immediately do is to first find Murong Hong that old fox to have a chat,

“Right now he is at Jingdu.”

Very quickly, Chen Dahai found Murong Hong’s location, “He is staying in a hotel in Jingdu. It seems like he wishes to borrow money from a bank thus he recently ran over to this side.”

“Okay, I understand. Tonight I shall go and meet this future father-in-law of mine.”

Liu Yi decided to prepare to meet Mt. Tai tonight.

“Boss do you need our Hongxing to escort you?”

“Sweat. Do not need. I only wish to meet my father-in-law not going for a gang negotiation. I will be hanging up first.”

Liu Yi cuts the connection and thinks deeply for a bit. After buying the milk tea, he returns to the auditorium.

Murong Die’s booth business can be considered to be not bad. People come and goes After Liu Yi returned he helped out first. Only until there are fewer people did he have time to talk to Murong Die and the girls.

As Liu Yi helps Murong Die wipe away her sweat, he asks, “Xiao Die ah, is doing business tiring?”

“Still okay. Although it is a bit tiring, it is rather interesting!”

Murong Die smiles merrily and says to Liu Yi, “My boss w.a.n.g do you want to learn how to do business, this miss can teach you!”

“Forget it. Earning money this kind of thing, I will hand it to you to do. My responsibility is to protect world peace!”

“Tsk! Still world peace, first pacify your harem first!”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi, “Right now w.a.n.g Yuzheng that la.s.s had become more and more famous. She is currently the dream lover of countless of guys. You better be careful!”

“Why do I smell a surge of sourness.”

Murong Die crosses her arms and says, “Isn’t it just a small star only! In the future, Sis earn money, let her be the amba.s.sador of sis’s company! At that time, this miss shall introduce a few Mr. Perfects to her and let’s see if you will be anxious or not!”

“Oi, oi. My Miss Murong, this is a bit too much already! Are you so worried that you cannot retain your position? Relax, I will definitely treat everyone equally!”

“Go and die. Too narcissistic! Pervert!”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi before turning her head away and ignores Liu Yi but she tosses behind a sentence.

“Tonight treat me and Lele to a meal as an apology! Tonight the two of us want to eat a big meal!”

Ah, I originally plan to treat my father-in-law to eat…looks like I better first choose to treat the two girls is more important ah.

“Can ah…but right now I need to leave first. The two of you want here for me calmly. Later I will come back and pick you girls up to eat Malatang.”

“Go and die!”

Liu Yi slips away under Murong Die’s scolding.


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